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Don’t Toy with me Miss Nagatoro Season 2 Release Date: The Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro is a web manga series created by Tadaomi Karasuma. The story follows the life of an antisocial high school student, as he struggles with his love life and various social issues.

He learns from his former crush that if he’s going to be successful in his love life he has to be upfront with his feelings.

He starts over as a result and aspires to become more social like this. The good news for fans of the series is Season 2 is coming back to Do not Toy With Me, Mrs. Nagatoro, which was announced via this anime series official Twitter account.

‘Don’t toy with me, Miss Nagatoro’: Overview


Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro is an anime that follows Naoto Hachioji and other characters in their everyday lives while they go through love interests both good and bad, and try to find themselves in the process as well.

A web manga series called Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro was created by Japanese manga artist Umeda Tomohiro. TMS Entertainment created the anime adaptation in 2017. A troubled high schooler with an aptitude for drawing is Naoto Hachioji.

One day, he meets a pretty girl under unusual circumstances, and his life turns a lot from there.

The protagonist of the story is an antisocial high school student who has a life that suddenly turns topsy-turvy when he falls in love. This series focuses on the love life interests and other aspects of love.

The show presents viewers with an interesting take on love and life through its protagonist. It considers how one’s behavior changes when they fall in love and how that kind of change affects their day-to-day life.

One example is the protagonist’s sudden change in school performance when he falls in love with his classmate.

Don't toy with me

When will Season 2 released?

The former season was launched on April 2021 in Japan. The exact release date of a new season has yet to be announced.

While the Season 2 announcement confirmed season 2, no date was revealed as for when Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro will be returning. Nagatoro doesn’t yet have an official trailer, but important anime images have been made public.

Season 2’s existence has been confirmed, however, the exact date of its release is yet unknown. Fans can expect to see season two of this popular anime return sometime in 2022, suggesting that the second season follows a similar schedule.

The announcement of season two was made through Nagatoro’s official anime website. Telecom Animation Film released season 1 of its anime adaptation Miss Nagatoro earlier last year, back in April.

Where to watch Season 2?

The production of season two of the anime adaption was just confirmed by Miss Nagatoro Official Twitter Account. The Nagatoro anime Season 2 is officially called Do not Toy With Me, 2nd Attack by Miss Nagatoro (ijiranaide, 2nd Attack by Nagatoro-san in Japanese), and the second season is set to be released during the 2023 winter anime season.

Although disc sales of most of the anime, including this one, are not as high as before due to a habit of watching videos online, the anime is getting undisputed popularity since the first season.

With this, you can watch the former season on Crunchyroll, and the next season is also having the highest chances of coming on Crunchyroll. Interestingly, the anime staff has also released a new teaser image for the next season, which features both Naoto Hachioji and Hayase Nagatoro.

Character designer Misaki Suzuki, who is also going to be involved with season 2, designed a new visual celebrating a few of the new additions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will there be a season 2 of Miss Nagatoro don’t toy with me?

Yes, the series’ Season 2 is announced through their official Twitter handle on 23rd October 2021. Also, the show will be streamable on Crunchyroll.

Is Miss Nagatoro a girl?

She is a high school who enjoys making fun of Senpai. Even while it might seem as though she only wants to punish him, she truly has a crush on him and gets extremely angry when someone else attempts to abuse Senpai. Her friends call her Hayacchi.

When will don’t toy with men, Miss Nagatoro S2 release?

Currently under development is the second season, according to the anime’s official Twitter account. The character designer Misaki Suzuki’s second stage decision visual has also been made public. The last announcement for the anime, also on June 4, 2022, did not give any updates on Nagatoro’s season two release date.

Where to watch Nagatoro season 2?

Season 2 will also get released on Crunchyroll. Also, it is available on Netflix, but it may not be unlocked for all the regions.

How old is Senpai from Nagatoro?

Senpai, who was born on May 10, is actually nearly two years older than Nagatoro, not one. Since the Japanese academic term is from April to March, and second-year students are required to be sixteen years old on the begin of classes, he became sixteen while the faculty year commenced however quickly grew to become 17.

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