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Outer Range Episode 6: The newest mystery box puzzle game available on Amazon is called Outer Range, and it has a peculiar hole that seems to send our protagonist, Royal, into the future.

The conflict between two rival ranches that serves as the show’s setting gives it a spooky and ominous feel. You might be curious to know when will be the next episode of this one will run.

We’re here to satisfy your curiosity and provide you with all the information you require about Outer Range episodes 5 and 6, including their release date, storyline, and recap.

Outer Range: Overview


We are going to see Royal confronting Autumn after seeing the death of Royal in the future. With four episodes remaining before the end of season, the result of Autumn’s conversation with Perry will be crucial in continuing the Royal/Autumn rivalry.

With four episodes remaining in the season, the outcome of the aforementioned conversation with Perry (Tom Pelphrey) will be crucial to the ongoing rivalry between Autumn and Royal. 

Outer Range is keeping the secrets of Outer Range firmly under lock and key at this point, but the stakes for Autumn’s vested interests in the Abbotts, and warnings of Rebecca’s demise, seem of equal significance to finally solving the mystery.

The importance of colour is not explained in Outer Range, but does motivate Autumn’s quest for revenge against the royals. As Autumn told the Royal in the ending of the second Outer Range, which saw the Yellow Uniforms on Autumn’s body during a time period far into the future, yellow symbolizes Autumn’s strength.

Outer Range Episode 6

When did Outer Range Episode 6 released online?

Both episodes 5 and 6 of Outer Range was aired on April 29. Of course, a lot depends on how rapidly Amazon Prime updates its library of episodes. But be prepared for this to happen relatively soon after the release date.

Since its premiere, Outer Range has also been available with subtitles. Expect a tonne of trivia, expertise, and extra information to be available throughout as well thanks to its relationship with IMDB.

The Soil” and “The Family” are the names of episodes 5 and 6, respectively. The jigsaw started to come together in Episode 4 as Autumn seemed to be a crucial component of the entire mystery.

She may be a part of the mountain that is disappearing and reappearing in addition to wearing this peculiar jewellery.

Outer Range Episode 6: Recap

We last left with “The Family,” an episode which saw Abbott’s family falling out, Luke and Patricia Tillerson conspiring to seize Billy’s inheritance, and Autumn striking back at Royal in ways that she knew would leave him and his family devastated.

The sixth episode, which starts off with royal and Autumn confronting The Void. Episode six begins with Perry running towards a hole, finding that Autumn is standing near it. Episode six has royal running to the Pit and discovering that Autumn is waiting nearby. 

At the end of Episode 6, Royal finds Autumn standing near the Pit, offering her a ride back to Royals quad back to the campsite. Autumn receives a threat from Royal Abbott warning her to avoid her family or he will kill her, leave her for dead in the wilderness, and burn down her camp.

Royal Abbott offers to provide Autumn’s transport back to her campsite, but Royal has a few hidden agendas running around the back of his mind, apparently influenced by a vision he witnessed near the end of Episode 5 “Outer Reach”.

Autumn accepted Royal’s offer to drive her back to her camp, but Royal had ulterior motives that were undoubtedly inspired by the visions he saw at the end of Episode 5.

Perry volunteered to escort Autumn back to her camp, but Royal had other plans in mind that were unmistakably influenced by the visions he witnessed at the conclusion of episode five of The Series.

The Outer Reach Season 1 Episode 6 shows Royal confronting Autumn after Royal, who is in the future, saw the substances within Autumn’s necklace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the story of episode 6 of Outer Range?

Outer Range’s sixth episode opens with Royal driving to the hole. Autumn is standing by, eager to get her necklace back from him. Although Royal promises to return her to the wilderness, he really drives far from her tent. Autumn starts to lose it and orders him to stop.

What drug is Autumn on in Outer Range?

Later, he destroys her camp, which held notes and medicine from Autumn. (The drug lamotrigine is used to treat bipolar illness and epilepsy.) After that, Autumn seems to go into a manic phase as she calls her mother and begs for money. She implies that she has been according to her mother’s plan as well.

What did the ending of Outer Range mean?

Since Perry’s base went into the vortex before it closed permanently, locking Perry somewhere in time, the Abbots have lost everything in the future, including their home and farm. Because he doesn’t want his history to come up with him, Royal works nonstop and in vain to get rid of his strange well of time.

Why did Rebecca leave in Outer Range?

The wife didn’t want to live with her in-laws in such close proximity on the ranch for the rest of her life. Although her daughter Amy has grown up in this close-knit household, Rebecca wants to leave.

Did Autumn know she was Amy?

She wasn’t even initially aware that she was Amy, so she didn’t know what would happen to Royal when he fell into the hole. Autumn appears to be accustomed to living in the year 2022. She calls individuals who are obviously in charge of her salary and trust fund. This time traveller lacks experience.

Is Autumn related to Royal?

Amy, Autumn, was Royal’s granddaughter. Amy accidentally came into contact with the mysterious black mineral and travelled into the past (maybe). Her exact age wasn’t revealed in Season 1, but it’s assumed to have been around ten years old.

What does the bison symbolize in Outer Range?

The appearance of Chrono’s as a three-headed serpent was frequently depicted. The first two episodes of Outer Range featured a strange bison that appeared to Royal as a foreboding sign.

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