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Hollywood would have you believe that inbreeding is a sure way to become a scary villain. But what kind of physical impact does it have on people and animals, and how did it once contribute to maintaining power?


What is the meaning of inbreeding?


Inbreeding is the pairing of organisms with close ancestral relationships. It is incompatible with the biological goal of mating, which is the DNA shuffle. There are a large number of genes located in each of the 23 chromosome pairs that make up human DNA, and each gene has two copies classified as alleles.

Your genes also influence bodily characteristics like your blood type and other parts of your appearance, such as the colour of your hair and eyes. There are two types of these genes: dominant and recessive.

If one of the two genes in the pair is dominant, you will develop the character of the dominant gene. But you need both genomes to be recessive for features brought on by genetic abnormality.

For instance, the gene that causes brown eyes is dominant, thus having only one of them in a pair will cause you to have brown eyes.

However, because the gene for blue eyes is recessive, both of them must be present for you to have blue eyes. This is crucial because several genetic disorders and congenital abnormalities, including cystic fibrosis, are inherited by recessive alleles.

The likelihood of having such illnesses at birth is stacked against you by inbreeding. The likelihood of blood-relative mating partners having the same recessive gene is considerably raised because of their similar DNA.

Inbreeding In Humans

A 2011 study found that in several nations, the risk of near-natal and childhood death increased if the child is born from a first cousin union.

It may be difficult to understand why inbreeding might be beneficial given how expensive it is. In the past, inbreeding retained power as well as qualities within a bloodline. Inbreeding prevented other families from marrying in and standing up to inherit the throne in hereditary systems of governance, such as the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

are blue eyes a sign of inbreeding

In a study published in 2015, 259 adult Egyptian mummies were analyzed. It was discovered that the heights of the royal mummies were consistently different from those of the general population, with male royals being higher than average & female royals being shorter than usual.

The House of Habsburg, whose dominion spanned Spain, Austria, and Hungary, is a more modern example. The family line ended with Charles II of Spain, who was born in 1661.

His mother was his dad’s niece, and his grandmother was also his aunt at this stage in the family tree, which had grown extremely muddled.

Charles experienced a variety of impairments and birth abnormalities. He could barely chew due to his malformed jaw and was unable to speak until he was four years old. He was also unable to walk until he was eight.

It’s mind-blowing to read his autopsy report. According to the report, Charles died with no blood, a heart the size of a peppercorn, corroded lungs, a head filled with water, rotted and gangrenous intestines, and just one testicle that was as dark as coal.

While not all of them may be attributed to inbreeding (a few of these illnesses could be explained by pituitary hormone insufficiency and distal renal tubular acidosis), both are brought on by recessive genes. It is extremely uncommon to have both, though.

Which family is the most inbred?

After being granted entrance to their unique world, Mark Laita first saw the Whittaker family, generally regarded as America’s most famous inbred family. When Laita first tried to take pictures of the family, neighbours threatened him because they don’t interact much with anyone outside of their neighbourhood.

Inbreeding In Animals

Inbreeding has been employed by humanity in animal breeding as well as to maintain regal rank.

Because of the ability to repeat studies due to the comparable genetic architecture, laboratory mice are frequently inbred. Inbreeding also serves as a means of controlling results in the agricultural sector, where sheep are carefully chosen to produce more wool and cows are bred to give more milk.

There is evidence to support the idea that inbreeding in some animals may have more detrimental effects than beneficial ones. Due to their extreme inbreeding, the two greatest koala populations in Australia risk extinction from just one disease, according to scientists.

Dr. David Balding oversaw a study that looked at inbreeding in pedigree dogs. Similar to farm animals, pedigree dogs are bred for a variety of characteristics, such as height and fur quality.

The study discovered that many pedigree dogs have diseases brought on by recessive genes, including heart disease, hearing loss, and faulty hip joint development.

The issue is more serious than it initially appears. The general variation of 20,000 pedigree boxer dogs would be roughly 70 dogs.

Incest is a natural element of some animals’ life cycles and is not only a result of human intervention. A particular species of mite called Pyemotes boylei has a reproduction strategy based on inbreeding.

The mother mite incubates her eggs until they are fully developed, at which point the first wave to hatch is male. As soon as the female’s hatch, their brothers fertilize them because this incestuous vanguard is waiting outside their mother’s vaginal entrance.

It might be best to leave inbreeding to the mites. The danger of a wide range of congenital abnormalities and genetic disorders increases in your offspring, yet it won’t convert you into a Hollywood-style serial killer.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes inbreeding bad?

Recessive gene abnormalities are more likely to develop in inbred families.
Each parent gives them one copy of the gene. A copy of the same recessive gene is more likely to be present in closely related animals. Due to this, there is a higher chance that both of them will transfer the gene to their progeny.

What is the side effect of inbreeding in humans?

Numerous genetic illnesses, including blindness, hearing loss, neonatal diabetes, limb abnormalities, disorders of sex development, schizophrenia, and others, have been found to be on the rise as a result of inbreeding, according to studies.

Which family is the most inbred?

After being granted entrance to their unique world, Mark Laita first saw the Whittaker family, generally regarded as America’s most famous inbred family. When Laita first tried to take pictures of the family, neighbours threatened him because they don’t interact much with anyone outside of their neighbourhood.

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