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Here we have complete information related to the Dollface Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot Platform and much more.

If you enjoy female friendships, Hulu’s Dollface should be your next viewing. A humorous television programme called Dollface debuted in November 2019 after quitting her five-year relationship, Jules Wiley (Kate Dennings) reaches out to old female pals.

Wiley finds she has been missing her girlfriends while in a romance. Dollface captivated audiences worldwide with its plot and humour. Because of the show’s success, the network purchased a second season in January 2020, which will be available on Netflix in February 2022 Since then, fans have been curious to find out what would happen to them next.

Despite the fact that there has been no word concerning season three of Dollface, we remain confident that it will not happen. So far, the following is what is known about a possible Dollface Season 3: Release date for Dollface season 3

Dollface Season 3 Release Date


So, in terms of a release date for Dollface Season 3, it all hinges on when Hulu announces that the third season will take place.

They might be working on something behind the scenes, and it usually takes approximately a year for a programme to be greenlit and launched on a streaming platform.

However, given how ambitious these Dollface seasons are, the programme may take a little longer to complete than past seasons.

There’s also the fact that one of the show’s stars, Shay Mitchell, revealed her pregnancy with her second child but according to the sources, the third season is cancelled and not returning on Hulu.

As a result, filming for the third season may be delayed.

Dollface season 3

Dollface season 3 cast

Brenda Song (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody), Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), and Esther Povitsky (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) are all Dollface season 3 cast members who have shown interest in returning. According to Song, who talked with ScreenRant, Season 2 goes beyond Jules to examine how each of the women is coping with ageing in the face of a pandemic.

“What makes Season 2 fascinating is because all of the girls are thrown into this area,” Song stated. Stella, Izzy, and Madison being in this world with [Jules] astound me. Instead of only Jules suffering anxiety, all of the ladies are now experiencing anxiety.”

Dollface season 3 plot

Season 2 saw struggles in the personal and professional lives of Madison Maxwell, Jules Wiley, Izzy Levine, and Stella Cole. Stella and Liv have made it quits while Jules and Fender are getting closer.

Furthermore, Izzy and Liam have reunited; it will be exciting to see the women return in season three. The last episode featured our lovely Madison’s birthday party, whose tale is likewise unfolding in unexpected ways.

In a prospective third season of Dollhouse, our characters will have a lot to discover, especially Jules, who lost her job and has nowhere to go.

Will she follow her instincts and continue working as a web developer? While we are eager to learn the answers, season three is far from predictable at this stage. Stay tuned for more details on Dollface’s season three plot.

Dollface season 3 trailer

At the time, there is no trailer for Season 3 of Dollface. However, we will update this blog when additional information becomes available.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Dollface a good show?

It’s a sophisticated and amusing comedy that successfully explores women outside of partnerships. The programme is cringe-worthy in all the wrong ways because of the pastel-colored clichés, terribly antiquated efforts at vocabulary, and a singular idea of what women is in 2019.

When was Dollface filmed?

Dollface, like many other pandemic-era TV series, faced filming delays owing of COVID-19. Filming is expected to begin in July 2021 and conclude in October. Brenda Song (Madison Maxwell) marked the completion of production by posting an Instagram snapshot of herself and her co-stars.

Where was Dollface filmed?

Dollface is mostly shot in Los Angeles, California, which isn’t surprising. According to The Cinemaholic, a significant amount of the movie was shot in the City of Angels. Season 1 also includes a visit to L.A.’s Chinatown district.

Is Dollface on Netflix?

Is Dollface available on Netflix? We wish we could tell you that you could watch the comedy series on Netflix, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Another streaming provider offers access to the show.

Is Jules pregnant in Dollface?

Jules takes a pregnancy test and discovers she is not pregnant, yet she acts strangely in front of Madison. To avoid telling Madison the truth, she tells her the contrary and pretends to be pregnant; for a few moments, Madison believes her closest friend is expecting a child.

Who plays Lucas Dollface?

Luke Cook, well known for his role as Lucifer in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, joins the cast in Season 2. Luke will play a character named Fender, who will feature in four of the 10 new episodes.

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