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21 Jump Street is a 2012 American amigo cop activity parody movie coordinated by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (in their surprisingly realistic directional presentations), composed by Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall, and featuring Hill and Channing Tatum.

A variation of the 1988-91 TV series of a similar name by Stephen J.Cannell and Patrick Hesburgh, the film follows cops Schmidt and Jenko, who are compelled to remember secondary school when they are appointed to go covert as secondary school understudies to forestall the flare-up of another engineered medication and capture its provider.

The film was delivered dramatically on March 16, 2012, by Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It got positive surveys from pundits and netted $201 million around the world. A continuation, named 22 Jump Street, was delivered on June 13, 2014, and in 2015 a female-drove spin-off was being developed.


In 2005, academic understudy Morton Schmidt and famous underachieving athlete Greg Jenko miss their school prom, Schmidt was dismissed by the young lady he was attempting to request to be his date, and Jenko was banned from going to because of bombing grades.

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After seven years, the team meets again at the police institute and become companions and accomplices on bike watch. They get a break when they capture Domingo, the head of a one-percenter cruiser group, yet are compelled to deliver him after they neglected to peruse him his Miranda privileges.

The team is reassigned to a resuscitated plan from the 1980s, which has practical experience in invading secondary schools. Chief Dickson doles out them to contain the spread of an engineered drug called HFS (“Holy Fucking Shit”) at Sagan High School.

He gives them new characters and selects them as understudies, giving them class plans accommodating their past scholastic exhibitions; Jenko taking for the most part expressions and humanities, and Schmidt taking generally science classes, however the couple stirs up their personalities.

Schmidt gets a lead on HFS from colleague Molly, and he and Jenko meet the school’s principal seller, well known understudy Eric. The two take HFS before him to keep up with their cover. Subsequent to encountering the medication’s belongings, the pair finds that Schmidt’s insight presently makes him famous, while Jenko’s careless demeanour is disliked.

Eric starts to appreciate Schmidt, who fosters a heartfelt interest in Molly. Jenko becomes companions with the understudies in his AP Chemistry class and ends up turning out to be more intrigued by nerdy leisure activities and scholarly pursuits. Schmidt and Jenko arrange a party at Schmidt’s folks’ home.

Where they are residing over the span of their task, and welcome Eric. During the party, a battle breaks out between Schmidt, Jenko, and a few party crashers. Schmidt wins the battle, setting his societal position and acquiring Eric’s trust..

At a party at Eric’s home, utilizing the telephone hack, Jenko and his companions hear data about a forthcoming gathering among Eric and his provider, yet additionally discover Schmidt offering vilifying remarks about Jenko.

The break between the pair develops as their new school life interferes with their authority police work. Schmidt and Jenko track Eric to a money exchange with the wholesalers of HFS – the cruiser pack from the recreation area – and a pursuit follows on the expressway. They return to school, contend, and in the end, start battling, which upsets the school play. They are removed from school and terminated from the Jump Street program.

Eric, focused and unnerved, initiates Schmidt and Jenko as security for an arrangement occurring at the school prom. While dressing for the prom, Schmidt and Jenko revive their kinship.

At the prom, they find that the provider is the actual instruction educator, Mr. Walters, who made the medication inadvertently and began offering it to the understudies to enhance his instructor’s compensation and pay provision to his ex. Having gotten Eric partaking in Maryjane, he had the option to convince him into being his vendor.

The cruiser pack shows up for the arrangement yet Molly intrudes on them and starts contending with Schmidt. Subsequently, pack pioneer Domingo perceives Schmidt and Jenko and orders his men to kill them. Two of the gangsters uncover themselves as covert DEA specialists Tom Hanson and Doug Penhall, and previous individuals from the 21 Jump Street program.

In the resulting trade of gunfire, Hanson and Penhall are both shot and mortally injured. Mr Walters and Eric escape with the cash and Molly as a prisoner; the posse, Schmidt, and Jenko follow not far behind. Jenko makes a natively constructed bomb and uses it to kill the group. Mr Walters takes shots at Schmidt however Jenko takes the projectile to his arm, saving Schmidt’s life.

Accordingly, Schmidt shoots Mr. Walters, inadvertently cutting off his penis. As they capture Mr. Walters and Eric as well as effectively perusing the previous Miranda freedoms, Schmidt and Jenko accommodate their relationship. Schmidt and Molly share a kiss.

The two officials are complimented and restored in the Jump Street program as Dickson gives them another task: penetrating a school.


The film was shot in and around the city of Metairie, Louisiana (a suburb of New Orleans) in 2011, albeit the movie producers found a way intricate way to mask the area as a conventional city named “Metropolitan City”.

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They supplanted particular road signs with signs utilizing a Helvetica typeface, carefully eliminated boards from neighborhood organizations (aside from the conspicuous nearby RTA signs at the finish of the film just as a Zatarain’s announcement promotion), and tried not to film areas with notable New Orleans symbolism.

Regardless of this, signature tourist spots, for example, the Crescent City Connection and unmistakable French Quarter-region Road are still to some degree visible. The fundamental school utilized as the substitute for the made-up Sagan High School was Riverdale High School, situated in Jefferson, Louisiana.

The bare child photos of Hill’s personality utilized in the film were genuine pictures of Hill as a child. The band scene was shot at Belle Chasse High School in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.

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