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Here we have covered all information about the 1883 Season 2 including Releasing Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and more.

1883 is an American-western drama is an emotional rollercoaster which is the continuation or prequel of the series Yellowstone, which portrayed the hardships faced by the Dutton family, they are against several political and governmental hurdles as they live through the best and worst part of America.

The Yellowstone series was 5 seasons long with nearly 40 episodes of unmatched performance of the cast making it much anticipated that a prequel will happen. The fans of the series are very eager for the next because of the brilliant storyline and amazing performance of the characters.

In 1883, we see the generation of Dutton family after Civil war, as they make way to Montana leaving Tennessee behind their memories. It is created by Taylor Sheridan and was released exclusively on December 19, 2021 at Paramount+.

The cinematography is amazingly done which is classic western packing a whole lot of thrilling actions and emotions. The death of Elsa(Isabel May) left everybody in tears and originally the next part was an offshoot but the director made it official that 1883 season 2 will be out pouring very meticulous knowledge about what happened next.

About 1883 season 2:


The show tells story of the first black deputy marshal Bass Reeves, who had a huge impact on the Wild West positioned in the west of Mississippi.

He was originally born in Arkansas and is known to be the defender of Indian Territory, now also known as Oklahoma. The history of his bravery is monumental and he is also known a “great frontier hero”.

David Glasser who is the CEO of 101 studios said that they can not wait to show this remarkable story to audience they are every excited for this season

The first season has seen a few character deaths and fans are eager to know what the next season upholds.

1883 season 2

Release date of 1883 season 2 :

The show release date is still unknown but it’s anticipated to be released in 2023.  The production and shooting dates are also not disclosed as of now but be sure to keep a check on the next official news with us.

The airing of this show cannot be presumed because of reportedly sources not officially releasing any information. This must-watch is a big highlight by Paramount.

The cast of 1883 season 2 a.k.a the Bass Reeves story:

Sources say that “David Oyelowo” is the only one whose casting news is so far officially confirmed. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are unfortunately not likely going back for another series, as 1883 was made with intent of having only one season.

Therefore, the cast list is still not out and not known by us as of now. We are excited to know if they are going to make a return in the season 2.

Trailer of 1883 season 2:

It has its focuses on a real historical character rather than a fictional one. The rich history is illustrated as we unravel the highs and lows of Bass Reeves. Another prequel of Yellowstone is in the making named 1932 which will focus on the continuation story of the Dutton family.

In 1883 season 2 the bravery of the historic Bass Reeves is unmatched as he saved hundreds of life defending against rivals on Indian Territory.

There is also news of no released trailer out yet but the directors have been deciding of releasing one soon. As the fans worldwide are enthusiastic about the new show, we still do not know when will the trailer be out to the public.

Some interesting facts about 1883

Paramount confirmed more episodes of this thrilling saga.

The cast is not decided yet but the original ones will be replaced

David oyelowo will be cast in season 2.

It is based on a real historic character named Bass Reeves.

Bass Reeves was the first black deputy marhsall.

He once killed 14 enemies without sustaining a single injury

1883 season 1  consists of 5 seasons and nearly 40 episodes

It is foreseen to be released in 2023

Can only be watched exclusively on Paramount+

Conclusion :

This show packs a great story and unravels the historic bravery of a man who saved hundreds.

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