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Mobdro is an online streaming platform for android-based apps and devices which brought many video streams from all over the world which are online and easily available through Mobdro.

There are many such are available in the market but when you will count the best ones you will find Mobdro among all other top apps.

At this point, viewers mostly use their smartphones as their devices just to watch all such streams bout waving all such entertainment on a large screen is another kind of entertainment so to solve this problem the developers of Roku tv have recently announced that viewers can enjoy TV streams and movies from Mobdro on Roku tv.

The announcement was made by the developers but after that, there is no official Mobdro on Roku but you can still enjoy it there are various for watch Mobdro on Roku here are some such ways to follow these steps to watch it.

An overview of Roku


In the world of technology, Roku is an electrical device that was manufactured and developed by a company of the same name Roku. The device works using the internet and direct streams on tv.

The Roku streams many things on it streams tv shows, sports, and movies from all around the globe.

Well, the Roku device requires some time in installing it requires minimal setup for installing it can be done by the user or from the professional of it Roku devices has their operative system like a computer and smartphone this operating system allows us to manage and access the device.

mobdro on roku

An overview of Mobdro

Mobdro is an online android based free material streaming device it is just the same as Disney+ and Netflix. Mobdro works through an application that streams media and content in exchange for advertisement the app has a great collection of streaming videos from all around the globe and it allows the user to categorize the various type of content on Roku which help you to choose better videos to see.

Categories mean to say that the Mobdro allows and provides you a vast type of media to explore like tv shows, movies, and news.

Mobdro also has a feature of downloading which allows you to download the media and it allows you the screen recording option so that you can record your favorite show for later this feature is not available in Disney+ and Netflix but Mobdro has it and they have some extra feature as well which are cool like sleep timer, live sport and more

How to watch Mobdro on Roku

First, this app is only useful for android devices because it doesn’t work on any of their systems it doesn’t support them one more thing to look for is that it is not available on the google play store and there is no version accessible in the Roku store and it does not accept third-party apps. So don’t rush still there are no ways to use Mobdro on Roku.

The very first and easy way to watch Mobdro on Roku is by screen casting for that first you have to download the Mobdro app or download it from a third party, if need be, on your android smartphone download it and install it on a smartphone after that connect your smartphone and Roku tv with the same Wi-Fi connection.

Before using any physical devices to the Roku tv or your smartphone you need to activate the Mira cast or mirror casting which is incorporated in Roku.

To activate, it uses your Roku TVs remote press the home to navigate the setting option, then goes to the system and in the system go to screen mirroring then select the screen mirroring mode to finish after that you will face a pop up select prompt on that pop up because it will not anyone else to mirror their device to your Roku tv.

Similarly, there are many ways to watch Mobdro on Roku this one is the easiest and most reliable in other ways also you have to mirror the screen to Roku tv without a mirror there is no other way to connect both of them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Roku?

Roku is an electrical device that works via the internet it is a device like a TV where you can watch all various streams of movies and sports. It was manufactured and developed by the company of the same name as the device since it is a tv like a device it requires proper time and knowledge to install and set up the device has its operating system just like your PC and your smartphone.  

How to connect the smartphone to Roku?

Well there are many ways to connect both of them one of the best ways to connect them is by screen casting what you have to do is you need press the home button on the remote of Roku it will navigate you to the setting of the Roku their you will find an option named system inside it you will mirror click on it will cast your smartphone screen in Roku then you will see a pop asking three option in which you have to select Prompt it will prevent other devices or smartphone to connect with your Roku tv.

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