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Here we have covered all information about the Greenleaf Season 6 such as release date, cast, tv channel and more.

With the latest series now available worldwide, fans are already looking to the future, wondering if there will be more episodes of Greenleaf. Greenleaf fans can always watch episodes from previous seasons while waiting for the sixth season of Greenleaf to begin.

Besides release date and plot of the series, in this article, we’ll look at all other aspects of the movie including, teaser, trailer and expected cast of the new series.

Greenleaf: Overview


An American mystery-drama series is called Greenleaf. It emphasises familial drama. The Greenleaf family and the people who live there are the focus of the show. They all harbour egregious secrets and lies

. They go to tremendous lengths to keep their scandalous secrets and lies from being revealed in front of the Memphis megachurch attendees. They own a church with almost entirely African American members and reside in an opulent mansion.

They and their lives are the focus of the show. The couple, their three kids, and they make up the Greenleaf family’s five members.

Additionally, Faith, Greenleaf‘s first child, perished in an accident. After twenty years, Grace decided to visit her family once more. In addition, Oprah Winfrey, who created the programme, plays a variety of roles as Mavis Greenfield, the aunt of the kids.

Some of the problems that it have shown in the series, had an impact on people concerning about the modern culture, particularly the hypocrisy of religious leaders, the complex characters, and the gorgeous production design. This series has become more and more well-liked over time.

Greenleaf Season 6

When is Greenleaf Season 6 releasing online?

After the extraordinary response received from OWN, which reached 2 million views on “Last Season”, the important family drama of the sixth season is still undecided. As we know, the Greenleaf show has been cancelled due to an extension.

With Greenleaf season 5 being the last and final season of Greenleaf, there is still a ray of hope that a spin-off will be airing soon, according to the latest official announcement from famed network Oprah Winfrey.

The Greenleaf show has been cancelled for a new season renewal as per the latest update, but the good news is that Oprah Winfrey’s network has announced that they will be back with a Greenleaf spin-off based on the Lady May character played by the famous actress.

What are the expected cast of Season 6?

Lynn Whitfield & Oprah Winfrey also appeared on the main family drama show as Aunt Mavis McCready in the first season of Greenleaf and in the second season of Greenleaf.

Additional Oprah Winfrey cast plays Mavis McCready; Deborah Joy Winans plays Charity Greenleaf’s youngest member, LeToya Luckett as Rochelle. Greenleaf spinoff starring Keith David as Bishop James Greenleaf, Rick Fox as Darius Nash, Lynn Whitfield as Daisy May Greenleaf, Raman Ruck Plays Pastor Jacob Greenleaf, Gregory Allen Williams as Robert McCready, and Mel Dandridge as Pastor Grace.

Returning to the stage are Deborah Joy Winans as Charity Greenleaf, Desiree Ross as Sophia Greenleaf, Kim Hawthorne as Kelissa Greenleaf, and Ty White as Kevin Saul Terry, Lowe Simone as Zora Greenleaf.

The recurring line-up will likely see Basie Shanks (Jason Dearden), Winky Greenleaf (Cortez McCauley), Mavis McCready (Oprah Winfrey), Ray Fisher (Michael Rodrick), Faith Greenleaf (Terry Abney) and more. Next season, the cast will include Rick Fox as Darius Nash, Patty LaBelle as Maxine Paterson and Beau bridges as Bob Whitmore, They are considered regulars in the series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Why was Greenleaf Cancelled?

The decision was taken as a result of a drop in ratings, claims TV Line. Despite continuing to draw an average of 1.1 million viewers and continuing to be the most popular scripted series on cable television among black viewers, season four ratings are believed to have fallen 15% from season three.

Who is Greenleaf based on?

The author Craig Wright was discussing his previous work as a clergyman with Oprah one day. That sounds like a series, according to Oprah. The show was motivated by that. For the cast, locating the ideal home in which the Greenleaf family would reside was a challenging undertaking.

Who owns the mansion in Greenleaf?

The Greenleaf mansion is a 19th-century structure. The Greenleaf’s seized control of this imposing estate and turned it into their own. The estate’s appearance and atmosphere are primarily the responsibility of Lady Mae.

What is Bishop’s Secret in Greenleaf?

Even though Lionel and Bishop had been friends for a long time, it was revealed in season three that Lady Mae and Aaron’s father Bishop Lionel Jeffries had an affair with Lady Mae in the past. We also discovered that Bishop had forgiven his wife and buddy despite being aware of the affair.

What happens to AJ on Greenleaf?

AJ continued by saying that he was raped by convicts and that this caused him to become infected with HIV. Fans had a hard time comprehending that there wasn’t more to the story despite the unexpected statement.

Is Calvary from Greenleaf a real church?

Calvary Fellowship The name of the fictional church, World Ministries, may sound familiar even if it isn’t real since the term “Calvary” appears in many church names.

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