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If you’re looking for some best of the Naruto manga panels, then you’ve came to the right place. In this article, I am providing you with 10 best manga panels from the Naruto Super Strike Manga series that highlight why Naruto is a legendary series.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the 10 best manga panels ever drawn, in no particular order. So, If you are one of those who love manga unconditionally and want to see the best manga panels, this post is certainly for you. So, let’s get started.

List of Best Naruto Manga Panels:


Best Naruto Manga Panels

Itachi Gets Reanimated

This is the Fourth Great Ninja War panel which was about the epic confrontation of Kabuto with Itachi. Itachi Gets Reanimated panel by Kishimoto-sensei is a milestone in Naruto. You will just know how fierce Itachi Uchida was. 

This scene shows the epic struggle between Kabuto and Itachi, in which Kabuto’s attempt to resurrect Itachi and use him as a fighting pawn fails. Itachi warns him that he is the only thing that Itachi’s reanimation Jutsu has as a weakness.

Itachi and Sasuke Final Goodbye

This Naruto manga panel depicts the saddest panels in the story. Itachi and Sasuke meet for the last time and say their final goodbye to each other. In this scene, Sasuke is shown as a grown man with a family of his own.

He tells Itachi that he has finally found peace and that he has forgiven him. Saskuse also experiences a lot of emotion since he is able to let go of the guilt over killing his brother. Sasuke is comforted by Itachi, who also urges him to follow his own path.

The world shall know Pain

One of the most recognisable panels in the Naruto manga is the “The world shall know pain” panel. This most iconic Naruto manga panel is striking for its violence and anguish.

This one-page manga panel in the “Pain” arc of the Naruto series depicts a pivotal moment when Pain’s attack has left the Hidden Leaf Village in ruins. This panel depicts the attack on Konoha by Akatsuki, and it is also when The Pain kills Jiraiya.

The four Hokages are de-materialized, while their descendants are killed around them. All five members of Team 7, including Neji and Hinata, have died alongside Kakashi Hatake.

Naruto’s first Kyuubi transformation

The first panel of Naruto’s first Kyuubi transformation depicts a scene where Naruto is in the clutches of the nine-tailed fox, his eyes wide and terrified. It begins with a close-up shot of Naruto’s face, his mouth open in horror and eyes wide as he struggles against the Kyuubi.

The scene is blurry, which implies that it is not clear what Naruto is looking at. This panel was drawn during the anime’s manga serialization period, when Ataru Moroboshi was drawing its episodes.

Naruto has a flashback to being alone in the woods with him frightened by a fox and chasing it away with sticks before having another flashback of himself watching over Sasuke who appears injured.

Birth of Tobi

The figure in this panel is a representation of one of the most well-known scenes in Naruto manga history. It depicts the darkest moments of his life. The Birth of Tobi panel is the point in time when Obito lost his body and witnessed the death of his best friend.

It is a manga chapter that shows Obito lose his body in an accident and watch as his best friend dies before his eyes.

Naruto 8 tail transformation

This is also one of the most iconic scenes of the Naruto manga. The closest Naruto has come to a complete transformation into the nine-tailed fox is at this point. Naruto went on a major spree after losing control of his conscience and yielding to his wrath.

The foundation of Naruto’s strength is his ability to transform from normal human being into a full-scale that has nine tails by drawing on the power of the demon fox inside him.

Naruto’s Promise to Sakura

The panel depicts the most important moment for the three protagonists – Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Naruto promises to Sakura that he will bring back Sasuke and complete their team. It is one of the most influential manga panels because it changes the course of Naruto’s life.

The “bring back Sasuke” slogan comes from this panel. It also marks a decision of Team 7 to split up – on Naruto’s word, Sakura agrees to “stay here with Kakashi-sensei while you go find Sasuke”.

Naruto’s heartbreak

We all know that Naruto has had a crush on Sakura, who in turns love for her. The character Naruto is heartbroken but does not want to admit it. The panel depicts Naruto’s heartbreak as he realizes that Sakura will never return his feelings for her and that Sasuke will always be the person she loves more.

Sasuke under Itachi’s Genjutsu

One of the most well-known panels from the Naruto manga, according to fans. It depicts Sasuke attacking Itachi and stabbing him with a Kusanagi sword. The manga panel reveals that Sasuke attacked and stabbed an immortal (or invincible) Itachi Uchiha with the Kusanagi sword.

One of the best Naruto manga panels ever is this one. Itachi and Sasuke engage in their final conflict. But in actuality, the Itachi had only created an illusion. Sasuke is perplexed to see Itachi sitting on a chair uninjured.

All Hokage Reanimated

In this panel, the Great Ninja War is at its height, and Orochimaru has brought the four Hokage back to life. Their overwhelming presence in the space heightens the tension. The largest ninjas to have ever walked the globe have everyone in awe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is the Naruto manga different?

The anime features many filler narrative arcs, whereas the manga has few, which is one of the most visible distinctions between the two. In fact, Naruto is renowned for being an anime containing a tonne of filler material. Usually, this is because the series is developing faster than the manga.

What is a manga panel?

A manga panel is the frame that surrounds one specific period of time on a manga page. It encircles a single artwork or drawing, occasionally with text bubbles to give the illustration voice. A mangaka can now tell a tale in a variety of methods.

Is Naruto Manga and Shippuden same?

Masashi Kishimoto’s fictional ninja Naruto is the inspiration for the anime series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Beginning with Naruto, the manga’s latter storyline is told in Shippuden. Naruto Shippuden’s tale takes place two and a half years later, therefore the characters are older.

Is the Naruto manga censored?

Naruto, like many other anime series, had to undergo extensive changes and censorship before being made available outside of Japan. One Piece, which had long dominated the anime and manga market in Japan, was seriously threatened by Naruto’s enormous popularity there.

Should I read Naruto manga after anime?

Go for the manga if you want to finish the series, but choose the anime if you’re more interested in the filler episodes that are included. Personally, I prefer reading manga to anime, but you miss all the exciting action in the latter.

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