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Here we have covered all information about the All Creatures Great And Small Season 3 such as release date, cast, plot and more.

Well, finally the wait is over as the producers of all creatures great and small have officially announced season 3 for this show, and the good news is, the shooting has already started and season 3 of all creatures is expected to arrive in January 2023.

The re-establishment has been a huge hit across the world and now we are again going to witness the adventures of James Herriot in Yorkshire dales.

Actor Samuel West, who is playing the character of Siegfried Farnon in this show has confirmed this news on Twitter as he shared a glimpse from the sets of all creatures great and small, and with this, the excitement level of fans is getting sky high.

The cast of this show has also confirmed that the fans will get everything they are expecting from us love, laughter and realism in the upcoming storylines.

Plot and storyline of the show


This television series is based on the collection of books about Yorkshire dales written by the famous author Alf Wight and is based on a true story. Playground entertainment produced this show for channel 5.

The previous two seasons were broadcasted in 2020 and 2021 respectively and the 3rd season is expected to hit the TV screens in 2023 with a twist as this show will enter the 2nd world war phase in the year 1939, however, the makers of this show have confirmed that this will not affect the aura of this light-hearted drama and will maintain its happy-go-lucky nature.

And in addition to that we can also expect James and Helen to get married in season 3 of all creatures great and small, however it’s just an assumption, but for us (fans) it will be a treat to watch them coalesce.

All creatures  great  and  small  season 3

Some of the star cast

Season 3 will return with the same star cast as the previous ones with

Nicholas ralph as James Herriot (veterinary surgeon)

Samuel West as Siegfried farnon (Owner of skeldale house)

Anna Madeley as Mrs. Audery Hall (Housekeeper of skeldale house)

Callum woodhouse as Tristan fanons (siegfried’s younger brother)

Rachel Shenton as Helen alderson (James’ love interest)

And lastly Patrica hodge will replace late Diana rigg as Mrs. Pumphery

Tony pitts as Richard alderson (Helen’s  father)

Imogen clawson as jenny alderson (Helen’s sister)

Matthew Lewis as Hugh Hulton (competitor of James and a wealthy land-owner)

Maimie McCoy as Dorothy (friend of Mrs. Hall and love interest of Tristan)

Dorothy Atkinson as Diana brompton (a divorcée  having causal relationship with Siegfried)

Release date of season 3

The filming of this show started back in march 2022 and we can expect the 3rd season to air in late 2022 or January 2023. Plus the makers of the series has also confirmed that all creatures great and small will also have a season 4.

Well, the 2nd season of this drama series premiered on January 9 2022, on PBS, and if you want to revisit the adventures of James Herriot tune in to PBS masterpiece amazon channel, apple TV or Vudu movie.

Trailer of season 3

Sadly the trailer is not yet dropped but the shooting of the show has already started so we can only wait for the official announcement for the trailer which is expected to be in late 2020

More details about the show

This series is based on the book named ‘if only we could talk’.

All creatures great and small is directed by ‘Brian Percival’, shot in English language having total of 14 episodes and 2 seasons till now.

The first episode was aired on 1st September 2020 and the third season is expected to arrive in mid 2023.

This drama is set in 1930s , and is edging towards world war 2 , as we saw some of the glimpses related to that in the last episode of season 2, where we had a scene when  Mrs. Hall, (the housekeeper of skeldale  house) anxiously opens up the window and notices  vast military aircrafts passing by.

Last episode of season 2 and overall 14th episode of all creatures great and small was aired on 24th of December 2022 titled ‘The perfect Christmas’.

This TV show got more than 10 million viewership in total, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for the 3rd season.

The original ‘all creatures great and small ’ all creatures great and small aired in 1978 with over seven seasons and a total of 90 episodes.

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