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Here we’ve covered all information about the Young and Hungry Season 6 such as the Release Date, Cast, Trailer and more.

Young and Hungry have been renewed for a sixth season on Freeform, and fans of the show have lots of questions about what’s next for Josh and Gabi and company.

When will Young and Hungry Season 6 premiere? What else do we know about the upcoming season? Who is in the cast? Keep reading to get answers to all your burning questions! Spoilers ahead!

The date you’ve been waiting for


Young and Hungry season six will premiere at end of 2022 on Freeform. That’s right, the wait is almost over!

The cast you know and love (three sentences): The main cast members are returning for season six including Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond, Jonathan Sadowski as Josh Kaminski, Aimee Carrero as Sofia Rodriguez, Kym Whitley as Yolanda, SUMMER CAMP ISLAND – Benjamin Wadsworth as Elliot Owen and David Haydn-Jones as Alan.

The trailer you can’t wait to see (two sentences): The first trailer for season six was released on February 28 and gives us a glimpse of what’s in store for the new season.

Young and hungry

Who will be in it?

The season will include both old and new faces. Some of the original cast members like Emily Osment, Aimee Carrero, Kym Whitley, and Jonathan Sadowski are set to return. Newcomers include Brooke Lyons, Matt Shively, Julia Antonelli, and Sherry Cola.

 The plot of Young and Hungry is centred around Gabi Castrovinci (Emily Osment), a food blogger who lives in San Francisco. On her first day at a new job, she meets Josh Kaminski (Jonathan Sadowski) who is instantly smitten with her.

He offers her a job as his chef but what he doesn’t know is that she is struggling financially so she can barely afford to accept his offer. What follows is their witty banter back and forth as they try to figure out how they feel about each other while Gabi tries to make ends meet.

The overall plot – Third Paragraph: The series started in 2014 with an 8-episode run on ABC Family which later led to Netflix ordering additional seasons of it over time.

What are some themes of the show?

The show follows the personal and professional life of food bloggers and young entrepreneur Gabi Diamond. Season 6 will continue to explore themes of friendship, love, and career ambition.

New challenges will arise for Gabi as she strives to balance her responsibilities and maintain her relationships. The season will also feature guest appearances from some of your favorite celebrities.

Will there be any guest stars on YAH this season?

While we don’t have an official list of guest stars for season six yet, we do know that some fan-favorite characters will be making appearances.

According to TVLine, John Michael Higgins will reprise his role as Alan, a love interest for Gabi. Additionally, Aimee Carrero will return as Sofia Rodriguez, Gabi’s best friend. And last but not least, Nathan Cook will come back as Cooper Sanders, Josh’s business partner.

What’s at stake?

The final season of Young and Hungry finds our heroine Gabi (Emily Osment) at a crossroads. She’s been offered an amazing opportunity to cook for a prestigious food critic, but it means leaving her friends and life in San Francisco behind. Can she turn her back on everything she knows?

Not much is revealed in the trailer, but we do see Gabi divided between her love and her mind. On one hand, she’s excited about the new adventure ahead of her. But on the other, she’s hesitant to leave the people she loves. It’s sure to be an emotional rollercoaster of a season!

Where can I watch it?

Young and Hungry will be available to watch on the Freeform app, which you can download on your phone, tablet, or streaming device. You may also view it on the Freeform website if you have a cable login. A release date has not yet been officially announced.

In this final season of Young and Hungry, Gabi is pursuing her dream of opening her restaurant by putting together all the money she has saved from years working at restaurants with Elliot’s financial help.

When Elliot offers his help in managing the finances for Gabi’s new restaurant as well as their relationship, Gabi finally realizes that she wants more than just his money. But when he moves on to another woman without even telling her how he feels about her feelings, she is left feeling betrayed and hurt – but not alone!


ABC Family’s hit comedy series Young and Hungry returns with its sixth season in Dec 2022, and fans of the show will be excited to learn about what’s to come in the new season, which will see the show shift focus to Emily (played by Emily Osment).

It will bring some big changes to the show’s cast members and storyline as well as some guest stars we can expect to see this season. Here is all you need to know about Young and Hungry Season 6 without further ado!


Will there be a season 6 of young and hungry?

Yes! Young and Hungry will return for a sixth season on Freeform. The show was renewed back in 2023, so fans have been patiently waiting for new episodes.

And the wait is almost over! Here’s everything you need to know about the series before it comes back: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, Young and Hungry stars Emily Osment as small-town girl Gabi Diamond who moves to LA with no job or friends, but eventually lands a gig as a personal chef for an heiress named Sofia (Sofia Vassilieva).

But that’s not all! There’s also Josh (Jonathan Sadowski), Sofia’s best friend who has been secretly in love with her since they were kids. There are also Mason (Malcolm Goodwin) and Elliot (Ashley Tisdale), two best friends who work together as real estate agents.

Does Josh marry Gabi?

While it’s still unclear if Josh and Gabi will get married in season six, the season five finale left us with a cliffhanger that has everyone talking. In the final moments of the episode, Josh proposes to Gabi and she says yes!

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