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Here we have covered all information about the Wentworth Season 10 such as Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more.

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve fallen in love with the Orange Is the New Black spinoff Wentworth, then you know that there are only three more episodes to go before Season 6 comes to an end!

After all, creator and writer of the series, Andrew Jones confirmed this on Twitter after The Wentworth Season 10 is not announced. We have a few details about what happened in the final episode, but we also have some new information about when Season 10 will air! Here’s everything you need to know!

A big reveal about the fates of two characters.


It’s been a long wait for Wentworth fans, but the tenth season is finally on its way. The show is set to return to Foxtel in Australia in late 2022 or 2023., with a double-episode premiere. As always, there are a few things we can expect from the new season.

Here’s everything you need to know! First of all, what happened at the end of season nine?

Last time around, two prisoners had their fate left up in the air: Franky and Will Jackson. Franky (played by Nicole da Silva) spent the last few episodes fighting tooth and nail against the death penalty that was imposed on her after she helped put away some brutal murderers.

She eventually got lucky and saw her sentence commuted to life imprisonment thanks to some last-minute lobbying from her sister Angie (played by Kate Atkinson).

Wentworth Season 10

The deadly new villain viewers will meet this season.

The tenth season of Wentworth is almost upon us, and with it comes a whole host of new cast members and storylines.

This season will see the introduction of a new deadly villain, as well as the return of some fan-favourite characters. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season of Wentworth!

Meet two of the new inmates at her maximum security prison

Season 10 of Wentworth is almost upon us, and fans are excited to see what the new season has in store.

Until now there is no official news or information went official about the release date of the Wentworth season 10.

The cast includes Danielle Cormack (Bea Smith), Celia Ireland (Karen MacPherson), Nicole da Silva (Franky Doyle), Kate Atkinson (Fiona Tibby Hayes), and Tammy Davis as Evelyn Morgan. It will also include newcomers Rhiannon Fish as Sophie Patterson and Socratis Otto as Kelly Reilly.

Weigh in on what you think it will take for Bea Smith to prevail this time around.

It’s been a long time coming, but Wentworth season 10 is finally upon us. The show returns with all the drama and intrigue that fans have come to love, and this time around, Bea Smith is determined to come out on top. With a cast of new and familiar faces, it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Thoughts on what we saw during the first trailer for Season 10?

The first trailer for Wentworth Season 10 is finally here and it looks like we are in for one heck of a ride!

The cast is back and better than ever, the plot looks thick with suspense, and the trailer leaves us with more questions than answers. But that’s what we love about Wentworth, isn’t it? We can’t wait to see what happens when the new season premieres.

Do you enjoy having a show that is serialized versus stand-alone episodes? What do you prefer working with? Why?

There’s something to be said for both serialized and stand-alone episodes. I think it just depends on what you’re in the mood for. If you want to get invested in a story and get to know the characters, then a serialized show is probably for you.

But if you just want to watch something fun and lighthearted without having to keep track of a lot of different plot threads, then a stand-alone episode is probably the way to go. I like having a mix of both in my life.


The Australian prison drama Wentworth has been revived for its 10th season, and it will be back on screens later this year with a brand new cast. Read on to find out when the show will return, what fans can expect from the new season, and how to watch it!

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