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Because of how closely they are knit together, the Whitakers are regarded as the most inbred family in the United States. However, according to recent documentation, their parents were not brothers and sisters as previously thought, but cousins.

Due of their genetic and biological ties, no one has been able to piece together the Whitakers’ family background.

Due to the Whitakers’ private family history and the neighbourhood’s defence of them, it has been difficult to contact them.

Who are the Whitakers?


The Whitakers, who are from Odd, West Virginia, have been there for a while now. They are the group that interbreeds most frequently in the US.

The Whitaker family was captured on camera in 2004 when Mark Laita (Instagram) chronicled their ascent to stardom for his book Created Equal.

According to Mark Laita, who claims that the Whitakers in Odd, West Virginia are well-protected, he was frightened by neighbours when photographing them and had to justify his actions before the community gave him permission to do so.

 The Whitakers

In 2020, Mark Latia visited the Whitaker family in Odd, Virginia, and made a video that quickly became popular online.

Over 250 thousand individuals have favored and over 12,000 have disapproved of Mark Latia’s video “Inbred Family: The Whitakers,” which has been viewed by over 19 million people.

A small Appalachian hamlet and the father’s farm are among the Whitakers, a British family with roots from earlier generations.

The Whitakers still appear to be having difficulty adjusting to having several dogs in their small home based on the footage.

This essay will highlight a West Virginia family that has been inbred for many generations. People used to be apprehensive about looking at these relatives, according to accounts. The Whitaker Family’s horrific background will be addressed in a documentary that will be released in 2020.

History of the Whitakers

Mark Laita was responsible for putting this family in the public eye by disobeying the neighbours’ warnings. After researching a 2020 film, he came to some surprising facts about inbreeding.

He had to go four times before he finally got them to let him in. Consequently, the audience was made aware of the dreadful repercussions of such an error.

If there are any physical ties between members of the same family, that group is said to be inbred. First cousins are the ones who argue the most frequently.

Additionally, there is a chance that siblings or parents who are blood relatives will inbreed. The harshest impacts of inbreeding are felt by the offspring of inbred parents.

The Whitaker Family is a Mysterious Case

The Whitaker family, who are of British ancestry, resides in exceedingly filthy conditions. Initially, the group consisted of Ray, Lorraine, Timmy (the lone cousin), Freddie, and an unidentified sister. But Freddie passed away from a heart attack many years ago.

This incident is somewhat comparable to the Colt Clan incest case, in which Clan abused his daughters in order to have children.

It was this “horror story” about four generations of incest. The two sisters and their brother did, however, openly share a bed. However, trustworthy sources have established that the Whitaker family is inbred.

The Whitaker family is being protected by armed neighbours and Raleigh County cops, and Mark Latia personally advised everyone to avoid the Whitakers. As their armed neighbours and the Raleigh County deputies have made clear, curious outsiders are not welcome, he said, “I strongly discourage anyone attempting to look for the Whitakers.”

Nobody is aware of the Whitaker family’s origins or their parents because they are so secretive. The members of this family kept their parents’ identities a secret as well. They are inbreds, that much is certain.

The Whitaker Family

West Virginia’s reputation for inbreeding

The breeding of organisms with intimate genetic ties is known as inbreeding. The behaviour contradicts the biological purpose of mating, which is the DNA shuffle.

The likelihood of near-natal and childhood death rises if the child is from a first cousin union, virtually tripling in some nations, according to a 2011 study, Consanguineous Marriages.

The poverty of West Virginia has long been associated with stereotypes about the state’s inbreeding customs. National media published images of dilapidated shacks and children wearing rags in the 1930s, giving the state the reputation of being a backwater.

Incest was used as a crude, “scientific,” justification for the depressed social status of West Virginians, who were made to represent the archetypal “hillbillies.” First cousins can still be married in some areas of West Virginia despite the state’s new anti-incest law.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Whitakers’ backstory?

The Whitaker household originated in Odd, West Virginia, where they now live. They are regarded as the most well-liked inbred family in the country. According to the records, the Whitaker family gained notoriety after being photographed by Mark Laita in 2004 for his book Created Equal.

The Whitaker family is currently where?

The Whitaker clan is renowned for its eccentricities. More information about the family’s internal operations is now being shared by filmmaker Mark Laita. The family resides in the small West Virginian hamlet of Odd. Some Whitaker family members have physical and mental defects.

What illness runs in the Whitaker family?

The Whitaker family is entirely monogamous. The family members are all closely linked to one another genetically and biologically. That is the root of their cognitive impairments.

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