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Here we have covered all information about the American Soul Season 3 such as the release date, cast, plot, trailer and more.

The second season of American Soul ended on a huge cliffhanger in May, and fans are dying to know when they can catch the show again. Well, there’s some good news and some bad news here.

The good news? American Soul will return for its third season in 2023! The bad news? That’s the only information available right now about the new season, so you’ll have to wait until next year to learn more about it.

When American Soul Season 3 Coming Out?


The third season of American Soul is set to premiere in early 2023. The cast includes series regulars Chad L. Coleman, Sinqua Walls, Jason Dirden, and Jelani Winston. New additions to the cast this season include Terence J. Hodge and Maya Gilbert. Mekhi Phifer will also be a recurring guest star for the show’s third season.

This new installment takes place four years after Wilson’s release from prison, where he now has three young daughters with his wife, Zora (Jurnee Smollett-Bell).

Wilson’s success in his business as a drug kingpin leads him back into crime after witnessing too many of his men die due to drugs cut with fentanyl.

Hoping for a better life for his children than what he had as a child in foster care, Wilson sets out to take control of the criminal empire that has been built in his absence.

American Soul Season 3

The Creators

American Soul is created by Jonathan Prince and Devon Shepard. The show is a fictionalized account of the rise of the soul music genre in the 1970s. It stars Jesse L. Martin as Don Cornelius, the creator of the popular TV show Soul Train.

The cast also includes Jason Dirden, Katlyn Nichol, and Jaleel White. Former Dancing with the Stars contestant Kyle Massey.

The Storyline

The series chronicles the rise of the legendary African American music and dance television show, Soul Train.

With a voice-over by Don Cornelius who has been with the show from its inception in 1970 until it ended in 2006, we are introduced to two new characters (Patrice Hailey-Hailey and Billie Woodruff) as they take over from their predecessors to produce this now iconic series.

The timeline for this third season is set in 1976 when disco is king, soul music was beginning to shift away from funk into something different but still unique to the genre, that being soulful pop.

In terms of the storyline for this upcoming season we’ll be meeting Quincy Jones, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, and Marvin Gaye – some of America’s most celebrated musicians – as they come together with one goal: change mainstream black music forever!

Why We Love It!

We love American Soul because it tells the story of the African American experience in a way that is both honest and inspiring. The show features an all-star cast that includes some of our favorite actors, actresses, and musicians.

Trailers and Sneak Peeks

The trailer of American Soul season 3 is not announced yet. The trailer will hit the YouTube once there will be release date.

The cast is also returning, led by lead actor Jesse Williams. New additions to the cast include Erika Alexander and Loretta Devine.

As she tries to rebuild her life, she must dodge her former criminal cohorts to make it out alive. The Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger when one of Tasha’s co-workers dies from carbon monoxide poisoning at the bank where they work together.

Tasha must find who was responsible before anyone else dies or else risk getting herself arrested for murder again.

The show centers around African Americans’ third-generation economic status and explores how systemic racism continues to have an impact on society through modern storylines and issues like racial bias in law enforcement or gentrification impacting black communities across America.

The cast for the new season includes series regulars Leslie Odom Jr., Jharrel Jerome, and several new additions. The plot of the new season revolves around the music industry and the rise of Motown.

The trailer for American Soul season three teases a lot of drama and conflict between the characters. It also features some of the new music that will be featured in the upcoming season.

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