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Here we have covered all information about the Younger Season 8 including the release date, cast, plot and more.

If you’re a fan of American comedy-drama television, then you’ve probably heard of the Younger series. In order to manage her career, a 40-year-old divorcee in the show pretends to be younger.

While the plot may sound a bit far-fetched, the show is actually based on a true story. She is the person, who decides to manage her career and love life. The main character’s journey for happiness and achievement is followed throughout the series.

In this article, we’ll tell you more about Younger season 8 and its related information like release date, cast, plot, and a lot more.

Younger: Overview


Darren Star is the creator of the American comedy-drama television series The Younger. The series follows Liza Miller, a 40-year-old divorcee who pretends to be in her 20s in order to manage her career.

The plot follows Liza as she navigates her new life, career, and love life. The series has been praised for its humor and accurate portrayal of what it’s like to be in your 20s. The cast is also great, with Hilary Duff leading the way as Liza.

If you’re looking for a funny, relatable and heart-warming show, then Younger is definitely the one for you. The creator of the series, Darren Star, was inspired by a woman he met who was doing the same thing.

So, if you’re wondering what the Younger series is all about, it’s a fun, light-hearted show that tells the story of a woman who is trying to make it in the world while faking her identity. If you’re looking for a show to make you laugh and feel good, then this is the one for you.

Younger Season 8

Who is the expected cast of Younger Season 8?

Sutton Foster plays Liza Miller in the Younger television series, while Debi Mazar plays Maggie Amato, Miriam Shor plays Diana Trout, and Nico Tortorella plays Josh.

Sutton Foster is a Tony Award-winning actress, best known for her roles on the TV series Bunheads and Gilmore Girls.

She plays the lead role of Liza in Younger. Debi Mazar is an actress best known for her roles in the TV series Entourage and Younger.

She plays the role of Maggie, Liza’s best friend and co-worker, in Younger. The television series Hedwig and the Angry Inch is where Miriam Shor made her name as an actress.

She plays the role of Diana, Liza’s boss, in Younger. The roles that he played in the TV shows The Following and Chicago P.D. have made Nico Tortorella a well-known actor.

When is Season 8 of Younger releasing online?

The hit comedy-drama series originally started off back in 2015, and in a span of 6 years, the series has managed to produce 7 seasons consecutively.

The show has been running for 7 years now, all started in TV Land back in 2015, but we are watching Season 7s finale on June 10, 2021.

The 7-year run of Younger, which first premiered on TV Land in 2015, is coming to a close with Season 7s finale on June 10, 2021. For its seventh and last season, the show was transferred from TV Land to Paramount+ and Hulu.

This series has been officially cancelled, therefore, no new Younger Season 8 cast has been confirmed, and however, we get to know the members that played an awesome part in this series.

Even if the series has been cancelled, we are still expecting to see a Younger Season 8, as are all fans, and it is worth to mention those actors that were involved in the previous seasons. One things for certain, we will be hoping that all of the characters will be featured in Season 8, particularly the ones that missed Season 7.

If stars prove favourable for fans, then we could be hearing rumours about season eight of the show being produced at some point down the line. Despite Younger giving us two seasons of Younger back-to-back, a lot of fans are still waiting on the originally-shelved Season 8.

Unfortunately, no plans are in place at this time for Younger Season 8, but with Season 7s finale leaving so many plot lines still unfinished, and there is obviously hunger for more, it is safe not to count it out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is Younger renewed for the eighth season?

Younger has officially canceled following the season seven conclusion. Since Younger was officially canceled following its seventh season, airing its last episode on June 10, 2021, it appears that the answer is no. Younger was officially discontinued after the seventh episode, and there are no plans to produce another final season.

Where to watch season 8 of younger?

Younger is currently available to view on Hulu and Paramount+ without a cable subscription.

How old is Josh in Younger?

Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Josh, age 26, works there. He makes his debut in the pilot when he thinks Liza Miller is 26 years old.

Can I watch Younger on Netflix?

Sadly, the answer is no. Unfortunately, it isn’t on Netflix right now and probably won’t be. Viacom’s subsidiary TV Land broadcasts very few of the programmes that air on Viacom-affiliated networks on Netflix.

Do Josh and Liza get married?

When Liza refused to get married, the couple split up. They later reconnected, but they ultimately broke up permanently. “I genuinely believe that they are in love.

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