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Here we have covered all information about the Man With A Plan Season 5 including Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more.

Man with a Plan is an American television series. It’s a household comedy series with a commendable cast. The story of this program is about a father who had to take care of his children alone because his wife has returned to work.

Adam burns the main character who is left at home for parenting his three disobedient kids because her wife Andy has returned to work.

The show used to stream on CBS all its 4 seasons have been streamed on CBS but there are some doubts about the streaming of season 5. The show has an IMDB rating of 7.1 and a solid fan base.

The show debuted on American television on 24, October 2016. The show is developed by Jackie and Jeff Filgo. The series has 4 seasons which have made quite an impact on the audience despite all such success the show is discontinued from CBS.

Man with a Plan season 5 release date.


It is a piece of very hard news for all the viewers of this show that CBS has discontinued the show streaming so there will be no season 5 but the authorities of this show have not made any confirmation about the discontinuing of the show.

So it’s great news for all fans out there the release will be confirmed soon. The other streaming sites can stream the series on their platform. The show will return with its same cast and might get a better response than all earlier seasons.

Man with a Plan season 5

Man with a Plan season 5 cast

The show has a very famous cast the same cast is anticipated to return in season 5 Adam burns the main character of this series is played by Matt LeBlanc he is well known for his excellent performances in many shows comedy shows like friends and top gear.

And no doubt the other very cast like Grace Kaufman, Liza Synder, Matthew McCann, Hala Finley, Jessica Chaffin, Matt Cook, Kevin Nealon, Stacy Keach, Diana Maria, Kali Rocha. All this such admired cast has already faced the audience and made them clap for themselves with their brilliant performances in the earlier 4 seasons.

The Plot of Season 5

The story of the 4th season will continue in the 5th season the main character Adam burns deals with the kids at home while his wife continues her work.

Between all this Adam with the help of Lowell tries to his and his wife’s 20th wedding anniversary special by knowing what she likes and what makes her happy.

For the wedding, Adam arranges an RV tour for his wife to spend some time with her same to their honeymoon but she didn’t enjoy the trip because she hates RVs After this dramatic turn of events, Andy is mad at Adam but mercy advises her to talk to Adam but she didn’t despite all Adam giving her a shovel and

a lavatory to do her company outside she couldn’t resist and bursts into laughter. This is not the whole story of season 5 there will be more twists and turns that will bind the audience to the show.

Season 5 Man with A Plan Trailer

The makers are supposed to release the trailer for the 5th season but due to the discontinuation of the series from CBS the trailer has been released yet, there is no official statement from the director or any prouder about the trailer launch. But we are guessing that it will be released soon.


This drama has already aired for 69 episodes before discontinuing this program has got a unique type of interest from viewers. Getting such a good rating from the IMDB of 7.1 shows that many people have enjoyed the show.

Despite this response, CBS decided to cancel the show. It is rumored that Netflix might continue the series.

Will the man with the planned series have season 5? The showman with the plan currently has been discontinued from its streaming platform seems like there will be no season 5.

But there has not been any statement made by the directors and producers about the discontinuing of the series so it might come back after some time with season 5.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will Netflix stream man with the plan?

The series earlier used to stream on CBS American television but the channel discontinued the show. The last 4 season of the show has been on air by CBS but as for season 5, it is guessed that Netflix might stream the show.

Why did CBS quit the man with the plan?

The biggest reason behind this decision was the money, the cost of production of this show was way much high compared to its audience’s response so after 4 seasons and 69 episodes, the network decided to cancel the show. The IMDB rating of this show is 7.1 which shows that some people like it shows these viewers want to revive the show.

What would be the cast of a man with a plan for season 5?

The series has a very high reputed well known cast each character perfectly fit for his or her role these all have done excellent work in the last 4 seasons so the audience wants to see the same cast in season 5 of the production house of this series also thinks the same the cast will not be changed it would same as the earlier seasons.

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