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Here we have covered all information about the Black Lightning Season 5 such has Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more.

Black Lightning is one of the best TV shows on The CW, according to critics, an American superhero TV series. Fans are currently anticipating Black Lightning season 5—should it ever air.

Since Black Lightning has had a successful run thus far and has received outstanding Rotten Tomatoes ratings along the way, it is understandable that fans are curious about the franchise’s future and whether Black Lightning season 5 will ever be released.

Without a doubt, Black Lightning stands out above the rest of the DC characters that The CW has brilliantly brought to television. Let’s have a look at all the information related to the series like its release date, expected cast, plot and much more.

Black Lightning: Overview


There is no denying that the storytelling in this series is one of the main highlights of fans, as well as one of the many reasons why they keep tuning in to enjoy this CW’s series, and sadly,

we might never find out what is going to happen with Black Lightning season 5. With Netflix having shared rights of the show too, the odds are extremely slim that Black Lightning would get renewed from OTT giant.

But without the perfect story, fans are not going to be turning to the screens to watch Black Lightning season 5, since the show has seen its viewership numbers drop.

The IMDb users 6.1 rating could suggest Black Lightning fans may be surprised with the bad news, since this season is its final. A confirmed season cannot release without an official confirmation. A

ll four seasons are available to stream on Netflix, as long as the duration of the series rights expires, and all four seasons are removed or renewed by Netflix. 

Black Lightning Season 5

When is Black Lightning Season 5 releasing online?

The CW confirmed on November 20, 2020, that no other American superhero television series would have a fifth season, so that previous seasons would have been fourth and last seasons.

The confirmation came as a surprise for fans, who were expecting another American superhero TV show season 5, and did not thought that it will be ending at this point.

The news might frustrate fans, because another superhero TV show is not going to have season 5, and Season 4 is its last. But if it comes, then we are expecting season 5 of Black lightning to release somewhere in 2023.

It is reasonable to expect that season five will not be available until either 2022 or 2023, considering that it has not begun production.  

Shows always find ways to return from the dead, and if this is the case with Black Lightning Season 5, then it is likely going to be some time until we hear about a release date.

As it stands right now, it looks like a Black Lightning season 5 is not going to happen, with chapter four serving as a farewell tour for Black Lightning.

Who are in the cast of Black Lightning Season 5?

The primary plot is expected to revolve around Jennifer Pierce, or Black Lightning, and Anissa Pierce saving humanity from its enemies and from societal conflicts, carrying on Jefferson Pierces legacy as the African-American superhero with total pride and responsibility.

In the other superhero series, Cress Williams was seen as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, with Chanda Ann McClain playing Jennifer Pierce/Lightning, but the same character was played by Laura Kariuki in Season 4, as a recurring cast member. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Will there be a season 5 Black Lightning?

The fifth season of Black Lightning is currently in production, and viewers can’t wait to watch it. On January 16, The CW’s Black Lightning made its debut. It is based on the eponymous Trevor Von Eeden-created DC Comics superhero (Black Adam).

When did Black Lightning come out?

Black Lightning received a formal series order from The CW in May 2017. The first season’s first episode, the first of 13 episodes, premiered on January 16, 2018. The second season of the show, which debuted on October 9 and has 16 episodes, was picked up by The CW in April 2018 for a second season.

How strong is Black Lightning?

Even though lightning doesn’t move at the speed of light, it still move very quickly—about 220,000 miles per hour. Since Black Lightning is all about energy, he always has access to lightning-fast action.

Is Black Lightning a real thing?

The mysterious phenomenon are known simply as “black lightning” is only now being fully understood by scientists. Dark lightning, which is distinct from ordinary lightning, is a high-energy gamma radiation burst that is totally invisible to the human eye.

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