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Here we have covered all information about Blood and Treasure Season 2 such as release date, cast, plot and much more.

Blood and Treasure is a very anticipating and interesting series that viewers liked so much. It will be interesting to see the long history of the first season where the producers put more emphasis on the return of Queens. 

Viewers who are still waiting for the story to come that wasn’t revealed in the first season, they won’t be waiting any longer. So, in this article, we’ll provide you with all details related to Blood & Treasure Season 2 release date, plot, cast and much more.

Blood and Treasure: Overview


A bright antiquities specialist and a cunning thief team up to find a dangerous terrorist who finances his assaults with looted wealth in the action-adventure television series Blood and Treasure.

Unexpectedly, they discover themselves in the heart of a 2000-year-old conflict for the birthplace of civilization as they make their way through the perilous trek to pursue their prey. This season will centre on Danny and how he navigates the changes in his life brought on by the coming of the queen.

He is the primary character of the tale and had been an FBI agent previously. Compared to the previous schedule, the second season of Blood and Treasure is likely to air every Sunday. An official release date for Season 2 of Blood and Treasure has announced, so Season 2 will released sometime in 2022.

Blood and Treasure Season 2

When is Blood and Treasure Season 2 releasing online?

TV Line reported that the action-adventure drama will appear in the second season of Blood and Treasure on July 17 on Paramount+, followed by weekly Sunday episodes. The producers of the show have finally announced a second season of Blood and Treasure after 3 years, but CBS viewers have some bad news as Blood and Treasure will not air on their channel.

As previously reported, Paramount+ will be streaming the second season of Blood & Treasure starting Sunday, July 17 with two episodes. The next season of the series will have thirteen parts; in which two of the episodes will be released on July 17, and one episode will air every Sunday after that.

Since the “Blood and Treasure” Wikipedia page now lists the titles of all season 2 episodes, we know that season 2 is coming. But not like the previous season, which aired on CBS, the series will now air on Paramount+.

What are the expected cast of Season 2 of Blood and Treasure?

Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas play the primary characters of Danny McNamara and Lexi Vaziri, respectively, in the movie Blood & Treasure.

In addition to these two, the show also has a number of additional actors in supporting parts, including Alicia Coppola, Michael James Shawm, Oded Fehr as Karim Farouk, James Callis as Simon Hardwick, and Katia Winter as Gwen Karlsson.

Also, to have a good entertainment on the right time just before season two airs online, you may watch the previous one on Paramount+ or just you can purchase it on Amazon Video.

What do we know about Season 2’s trailer?

A trailer for the second season of Blood and Treasure has not yet been released, but as the release date approaches, the production company will soon begin releasing season information and teasers to create buzz around Blood and Treasure.

Due to the time that has passed since its first season, it is confirmed that the second season will be released in July 2022 according to the current schedule. The second season was officially set to return in May 2020, but since filming hasn’t wrapped by that time, so the date has been pushed further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Blood and Treasure TV show coming back?

Blood & Treasure, a CBS series, will move exclusively to Paramount+ starting with its Season 2 launch on July 17. The action-adventure drama’s third season order is improbable.

Why was blood and treasure Cancelled two years ago?

Paget Brewster was cast in the new season of the show in January 2020 after the show was renewed for a second season in June 2019. New episodes were being produced until the pandemic forced a halt to production in March.

Is blood and treasure based on a book?

Daniel Boone and the Battle for America’s First Frontier, Blood and Treasure Two New York Times bestselling authors, Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, tell the riveting true story of the great Daniel Boone and the violent fight for America’s frontier.

What does blood and treasure mean?

“Blood and treasure” is a term that has been used to describe the human and monetary expenses involved with major endeavours like war that involve both. The pursuit of missing wealth is a frequent motif in mythology; treasure hunters do exist and even do it for a livelihood.

Has Blood & Treasure been cancelled?

The second season of the action-adventure show Blood & Treasure, which will debut on Sunday, July 17, will move from CBS to Paramount+. The drama featuring Matt Barr as the lead will release its 13-episode sophomore season on the streamer, beginning with two episodes on premiere night, as first reported by TV Line.

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