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Here we have covered all information about the Florida Girls Season 2 related to release date, cast, plot, trailer and more.

There have been so many shows about Florida here is one more Florida girl this television sitcom has been released by the pop tv network in July 2019.

The show has already been released in two seasons of it. The show is created by Laci Mosley. It is a story about four women who live in Florida in trailer parks.

The story starts when one of their friends receives her GED and moves out of the United States to follow her passion and dream these four are left behind to decide their dreams and they have to ask themselves what they want from life?

The series has been renewed for 2 seasons even though they were not able to catch the audience it is a comedy show people would have wanted more but they didn’t do so the average rating of the show per episode is 68000 views which is not so admiring.

After 2nd season the pop tv dropped the show after that it is only streaming on online platforms, not on television. 

Florida Girls Season 2 Release Date


The show Florida girls has been renewed for two seasons and we can expect the release date will be last 2023. The first season was released on July 10, 2019.

The Florida Girls Tv show was released on October 3, 2019, unfortunately, pop tv decided to drop them because it was able to create a good response from the audience the first season was more successful compared to 2nd second season it got around 68000 views per episode.

So, the series got dropped from pop tv since then there has been no news from the network or director of the show about the renewing of the series.  

Florida girls Season 2

Florida Girls Season 2 Cast

Florida girl’s cast is the same in the 2nd season same as in the 1st season four main women characters are Chinn (Shelby), Melanie field (Kaitlin), patty Guggenheim(erica), and Laci Mosely herself is the creator and as well as the starter in the show.

All this cast very experienced and very famous Chinn was very appreciated for her role in “The mick” and “Grandfather”. The melamine field is recognized by her work in “Heathers”, and “The tap”.

Laci Mosely is a well-known writer, actor, comedian, and singer she is extremely talented, and she makes her continuous appearance on the UCB on Maude night. Patty Guggenheim has also worked in very famous series like happy time murders, two broke girls.

The cast is almost the same as was in the first season and it is predicted that it will the same if the further season to come.     

Florida Girl 2 Trailer

Pop TV has already released the trailer of the show and the channel has also released the first season of the show which comprises 10 episodes the pop tv has discontinued the show.

So it does not stream on pop tv anymore but it is available on many online platforms. After the announcement of the season 2 release date, the trailer of the Florida girls’ season 2 is available on YouTube one can easily watch it in future.

Florida Girls Season 2 Plot

The show is about 4 women who are best friends living in a trailer park in Florida. One of their friends has gone out of the United States to pursue her passion and to follow her dreams leaving these four behind on the beaches of Florida she leaves them a thought that is their passion and what they want from life. The show shows how they live and what they are going to do with the future.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Florida girls discontinued?

Well, the show was continued with the 2nd season but then after the pop tv network decided to drop the show, and around November 2019 pop tv dropped the show with many other shows so it is no more aired on pop tv, only available on the online platforms. So, there is no news about continuing the show neither pop tv have not made any official statement about it nor has any director of the have given any statement. It is protected that the series will not be renewed.

What are Florida girls?

Florida girl is a series aired on pop tv networks it’s a comedy show about four girls in Florida making their way through life on their leave behind to follow their passion and dream which leave them thinking about what they are going to do with their lives.

Why did pop tv drop the show?

The show was first released in July 2019 with 10 episodes in the first season having 65000 views per episode so the maker decided of renewing the show the 2nd season was released in October 2019 which fail to hold the audience with the story is the why the network decided to drop the show.

Who are the girls in the Florida girls?

The girls in the show are four girls who played the main character of four friends Shelby, Kaitlin, erica, and Jayla. Lacy is mostly Jayla, Chinn as Shelby, Melanie as Katlin, and patty as erica. They are living in Florida in a trailer park making their way through life. Lacy Mosely is the creator of the show and also the star in the show. She is an actress, singer, writer, and comedian.

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