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One of the social media sites with a lot of daily news and hot topics is Twitter. On Twitter, you may get a lot of the most recent social media updates and popular stories.

Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight over McDonald’s was one of these videos. Within hours of being posted, the footage of this incident that was captured became viral.

You can see a man and a woman’s spouse fighting verbally against one another in the video. They can be heard screaming at each other and hurling insults at one another. The brawl happened in front of the winner’s home. The woman is also heard accusing her partner of being careless.

Consequently, you should read the article to learn more.

Why Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight over McDonald’s

baby mama baby daddy mcdonalds

This conflict involves a woman and her partner. They jointly parent a boy as a couple. One day, the man shows up at the woman’s residence carrying a McDonald’s lunch. When she notices those meals, the woman becomes incensed.

The woman does, in fact, have a child with the aforementioned man, but she also has three other children from previous relationships.

Therefore, when the guy just buys one supper for his biological son, the woman complains that he should have also bought food for her other children. The entire social media has become polarised over this.

Fight Between The Man and the Woman

The video of Baby Mama & Baby Daddy’s Fight over a McDonald’s lunch has gone viral. Repeating that he simply wants to help her biological son and not the woman, the man can be heard saying this. He only has one dinner for his youngster as a result.

On the other hand, the lady keeps saying that he ought to consider the fact that his biological son has siblings as well, and that they ought to receive the same benefits as she does.

The confrontation goes on as the man continues to object to this assertion. Later, the woman is seen taking the food and hurling it to the ground. Social media has split in two after the video went viral.

The Video of Fight Goes Viral on Twitter

Twitter users have differing opinions about the Baby Mama & Baby Daddy Fight over McDonald’s lunch.

Some people back the woman, while others back the male. Some Twitter users even said that the woman is pressuring her partner unnecessarily about her other children. While others even claimed that the woman had a reason for making her point.

In any case, the man and lady are only seen fighting and bickering in the video that was released on Twitter. Only the users’ personal opinions on the subject were shared. There hasn’t been any additional development on this matter save this.

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