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When does carol die in the walking dead? Carol is one of the most loved characters in the Walking Dead. Basically, Carol is hooked with Daryl as the character in the Walking Dead for a long time and there are significant changes that have been ground for the last few seasons now.

As we know the Carol has conserved to becoming one of the most powerful and unwavering and deadly members of the survivor group. Recently, there were rumors about carol’s death in the Walking Dead Season 11. As we end up watching the last episode of Walking Dead of the series and Carol might not able to avoid death once again.

Who is Carol In Walking Dead?


Carol Peletier, also known as Queen Carol by the Kingdom. She is the main character of the Walking Dead and the survivor of the outback in the AMC. In the Walking Dead first season, the Carol with his husband “ED” along with his daughter “Shopia” to the place known as Atlanta. In their journey, they join the group of survivors, and in several events, their daughter Shopia keeps missing.

After his daughter’s disappearance, the carol forms a strong bond with his fellow mate known as Daryl Dixon. After a few events in the Walking Dead, Carol finds out that his daughter has been bitten by the re-animated and now she is the only member of his family that is alive.

But, the question is How Carol is dead in Walking Dead in Season 11, Well the answer is there are is a difference between TV Shows and Comics was in the latter. In Comics, Carol engaged with the shot-lived romance with the Tyreese. After that in an event on Walking Dead Comic killed off Carol after her breakup with Tyreese. But in the TV show Walking Dead, there is a difference about the death of Carol.

Carol Die In the Walking Dead In Season 11?

As we watch the Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 8, Carol is still alive, and in Episode 8 we learn.

Did Carol Die in the Walking Dead?

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) follows the Whisperers’ lead and leads a vast swarm of walkers straight to Meridian. At the start of “For Blood,” her company has reached the settlement’s walls, but they are far from safe. The Reapers have a perimeter of landmines that makes rapid work of the walker swarm while exposing the masked humans – or worse. Fortunately, the Alexandrians have a significant edge in the form of Daryl (Norman Reedus), who is still working underground for the Reapers. He starts working behind the scenes to give Maggie’s organization a fighting chance.

As we all know the Carol is one of the biggest wildcards of the Walking Dead series. However, the Walking Dead Comic the Carol counterpart didn’t make it a quarter of the way through the event of the series.

If you watch Walking Dead from the first season you know that Carol is an Alexandria. Because she declines to go with Maggie’s group and she decided to stay there for the best future for all. However, there are only a few members of the Alexandria group remaining including the Rosita. Currently, in Season 11, the only threat to the Alexandria is reapers and the lack of food but the group is more focused on terminating Maggie’s group than survival.

Carol is giving his best to support the group with a crazy attitude, in the future we can see Carol might take more risks to increase the inventory of the Alexandria. So we can guess that Carol’s Death can be caused by her own mistakes in upcoming episodes of the Walking Dead.

When Does Carol Die in the Walking Dead

How old is Carol Walking Dead?

Carol’s age, which is most likely closer to actress McBride’s genuine age of 56, differs from the TV show. She was probably around 45 years old in season one of the show, which has been running for 11 years. The character’s Wiki Fandom page states that she is in her late 40s to early 50s.

Most of you wondering are Daryl and Carol are the same age? Well, Carol is 4 years older than Daryl. However, it is very common in the movies and tv shows for a male actor to get romantically involved with a female actress 10 to 20 years their junior.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Carol Death in Walking Dead with a complete explanation.

Did Carol Die in the Walking Dead?

No, Carol until now not dead in the Walking Dead in the TV Show. However, in the Walking Dead Comic, the Carol character cannot able to make out after she break up with the Tyreese. But in the TV show, she is still alive because there is a bit difference compared to the Comic and TV Shows.

Who kills Carol?

In the Walking Dead Comic, She permits a zombie to tear at her jugular after strolling through the jail courtyard and talking to it. She refuses to be helped and insists that she be allowed to die in peace. During her reanimation, she is murdered by a compassionate Andrea before she can bite a heartbroken Tyreese.

does carol die in the walking dead

No, Carol is still alive in the Walking Dead Season 11. However, she is dead in the Walking Dead Comic.

who was beta in the walking dead

As the Whisperers’ second in command, Beta was a fearsome figure. You didn’t want to offend him since you never knew how he’d react. He is a cruel psychotic man who is completely dedicated to the Whisperer’s way of life.

Hopefully, you find this short article helps to know about Carol’s Death. If you have any questions related to the Carol Death then feel free to ask using the comment box. Don’t forget to join our social media platforms for regular updates.

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