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Kakegurui season 3: The manga series Gambling School, sometimes referred to as Kakegurui, was created by Tru Naomura and written by Homura Kawamoto.

The action of the novel takes place in a prominent institution with affluent pupils who have established their own social structure centered on their prowess at gambling.

The manga has been made available since March 2014. A Japanese anime television series ran from July 1 until September 23, 2017.

After that, a second season was launched, which ran from January 9 through March 27, 2019. Since we haven’t seen any new Kakegurui content in a while, we will talk about a potential Season 3 of the show in this post.

There is currently no word on whether Kakegurui will return for a third season. Since the second season premiered three years ago, we don’t know much about its future, but considering the pandemic and everything that has previously happened, a delay of this length is not surprising.

Nevertheless, Kakegurui is a very well-liked series, and a third season is extremely likely based on the information now available. Just when, we don’t know.

Kakegurui season 3 release date


Season 3 of Kakegurui has not yet been given a release date. If Kakegurui announces its third season, we may anticipate it sometime in 2023. Maybe Netflix will make it available. See what happens after that.

Netflix broadcast the first season of the television show Kakegurui from January 14 to March 19, 2018. Netflix broadcast the second season of the Kakegurui television series from April 1 to April 29, 2019.

If we find out anything new about the release date for the third season of the anime series Kakegurui, we’ll update this page. Watch the Kakegurui television series’ third season trailer.

Kakegurui season 3

Kakegurui season 3 cast

The main character of this series is Yumeko Jabami. She is the major casino patron at that school. She entered the university as a transfer student and ran with the institution. Both Erika Harlacher on Netflix and Saori Hayami in the Japanese version played this role.

In Japanese, Miyuki Sawashiro portrays Kirari Momobami; Michelle Ruff portrays the role on Netflix.

In Japanese, Mary Saotome plays Minami Tanaka; on Netflix, Kira Buckland plays the same role.

In Japanese, Griffin Burns will portray Tatsuya Tokutake, while Ryota Suzui will do so on Netflix.

The Netflix version of the character is played by Erica Mendez Cat, while the Japanese version is portrayed by Itsuki Sumeragi.

Karin Nanami portrays Yuriko Nishinotin in the Japanese version of the show; Cristina Vee portrays the same role on Netflix.

Kakegurui season 3 plot

We do not yet know which chapters of the current manga series will be translated for Season 3. There are many more chapters to adapt because the first two seasons of the anime only featured 24 episodes each and a comparatively self-contained adaptation timetable.

But as of right now, we truly can’t guess what the third season will be about. In order to give you a broad sense of what to anticipate from the series if you decide to watch it at some time, the plot of the programme is summarised below.

The story takes place in the exclusive private Hyakka Academy, which enrols only the wealthiest and most privileged students in Japan. This university has produced a lot of professionals and leaders.

The pupils at this school are graded based on their performance at gambling, not on their physical or intellectual prowess, which defines their standing at school and their position in the hierarchy.

Mary Saotome, a recent transfer to Hyakkaou Private Academy, will be the subject of the new television series. She quickly discovers the school’s gambling network and how to participate.

However, as she keeps on gambling, her life starts to change in ways she never anticipated. Later, as was expertly shown in the first season, her behaviour develops into an addiction to gambling.

Kakegurui season 3 trailer

Season 3 of Kakegurui doesn’t yet have an official trailer. Following the introduction of Kakegurui Season 3, we anticipate that it will be published shortly. Let’s watch the Kakegurui series trailer. It was made available via Netflix on August 2nd, 2017.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Kakegurui over?

On March 31, 2019, the final episode of Kakegurui season 2 aired, and since then, there has been no official announcement regarding season 3. We are presently in the year 2022, which is two years after the first two seasons were released. According to the prediction, the third season ought to have been released in 2021, but it wasn’t.

What happens in Episode 6 of Kakegurui?

The most thrilling and possibly dangerous game of the Kakegurui series debuted in episode six. The two series’ most psychotic gamblers square off in a game of reverse Russian roulette where Yumeko must not only prevail but also come out on top.

How old is Kakegurui?

A Japanese manga series called Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler was created by Homura Kawamoto and Tru Naomura. It started running as a serial in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker in March 2014, and as of February 2021, its episodes had also been compiled into fourteen tankbon volumes.

Is Kakegurui sexualized?

Despite the fact that many of the characters feel more authentic about their sexuality, the same issue is hurting them. Strong evidence suggests that the housepets in the series commonly experience physical and sexual abuse.

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