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If you are of Gen Z and more of a Tik Toker, you must have come across the term, “Sussy Baka” more often than not. It has been trending for quite a while among Gen Z and lot of Social media users especially Tik tokers have adopted the term and made it a meme.

The word “Sussy Baka is not an actual word rather it was coined out of two terms, one “Sus” which is a word gotten from video gaming slang and Japanese lingo “Baka”. “Sussy” is borrowed from the viral video game titled “Among Us” in 2020 and it has since gone viral. “Sus” is a way to call a person or situation suspicious.

While the word “Baka” originates from the Japanese series titled “My Hero Academia, where the word was thrown at Deku, who was one of the characters of the show. “Deku!!!

Why are you acting such like a Baka?

The words literally means crazy or foolish in Japanese. It was made popular by Tiktoker Akeam francis @akeamfrancis who combined the two words in his livestream, turning “sus” into “sussy” which threw the internet into a frenzy and became quite popular among Gen Z. from there the phrase turned in to a meme taking over Tiktok.Even Dean Norris in a personalized video to a fan.

Most comment section on tik tok is flooded by the use of this term ad meme. A combination of both words bring you to the final destination of “Suspicious fool”. “Sus” for suspicious and “Baka” for “Fool”.

Some woke parent are now getting on to the term “Sussy Baka” as one commenter on Quora said “my son called me a Sussy Baka and I grounded him”. Most commenter on tik tok uses the term on videos that do not appeal to them in any way.


Can the term “Sussy Baka” be said to be a derogatory word?

In my view yes it is, because the combination of the word fool makes the term a derogatory word and should not really be used as people react to things differently.

If something is not appealing to the eyes one can chose to walk away and not waste his or her time calling others such names as “Sussy Baka” or asking why they are acting such as “Sussy Baka”.

But what can we really do it is a woke generation and we all must catch up with the trend of the times so we can communicate to and with the Gen Zers. Next time when someone is acting differently find a better word than call them a “Sussy Baka”

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