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Wondering if Last Night in Soho streaming on Peacock, HBO Max, or Netflix. This is a comprehensive guide based on where to watch Last Night in Soho without having a hassle.

Last Night In Soho: Overview


The Last in Soho was released in October 2021 and is a psychological horror movie genre. The movie was directed by Edgar Wright and the main cast stars Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Michael Ajao, Terence Stamp, and Diana Rigg. The story in the horror movie is Ellie just turned to sweet sixteen and has an interest in music and fashion designing. To follow her passion in the fashion industry she moved to London.

The character lost her mother when she was young and living with her grandmother. So when she gets into college there were drastic changes in her life. It will amuse once you will understand the first part setup in the movie and will be a new horror movie in your list and to know other details just go and watch the movie if you just missed watching the movie in theatres.

The reason we are here is many people were not able to watch the movies due to covid restrictions. So we will discuss where to watch the last night in Soho. The movie was not supposed to work in theatres and has some good reviews and some bad reviews. Let’s find out after watching it.

Last night in Soho Streaming on the peacock?

last night in soho on peacock

No, currently the last night in Soho is not streaming on the peacock. The movie was produced under the Universal movie and focus features. So there are high chances that the movie will be soon on the peacock.

There is not any official announcement related to that but we will find out sooner if it will stream on the peacock or not. If any other psychological movie will come under the same banner name before the release of that movie the last in Soho will stream on the peacock. For now you can read the articles and will find out where to watch the show.

Last night in Soho streaming on HBO Max?

last night in soho on hbo max

No, last night in Soho is not streaming on HBO max. The reason is that HBO Max has shows which are produced under the banner name of Warner Bros. also which movies are exclusive of that. Which performed very well on the thatchers.

Whereas the last night in Soho was published under the banner name of the Universal and focus features so there are no chances that the HBO Max will have the last night in Soho. So if you have the HBO Max membership you have to get another just to watch the other shows.

Where to watch the last night in Soho in 2022?

To watch the show the last in Soho in 2022 just forget about any ott platforms for now.. To watch the last night in Soho you have to either rent or purchase from the online. The movie will be available to you for a particular period of time. There are many online sellers we will discuss some popular services out of that, such as Vudu TV, AppleTV/iTunes, Google play store/play Movie, and amazon prime video.

last night in soho on hulu

These all are the best option as we recommend you check them . The renting price for the Vudu TV is 5.99$ and the purchasing price is 18.99$$. The price has some other options related to that such as the clarity of the movie as HD, UHD, 4K and many more options so before purchasing the service read all the data carefully.

Furthermore, the Apple TV/Itunes has the latest in Soho. You can also make a purchase or rent of a movie from here. To rent the movie you have to pay for 5.99$ and to purchase the movie you have to pay for 19.99$.

After that the other option is google play movies. The price is the same as other platforms 5.99$ for the rent and 18.99$ for the purchase.

The prices are near to the same for all the platforms but the variation will be few as per the service. Such as there will be a 30 days option to watch the show and also if you start playing the show now then after the 48hours the show will end. So read the data carefully before making any other decisions>

Is the last in Soho on Netflix?

last night in soho on netflix

The thing is for now the show is not on any of the streaming platforms you have to either purchase or rent. But there are chances that the last night in Soho will be on Netflix. Other movies under the banner name Universal Movies were released on Netflix. so there are chances that the movie can also be released on Netflix.

But the cache is the movie will be there for a particular [period of the time and as the contract will end the movie will be released from there.

The last option for you to watch the movie on the device is that you have to buy the movie from stores or e-commerce websites. To watch the show you have to purchase a DVD copy of the show. Ia, so there are some places where you can stream the movie.

You can connect the DVD version of the night in Soho to any of your smart devices just to stream from there. The hard copy will have lifetime access if you purchase and take a proper card of the DVD.

Also, don’t forget that point in some of the regions of the country the show might not be accessible. To stream, the show either rented or purchased you have to use the VPN or any other means of services just to get access to that.

At last, there are many illegal sites on the internet, where you can stream the movie but we will not recommend it to you because as the creator it took lots of time to make a piece of content so to appreciate the work you have to purchase the services where it will be available directly to your device.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the last night in Soho with complete information.

Is Last Night in Soho worth seeing?

Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright’s new film, is difficult to express. It’s a thriller with horror and time travel segments. Well, you can watch Last Nigth in Soho movie to get some chills at night.

Is Last Night in Soho based on a true story?

No, the last night in Soho is not based on a true story. According to Krysty Wilson-Cairns, is toxic men, not ghosts or monsters. Last Night in Soho, which she co-wrote with director Edgar Wright based on a project he had been developing for more than a decade, reflected that sensibility.

Is Last Night in Soho streaming on peacock?

No, Last Night in Soho not streaming on the Peacock including, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, etc.

Where To Watch Last Night in Soho?

You can easily watch Last Night in Soho by simply renting the movies from VOD retailer’s services such as Amazon Prime, Vudu, Apple TV, YouTube, and many more.

This is an of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful.

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