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Fantastic and MyTona will release The Day Before, a third-person shooter set in an open world. The online multiplayer has been attracting attention for some time, and it is likely to be one of the genre’s biggest releases. And although the game continues to generate interest among players, it looks that The Day Before Release Date will come shortly.

The Day Before


A new gameplay trailer for The Day Before, a planned post-apocalyptic zombie MMO, has been released. The current look at the game also reveals a PC release date of June 2022, with a console release planned later.

The Day Before Release Date has been likened to several notable games since its introduction, including The Division 2, The Last of Us, Days Gone, and even Snowrunner, thanks to its actual offroad traversing mud mechanics.

when does the day before coming out

In the new trailer, the developer shows what will be featured in the game. We’re led through everything from looting and crafting to shooting zombies in the head and smashing them with your truck, so there’s plenty to select from.

There are no loading screens in The Day Before’s wide-open environment, which may be explored on foot or by automobile. The team is primarily focused on constructing an abandoned New York City and its environs, but you will be able to examine little towns outside of that region as well. We don’t yet know how the game’s mission structure will function, but we do know that you may play alone, participate in PvE co-op activities, or leap right into the risky but lucrative PvP mode.

The Day Before: Release Date

“The Day Before” was introduced by Fantastic on Jan. 27, 2021, and it seems to be very well along in production — which is fortunate, given it’s classified as “Coming Soon” on Steam and Fantastic has set a target release date of 2021.

Given the short period between announcement and debut, it seems that fast development is taking on behind the scenes. It’s unlikely that players will have to wait long for further information about “The Day Before Release Date”.

“The Day Before” will be released only for PC, and you can already add it to your Steam wishlist. There’s no indication of whether a beta test will be held before the actual release or whether the game will be released on other platforms. HOWEVER, for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S owners, there is reason to be optimistic. “We will not be able to convert the game to your NES,” the Fantastic co-founders told GamingBolt. “However, we are contemplating next-gen systems.” “Be on the lookout for a remarkable announcement.”

While the news that The Day Before will be released for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 is encouraging, console gamers will have to wait. On June 21, 2022, The Day Before will be released globally on PC. The game won’t be released until next summer, but if you don’t want to play it on PC, you’ll have to wait even longer.

The Day Before Trailer

In The Day Before, you may go from street shootouts to large retail malls at any moment, battling the Infected and clearing up shelves of treasures, as shown in the latest video. Your loot may be utilized in crafting, sold to merchants, or used as a decoration for your secret hideaway in the farmlands. However, I’m not sure why you’d need a friendly new smartphone in the first place.

The Day Before’s recent teaser also reportedly disclosed that the game’s PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are in development, aiming for an undefined release schedule. As a result, despite the game’s outstanding aesthetics and large open regions, the open-world survival game will not be a cross-generational product on the console.

The Day Before GamePlay

“You wake up alone in a world you don’t remember, going out to gather answers and the resources you need to live,” according to the official “The Day Before” description. As you scavenge automobiles, residences, even buildings, you’ll have to battle with infected and other gamers.

In a press release, the game is said to include “realistic” weaponry and exploration of “beautiful but perilous areas,” according to the press release. You’ll encounter survivors who are seeking to restore the planet to its former grandeur, in addition to gunplay.

You’ll be able to communicate with other gamers and sell your stuff in a survivor colony. Your ambition is to become a “new global legend.”

During IGN Fan Fest 2021, Fantastic and MyTona presented a combat gameplay clip in addition to the announcement trailer.

Before apparently concluding with the player’s unfortunate fate, the film gave a preview of the complex surroundings and shooting mechanics in “The Day Before.” It’s unclear how Fantastic intends to manage player death and advancement or if all of the firefights will be as brief as depicted.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to The Day Before TV Show with a complete explanation.

Is The Day Before coming to PS5?

Currently, the developer and publisher of The Day Before have discussed releasing the video game on the PC on June 21, 2022. But sources also confirm that the developer has started on the console version and it will soon roll out in a few months after the release of the PC version.

Who makes The Day Before game?

The developer of The Day Before was “FNTASTIC” one of the popular game developers. The PC version is set to release in June 2022.

Is The Day Before PvP only?

The Day Before can be played offline, according to Fntastic. PvP is a key component of The Day Before, as the studio noted in an interview, and much of the game’s thrill comes from determining whether to band up with other players or kill them.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find some more knowledge related to the Day Before through our article.

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