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The Roku device’s selection and quality are expanding, drawing more and more potential customers. As quickly as your Roku system is put in, you’ll have the ability to stream any content materials you want in HD prime quality.

However, there are times when it’s preferable to leave the Roku TV on and go to sleep. Your system needs a screensaver function to protect it from harm. Scroll down to learn more about how the standard Roku City screensaver works.

Speaking of the Roku City screensaver options, it offers your machine exceptional protection from damage and preserves appropriate operation even when left idle for a few hours.

As soon as you stop using the screensaver and don’t turn it off, it continues to flash the amusing graphics. Without a screensaver, there is a chance that the system could sustain damage to its internal “hardware,” which would increase the cost.

How to Activate the Roku City Screensaver?


The Roku device is renowned among its members for providing endless entertainment options, simple streaming, and freedom of selection. No hard and fast rules exist regarding changing the present screensavers or looking for new ones.

Roku offers its subscribers the incredible service of screensavers for their comfort and enjoyment. By following the methods below, one can easily change how the Roku City screensaver now operates or look for a new screensaver.

1. A hit on a house display

2. Select Settings from the menu.

3. To open the theme menu, select the Theme icon.

4. Decide on Screensavers.

5. Select an alternative that is already loaded in your Roku player or choose and purchase a brand-new favorite from the many screensavers available in the My screensavers section.

6. To view a screensaver’s overview and available options, choose it and press the OK button on your Roku remote.

7. To utilise the screensaver if it is already prepared, select Set as a screensaver.

8. To view a preview if the screensaver isn’t ready, click on Present screenshots.

9. If it’s a “unrestricted” screensaver, choose to Get screensaver, or if it’s a “premium” screensaver, choose Purchases $X.XX to buy it.

10. When making a purchase for a product, you will be asked to enter your Roku activation PIN. Start creating a PIN in your Roku player for those who don’t have one and want to protect themselves from fraudulent transactions.

11. If you discover that your credit score rating information is false, you can correct it before continuing with your transaction.

12. Since it has been successfully installed, select Set as screensaver as soon as possible to switch to the current screensaver.

roku city

How to Measure Wait Time for Roku City Screensaver?

Using the methods below, you can control how long your Roku device waits before turning on the screensaver.

1. Select the theme by going through steps 1-3 above.

2. Choose the screensaver wait time.

3. Select the length of time you want to stop or turn off the screensaver.

4. On your Roku remote, hit the OK button to prevent loss.

How to Modify the Roku City Screensaver on Your Roku Machine?

The screensavers run whenever the Roku player is idle for a predetermined amount of time, which the customer may specify. By adding interesting and long-lasting screensavers from the group outlets or utilising the Roku presets, one can also customise the screensaver. Screensavers might raise the graphical client’s level of quality.

By choosing a unique screensaver, one might possibly personalise their Roku experiences. As is common, Roku users will occasionally change the device’s default screensaver and create new screensavers for many different devices.

Customers would offer the chance to correctly personalise the screensaver. The best approach to change your Roku City screensaver is right here.

1. After adding screensavers to your Roku player, you can switch to that screensaver and adjust the wait time using the screensaver selection.

2. Click the “House” symbol on your Roku remote control.

3. Scroll through the menu to find the “Settings” tab.

4. From the drop-down option, choose “Screensaver.” The screensaver need pane appears as a result. As soon as this system is turned on, follow the instructions below to customise it by improving the default screensaver and adjusting the ready time.

5. From the range of options, choose the screensaver that is beneficial to produce.

6. You can select any screensaver and click “Preview” to see how it would appear.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I get the new Roku screensaver 2022?

The procedures listed below can be used to browse and switch screensavers from the Settings menu. Decide on Screensavers. Look through the screensavers in the My screensavers area to select one that is already on your Roku device or find and download a new favourite from the many options.

How do I add pictures to my Roku screensaver?

Look for the Media button at the bottom of the screen and click it to open. the Screensaver option. Select “Get Started” from the menu. You’ll receive notification that Roku will have access to your pictures and videos.

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