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Samsung TVs are popular and are a good investment for those who want a reliable TV. But the issue is that it does not come with Skype, Netflix, or YouTube at launch. This can be a problem if you want to watch movies or TV shows from these websites.

Samsung TVs can experience a wide range of additional issues. The OSD error codes 107 and 102 should now be resolved, and your TV should be successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network. This article will teach you 5 Ways to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 107.

What does error 107 on a Samsung TV mean?


Allowing network connections or turning the smart TV on and off can both cure the network error problem that causes the Samsung TV error code 107. Samsung error code 107 could be caused by faulty firmware, which can prevent your TV from establishing a reliable internet connection and cause your TV to malfunction.

A connection error is one of these faults and it can occur because of erratic internet or obsolete firmware. Error code 107 is most commonly caused by an HDMI cable that has been disconnected or is not connected properly.

Make sure to handle the cables carefully and avoid bending them when connecting them to the TV. You might need to verify the TV’s firmware version if the problem persists.

Fix Samsung TV error

How to Fix Samsung TV error code 107?

Network Channel

The Samsung TV error number 107 denotes a problem with the network channel. This can be due to interference, or your router’s network channel has to be changed. If the network channel is overloaded, this error code will pop up.

To modify the network channel, visit the settings for your internet router and look for the network channel tab. Either, the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network channel should selected for this. So, just by changing your router’s network channel from 2.4GHz to 5GHz or vice versa as this could solve the problem.


Error code 107 is most commonly caused by an HDMI cable that has been disconnected or is not connected properly. Make sure to handle the cables carefully and avoid bending them when connecting them to the TV.

The most often reported faults relate to firmware versions 1169 and 1303. If you confirm that one of these is the firmware version your device is using, see if there is a more recent update available.

But it’s probable that there are other versions with the same problems. Check your internet connection to see if it may be improved, and try updating the firmware on your TV to the most recent version.

If you can connect your Samsung TV to the Internet, you can automatically update the TV software so that error 107 disappear. The alternative is to return to utilising an earlier version of the firmware if there isn’t an upgrade available.

Incorrect TV Settings

The TV returns a code of 107 when you try to power up your TV or change the input and it cannot be fixed by unplugging the TV. To fix this problem, follow these steps:

– Press and hold power button on your remote for 20 seconds to force a reboot of the TV.

– Select Menu > Settings > Support > Reset Settings.

– Click “Yes” to confirm that you want to reset all settings and click “Next” to restart TV.

Additionally, the following procedures can be used to resolve the Samsung TV Error Code 107:

– Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in properly to both the TV and the device (e.g. External DVD Player). Ensure that the video settings are correct on your external device

– Verify if you are using an appropriate input at your TV (HDMI input, or Component, etc.) Reboot your TV.

Reset TV Settings

Try resetting the TV settings if you’ve tried all the options listed above but the Samsung TV error code 107 is still present.

  • Utilizing the Samsung remote, select the Menu or Home button.
  • Access Self Diagnosis by going to Settings > Support.
  • Choose Reset from the menu.
  • Send in “0000” as the default code to move on to the next step.

Stable Internet Connection

This “Samsung TV Error Code 107” problem basically means that your Smart Hub cannot connect to the internet. The major cause of this error is a network connection issue that prevents the Smart Hub from connecting to the Samsung server.

Since the problem with Samsung error code 107 is related to a network connection problem, it is enough to perform a network test to see if it can be fixed. If there is no internet anywhere (which is rare), error 107 is displayed due to unstable network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How do I fix error 107 on my Samsung TV?

The error number 107 in Samsung TVs denotes problems with the Internet, which is necessary for a smart hub to function.  Furthermore, please confirm that the TV is running the most recent version.

What is error code 107 on Netflix?

If you get the error code 107, which frequently comes with the following message: Re-login to Netflix if you can. Visit the Netflix website if the issue continues. Usually, it refers to data that is currently on your device and has to be updated.

Why won’t the Samsung TV access the internet?

Samsung Smart TVs may lose connectivity to the internet or a Wi-Fi network for a number of reasons. There are a few things to attempt initially in order to troubleshoot this issue, ranging from rebooting the device and clearing its network settings to rebooting the router or modem and updating the TV’s firmware.

How do I do a software update on my Samsung TV?

On the remote control for your TV, select Support under Settings. Select Update Now after choosing Software Update. Your TV will download and set up fresh updates. Please be patient while the update is running; updates normally take a few minutes to complete.

What should the IP address be on my Samsung TV?

If Error Code 110 appears on your Samsung TV, there are problems with your device’s internet connection. Your network connection can perhaps be reset to resolve this.

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