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A Quiet Place 2 is a movie based on a group of people fighting for survival in an environment with lethal creatures called “Silent” because they’re blind and hunt by sound.

Paramount Pictures released the trailer for A Quiet Place 2, the sequel to its post-apocalyptic horror film in 2018. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt reprise their roles as parents in A Quiet Place 2.

The sequel is set a few years after the first movie and the Abbott family must now try to survive while they are being hunted by new extra-terrestrial creatures with an even more brutal approach to hunting humans.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about the release date of this movie, where to watch it, and whether it’s available on various platforms or not.

A Quiet Place 2: Overview


A Quiet Place 2 movie is about a family struggling to survive in the post-apocalyptic era. The film begins with a flashback to the day of the invasion.

The flashback reveals that it all started when humans were at war with each other and they were destroying their planet. One day, the aliens invaded earth and drove most of them to extinction with their superior technology.

In order to survive, they must stay as silent as possible. If they make any sound, the aliens will find them and make them suffer a terrible fate.

The plot continues in the present time where Evelyn Abbott is trying her best to keep her family safe from these blind aliens who can sense any sound made by humans or animals but not smell or touch. She struggles every day between doing what she believes is right.

Their eldest daughter Regan has been deaf since birth and is played by Millicent Simmonds while their youngest daughter Marcus is played by Noah Jupe.

The storyline revolves around what happens after a family that has been navigating the Earth’s post-apocalyptic environment for more than three years, along with some other human survivors, finally comes out of hiding, hoping they can find a safe place to live.

A Quiet place 2

What is the release date of A Quiet Place 2?

A Quiet Place 2 arrived in theatres exclusively on May 28, 2021, the day A Quiet Place 2 opens in the United States, with a streaming release following that Monday via Paramount+. For fans who prefer to watch at home, A Quiet Place 2 is available on Paramount+.

Like several other studios struggling to adjust to the shuttered cinemas faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, earlier that year, Paramount Pictures, the studio behind A Quiet Place–announced a plan to curtail theatrical releases for their biggest upcoming titles.

A Quiet Place Part II was given an early release via Paramount Plus, CBSs owned streaming service, only 45 days after its theatrical arrival, meaning that you can enjoy it on Paramount plus.

Where to watch A Quiet Place 2?

You can binge-watch A Quiet Place Part II, as well as its prequel, on the newly launched CBS Viacom streaming service.

Their gruesome post-apocalyptic thriller is set for streaming release following the original, meaning you will be able to binge-watch its sequel on Paramount+. Simply put, a month and a half after it debuted in theatres, John Krasinski- A Quiet Place Part II is also available for streaming now on Paramount+.

Is A Quiet Place 2 on HBO MAX?

No, A Quiet Place 2 is not available to stream on the HBO MAX streaming platform and also there is no chance of its arrival.

But you can watch some alternate movies to A Quiet Place 2, which are similar to this and also available on this platform, such as all movies of Final Destination, 28 Days later, Promising Young Woman, Constantine, Annabelle: Creation, Sisters, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is A Quiet Place 2 on Netflix?

No, It is currently not available on Netflix and also it doesn’t have any chances of arrival in the near future. Although, you can watch some of the films of the same genre like Insidious, Tau, Flatliners, Unfriended, ARQ, Us, Birdbox, etc.

Is A Quiet Place 2 on Amazon Prime?

No, A Quiet Place 2 is still not yet available on the Amazon Prime subscription. But you always have the option to watch some of the similar movies in the same genre such as Signs, The Visit, Come Play, Cold Skin, 10 Cloverfield Lane, etc.

Where to watch A Quiet Place Part 2 online for free?

Paramount plus offers one month of free trial for first-time customers and you may watch A Quiet Place Part 2 film online free of charge at the streaming platform in the time frame.

Was A Quiet Place 2 successful?

John Krasinski`s almost silent thriller “A Quiet Place Part II” has crossed a high-quality container workplace milestone. The Paramount Pictures movie is the primary of the pandemic generation to surpass a hundred million in U.S. price tag sales.

Is the quiet place 2 a sequel to Silence?

It is a near-silent sequel although it was better than Silence, keeping in mind that it came during the Pandemic. Written and directed via way of means of John Krasinski, with Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy on screen, the suspenseful mystery is packed with precision-tooled suspense despite the fact that it does not extend at 2018 unique as plenty because it could.

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