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Wondering when does, Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 going to release and how many episodes are there, where you watch it. Here we have composed an article with all the answers to Handmaids Season 5.

Handmaid’s Tale: Overview  


The Handmaid’s Tale is a sci-fi drama series and has an IMDb rating of 8.4. The first season was released in April 2017. The show is created by Bruce Miller and is available on amazon prime video and on the Hulu network.

The show is inspired by the novel The Handmaid’s Tale: The Graphic Novel. The show is launched around mid-year in April or June. The season got a response from the viewers, the first season won eight awards.

The show is produced by the Hulu network. The story is not inspired by anyone’s personal life, the story is based on friction, the story is about the mother, daughter, and freedom. not giving spoilers to anyone who has not completed the show.

The four seasons total 46 episodes and the running time of episodes is between 40 minutes to an hour. The show is interesting and mentions some harsh truths about the society which makes the series most interesting.

handmaids tale season 5

Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Release Date:

Yes, 2022 has started and many shows will come with a new season in 2022. The story of hand mild’s tale is quite interesting than any other show the show is inspired by a 1985 novel by author Margaret Atwood. The last season, season 4 was released in June 2021, as per our judgment the handmaid’s season five will also release around April to June.

But there is no such announcement made by creators right now, so the show might have postponed the release date, in the mid or at the end of the year. The show is available on amazon prime video and the next season will also be released on the ott platforms as well.

The show will be postponed due to covid registration or any personal reason. But it will be streaming soon. As the new date arrives we will update you, till then re-watch the show. the original network is Hulu, so you can also watch from Hulu.

Where to watch season 5 after release?

Season five will release on the Hulu networks as the other four seasons are released, but the change is that season five will add value to other seasons and make exciting scenes by connecting previous plots to new ones and leaving some suspension for season six.

HT Season 5 will be the last season of the handmaid’s tale?

the handmaids tale season 5

The season five release is not announced as yet, but it won’t be the last season of the handmaid’s tale yey!. As the creator is working on the season five release date as the all date is announced the creators will announce for the next season as well.  Season five will have some new faces, and the new characters will bring new suspense.

Is it worth it if I read the handmaid’s tale novel and am still watching the handmaid’s tale on the HULU network?

Absolutely, there is no doubt in it, your time will be worth watching the show. The novel is written by Margaret Atwood, but the directors will narrate the story from a new perspective while keeping the same point as the novel.

So as viewers, you will experience the new perspectives of the creators, like in school if we learn from one professor and the other professors will explain the same topic in another way just like that. The content will not change but the narration will be different.

Can I read the book instead of the show?

You can read the book. While reading the book you will see characters now as per series created in the modern world, so when you complete the book before releasing season five you can not control to watch season five as you imagined the characters in while reading the book you will try to match it on the screen.

Can we expect the great plot for season 5 of Handmaid’s tale?

The story was created in a novel in 1985 and is a narrated story from the civil war in America, so if you think the hype is just gonna fade away after the release then you are wrong. Season five will have a new plot twist, its period of civil war in America. The show will not bore you, as season five will announce the date. You will complete the show and review it on the internet while waiting for season six to come.

Season 5 will finally be released in 2022?

handmaids tale season 5 release date

As per the creators of the show the shooting was started in November, the other season was released in April and June, due to pandemic season five was not able to launch in 2021, and the situation is not doing great still.

So the show will release in the mid or at the end of the year, or the realtors can also launch in the next year, till you can guess the new plot and discuss it with your friends. Bet on the plot of each other and find out who will bet.

The cast of the show?

The cast of the show is mentioned below, in the meantime, you can stalk their account on social media to know more about them that we all can do at this moment.

  • Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne
  • Yvonne Strahovski a Serena Joy
  • Joseph Fienned as commander
  • Ann Dowd as Aunt Lydia
  • Max Minghella as Nick Blaine
  • Alexix Bledel as Ofgfen

Can we expect the new cast as well?

Yes, without the new cast the site will not create the impact, season five will have four new characters which can be as good roles or as bad roles, but they will deliver a great role for their audience. As the first episode of season five will start you will notice the new character.

Other than this, the looks of the previous character are also new and the personality. The most important thing I found in the new series is character development. Like the character is aged, the personality of performers also changes, and all those on-screen love to watch it. This minor thing makes a great impact.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 with a complete explanation.

will there be a season 5 of handmaid’s tale

Yes, there will be a Season 5 of Handmaid’s Tale and according to the sources, it will the last season. The release date of the fifth season has not been released until now. But recent leaks say the season will roll out in the middle of this year in April or June month.

how many episodes are in handmaid’s tale season 5

Compare to the Handmaid’s Tale fourth season we can expect more than 10 episodes of the series in the fifth season. Because from the very start season of Handmaid’s Tale there will be 10+ episodes and can expect the same numbers of episodes in the upcoming next season.

Is there a 5th season of Handmaid’s Tale?

Gilead is a gloomy, horrible place to visit, so we’re delighted to tell fans of The Handmaid’s Tale some good news: the program has been renewed for a fifth season! The cast confirmed the show’s continuation in December 2020, even before season four began.

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