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Nicolas Cage made headlines after requesting an annulment from his hastily consummated marriage to Erika Koike.

The Wild at Heart actor and his girlfriend Erika Koike reportedly tied the knot on March 23, 2019, after months of speculation. The union, however, was only valid for four days before he requested an annulment. They received a divorce on May 31 and their marriage ended abruptly almost two months later.

According to court documents, Cage and Koike, a cosmetics artist, got married on Saturday and were given their marriage license the same day. The 55-year-old actor filed for divorce on Wednesday, alleging he was inebriated when he consented to marry her.

Who is Erika Koike?


In addition to being the fourth wife of Hollywood icon Nicolas Cage, Erika Koike also had a brief marriage. This gained her a great deal of public attention. Moreover, Despite having just one credit—for the 2012 short film Hankikanto—IMDb Koike’s page claims her as a makeup artist.

She was born in 1985, thus in 2022 she will be 37 years old. She is recognised for her performance in the 2012 short film Hankikanto. Prior to meeting Cage in 2018, she had a very brief acting career as a make-up artist.

erika koike

Cage and Koike’s Relationship is at least a Year

Despite keeping their romance largely under wraps, Cage and Koike were first noticed together while on vacation in Puerto Rico in April 2018.

When they went out to dinner in Los Angeles in May of that year, they were once again snapped together.

Reason Behind The Wedding & Annulment

When they were seen together on vacation in Puerto Rico in April 2018, Cage and Koike apparently began dating. Right up until their brief but unforgettable vacation to Las Vegas, the couple was able to keep their relationship a secret.

Both Cage and Koike were observed in Vegas in 2019, but this time, their enjoyment was largely comprised of binge drinking and excessive partying, which ultimately resulted in their engagement.

But their union did not endure, and four days after getting hitched, Cage filed for an annulment, making their union the second-shortest celebrity union on record (after Britney Spears and Jason Alexander’s less than two-day union).

What are the Thoughts of Erika Koike About This?

The situation seemed to be less in Cage’s favour once Koike disputed his assertions and requested spousal support. She is rumoured to disagree with Cage’s justifications for dissolving the marriage, which would complicate matters even more.

Koike and Cage had to be treated as spouses in order to be eligible for any type of spousal assistance, which was inconsistent with Cage’s requests for an annulment. Following a two-month waiting period, the couple was given a divorce as a result of this.

The outcome of the divorce, which generated a lot of media coverage and public interest, was kept a secret. No public claims were made regarding Koike receiving spousal support from Cage, other than the fact that both parties moved on after getting a divorce.

Where Are They Koike and Cage Now?

Fans continue to be curious about the actors’ relationships almost 3 years after their marriage. In addition to the fact that Koike’s relationship with Cage is over forever, not much is known about her.

When Cage was photographed holding hands with Riko Shibata, whom he later wed in 2021, making Shibata his 5th wife, it became evident that Cage had moved on permanently. The couple was said to be expecting a girl in 2022.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike with complete information.

What’s Up with Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike?

One of the shortest-lasting weddings in recorded history was Nicolas Cage’s inebriated matrimony with lover Erika Koike. The 55-year-old actor hurried to have their Las Vegas wedding annulled four days after it took place, but was only successful in doing so three months later.

Which the fourth wife of Nicolas Cage?

Erika Koike is the 4th wife of Nicolas Cage and not they both Annulment and again Nicolas Cage is single.

What the Reason behind Nicolas Cage’s name change.

In honour of two of his left a huge impact, experimental composer John Cage and Marvel character Luke “Powerman” Cage, Nicolas Kim Coppola changed his name to Cage.

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