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Here we have covered all information about The A List Season 3 such as the Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer with complete information.

The A List released all 8 episodes from Season 2, on June 25, 2021, on Netflix, and everybody is wondering whether or not the series will be back for Season 3.

After a seemingly decisive conclusion to the second season, fans have to be wondering whether The A List will get another season.

The exact status of renewal is rather hazy, with some suggesting The A-List is renewed through The A-List Season 3, and is preparing to return, while the other suggestion is that Netflix has yet to renew the series. 

The A List: Overview


Mia, the protagonist of The A List, attended a summer camp for the sake of having fun but rapidly discovered that it was a death trap for anybody who came.

People have been trapped there for years, thinking they had just arrived and perished inexplicably. A girl who had the ability to influence, rule, and even change people’s memories was responsible for this.

The plot so centres on Mia’s fight to free herself from mind control and leave this phoney reality. An enjoyable supernatural thriller is The A List. Moreover, despite the Critic’s generally favourable reviews, it developed a solid fan base and received one major award nomination.

The A List Season 3

When will season three of The A List air online?

Netflix has not yet formally announced this show’s return with a brand-new season. Looking at the latest episodes planned.

A List Season 3 is probably set to be released on Friday, June 23, 2023. We are projecting a new season to come out toward the end of 2021, or at some point in 2023, should it get renewed.

HITC believes season three will be released sometime in summer 2022, should The List be renewed. If Netflix would have renewed The A-List by the end of 2021, The A List was expected to have its third season in the summer of 2022, but it couldn’t. We anticipate The A List Season 3 will air on Netflix at the end of 2023. 

Who will play what roles in The A List Season 3 cast?

The A list Season 3 cast will once again feature the series’ leading actors. The upcoming season will likely feature the key characters from the first two seasons. In earlier seasons, Lisa Ambalavanar played the role of Mia, Rosie Dwyer that of Alex, Jack Kane that of Zac, and Max Lohan that of Luka.

Ellie Duckles portrays Amber; Benjamin Nugent, a well-known writer, will play Harry; Savannah Baker, a British actor, will play Kayleigh; Cian Barry will play Dave; Eleanor Bennett will portray Jenna; and Jacob Dudman (from Series 1) and Barnaby Tobias (from Series 2 onward) will portray Dev.

What do we know about The A List Season 3 trailer?

Netflix has not yet released an official trailer for The A List Season 3. However, based on the premiere date, it should arrive soon. Many fan-made trailers are available online, especially from the increasingly popular “Netflix” with analysis. The trailer has yet to release, so we have no idea what new mysteries A-List Season 3 is going to unravel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is the A list coming out with a season 3?

The Netflix Network has announced that The A List Season 3 will debut on June 24, 2022.

What is the plot of the A list?

Dark secrets will convert the “vacation of a lifetime” into a demented nightmare in The A List, which is set in what seems to be a picture-perfect island summer camp. Mia believes she is ready for a summer filled with romance, sunshine, and social domination, but Amber’s unexpected late arrival throws everything off.

Did they change characters in the A list?

The majority of the cast returns for the second season, with one noticeable exception. Dev, played by Jacob Dudman in the first season, has been replaced by Barnaby Tobias as Mia’s potential love interest.

Who killed Midge in the A list?

Midge passed away in an accident at the end of the season. Dr. Shaw, her mother, feverishly attempted to revive her with anomosine, a substance that is unique to Peregrine Island. Instead of directly bringing Midge back to life, the chemical instead gave her imaginary friend Amber a body.

What is amber in the A list?

The main character Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) and fellow camper Amber have a rocky start to the first season (Ellie Duckles). Mia rules the camp at first, but Amber rapidly usurps her position.

What is Amber’s secret in The A List?

Near the end of the series, it is learned that she possesses these abilities as a result of an experimental procedure carried out on a girl who passed away on the island named Midge, who is revealed to be the series’ narrator.

Is The A List Finished?

The BBC cancelled The A List in 2019. It was announced that The A List season 2 would not be ordered by the BBC shortly after the show’s thirteen-episode first season concluded, but then it came later and the same can happen now, so it’s not finished yet.

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