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The four Canadian YouTube stars known as The Nelk Boys are close buddies. The abbreviation Nelk stands for the original members: Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle, who all spent their formative years in Mississauga, Ontario.

The group, which was founded in 2010, became well-known for its public pranks and exploits, which were incredibly popular with viewers.

Despite being penalized by YouTube for its on-screen shenanigans, Nelk and its Full Send brand have grown into a sizable media conglomerate.

The original Nelk Boys was originally made up of four close friends which shared childhood in Mississauga, Ontario: Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle.

The group name NELK is made out of the first letters in each of their names. In 2010, they first began posting their amusing films online. Lucas and Kyle continued on while Nick & Elliot departed to follow other interests.

The YouTube channel Nelk rose to fame in 2015 as a result of a film in which they tried to sell “coke” on California’s Venice Beach. On the beach, they enquired beachgoers if they would like any coke.

They were eventually approached by the police, who began questioning them. When the police searched their cache of “coke,” they found Coca-Cola. Thankfully, the police made light of it and allowed them to continue. This was the start of what would develop into a successful business.

The Nelk Boys are currently growing and adding new talent. Among the group’s members is Salim The Dream, Steve Deleonardis, Jesse Sebastiani, Stephen Deleonardis, & founder Kyle Forgeard.

Among them, they operate a number of social media sites, podcasts, and other merchandise brands. 7.43 million people are current subscribers to the main Nelk channel.

YouTube Channel NameNelk Boys
Members NamesKyle, Jesse, and Lucas
Net Worth 2022$5 Million
Started Year2010
City or LocationNewport Beach, California
 ProfessionOnline Entertainment
Total No. of Members3
Subscribers7.35 million
Channel NameNelk BoysMembers NamesKyle, Jesse, and LucasNet Worth 2022$5 MillionFormed2010LocationNewport Beach, CaliforniaProfessionOnline EntertainmenerMembers3Subscribers7.35 million
Nelk boys

How Do Nelk Boys Make Money?


Unlike other YouTubers, Nelk primarily relies on sponsorships, products, and their own brand of hard seltzer, Happy Dad Seltzer, to support their channel. So because group advertised a live party at Illinois State University during the COVID-19 outbreak, YouTube summarily deleted their channel in 2020.

According to YouTube, this was against the “creator responsibility” guideline of the website. The gang was “creating a public health danger,” they continued. This would have been a major controversy for any other YouTuber, but Nelk’s reputation is only strengthened by actions like these.

A New York Times report claims that Nelk made $50 million from sales of Full Send products in 2020. In 2021, they planned to sell for $70 million.

Another successful brand is Happy Dad hard seltzer. Although they may have gotten their start on YouTube, the group has grown far beyond that.

What is Nelk Boy’s Net Worth?

According to the sources, the current net worth of the Nelk Boys in 2022 is around $5 million US.

What is the Age of All Nelk Boys Members?

Kyle Forgeard is age 28 years old and Jesse William Sebastiani is 29 years old.

Who Is SteveWillDoIt’s Girlfriend

The love of his life, Celina Smith, is dating SteveWillDoIt. Celina Smith is an Instagram star who frequently makes videos on fashion and lifestyle, in case you’re not familiar with her. She also lists her clothing for sale on Poshmark.

On Celina’s page, you may find a number of companies, specifically Zara and Urban Outfitters. She is a California native, from Los Angeles. She does, however, currently call Miami, Florida home.

She frequently appears in videos on her boyfriend’s YouTube channel. Compared to SteveWillDoIt, Celina is one year younger at 22 years old. Because of this, their degree of understanding and compatibility is fairly high.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Nelk Boys with complete information.

What is the Total Net Worth of Nelk Boys?

As of 2022, the net worth of Nelk Boys, one of the most well-known YouTube channels and entertainment businesses, was estimated to be $5 million US. No other prank channel has ever amassed such a large following as the Nelk Boys have over the previous five years.

What is the age of Nelk Boys Members?

Kyle Forgeard is age 28 years old and Jesse William Sebastiani is 29 years old.

What does NELK mean in Nelk Boys?

In 2010, while Mr. Forgeard was a freshman in high school, Nelk was originally established. The name was an abbreviation for the group of childhood friends who started the jokes: Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle. They had all lived in Mississauga, Ontario, a city close to Toronto.

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