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Re Zero season 3 is a story of an ordinary teenager named Subaru who realizes that every time he dies, he goes back in time to start his life from scratch, as the title of the series suggests.

In the plot, Subaru stands up for and defends Emilia, whose badge or cuteness was taken, because she believes that Emilia is somehow related to her faith.

The story doesn’t go in this way even while the character is his and initially acts like he’s playing a video game and doesn’t take some other world properly.

The series has released 2 seasons so far till now, and fans are waiting for the third season of Re Zero. So, in this article, we’ll tell you more about the release date updates of Re Zero.

Re Zero: Overview


A meek nerd who serves as the central protagonist one day discovers oneself in a different universe. Subaru unexpectedly discovers himself in a different universe after the main character gets back from the shop.

One day, when high school student Natsuki Subaru came back from the store, he found himself in another world. Subaru Natsuki, a teenager who is locked up, unexpectedly and inexplicably finds himself transported to another fantasy world throughout the story (via Anime News Network).

The biggest crisis in Subaru Nazuki’s life is called to a new world, not knowing who caused it, and things get worse when he is attacked. As soon as Subaru wakes up, Subaru is once again shocked to see himself in another world, where his death played a major role in the lives of those he loved. Subaru finds the love of his life, Emilia.

Shortly after being transported to the other world, Natsuki Subaru and her white-haired friend are killed, but in a completely fantastical way, he wakes up to be alive, with the same girl and the same thugs, and the day repeats.

Re Zero Season 3

When is Re Zero Season 3 releasing online?

There is a good chance that Season 3 of Re Zero will release at the end of 2023. Following the previous release schedule, Season 2 took four years to release, with a rough estimate of Re Zero Season 3 releasing in 2024.

Given the popularity of the first part of the anime, it is possible that the third season of Re Zero takes precedence over other projects. The great news that the third season’s debut has yet to get any formal announcements. We’ll have to queue till Season 3 of Re Zero’s release date is formally announced.

From the discussion above, it can be said that there will be a third season and the expected release date will be late 2023 or early 2024. Another reason it won’t release in 2022 is White Fox Studios because the animation producer and many staff left the studio and those staff and producer were working on Re Zero.

If you look at the past release schedule, it’s pretty obvious that the pandemic has delayed the premiere of the second season; hence it was to be released in two parts.

Who will be among the third season’s cast?

We are hopeful that the series’ main character and their voice actor will remain the same in the next third season.

Even though the studio White House hasn’t formally announced them. Yusuke Kobayashi and Sean Chiplock provided Subaru’s voice acting, while Rie Takahashi and Kayli Mills provided Emilia’s voice acting.

Ryan Bartley and Rie Murakawa provide the voices for Ram. Inori Minase and Brianna Knickerbocker provide the voices for Rem. The third season is anticipated by the audience as being even more exciting than the first two. Anyway, here are the voices of the series’ four central characters.

What are the updates about the trailer of Re Zero Season 3?

Obviously, with the release date announced, the Season 3 trailer will be revealed as soon as it’s ready. It is anticipated that the season’s trailer will be uploaded as soon as it is available after the reveal of the launch date.

Show (hopefully) that the upcoming release is likely to be a source of more information. Looking at the state of the source material and whether or not the anime has made a good profit, it’s best to see when Season 3 will be out. 

To be honest, season 2 aired this year, so expecting a sequel almost instantly is a little unreasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there going to be a Rezero’s 3rd season?

Yes, it will have its third season. Masaharu Watanabe, who also managed the 2019 Granbelm anime, was in charge of directing the show’s first two distinct seasons, as well as the Re: Zero -Memory Snow- OVA episode.

Who does Subaru from re zero end up with?

Subaru and Rem or Emilia are not presently involved in a committed relationship. However, it appears that Subaru and Emilia will get together in the end.

Is re Zero coming to an end?

Although the Re:Zero Beginning Life in an another World finale won’t be available anytime in the near future, series creator Tappei Nagatsuki has once more promised that Rezero Arc 11 would include the web novel’s concluding chapter.

Does Subaru get stronger?

Although Subaru will get stronger, it will just be enough to get by. He will get some new skills and become a little more skilled, but he will still be weak enough to be regarded as a non-combatant member of the group.

Is Subaru the pride?

The witch that represents pride is Subaru. Compared to other reps, he has a deeper bond with her. Subaru acquires some unique abilities far too late in the show.

Does Subaru end up with REM?

After making repeated attempts to encourage him in the third arc, she finally confessed and managed to win over a portion of his heart. Subaru even agreed to marry Rem again, but only if Emilia would consent.

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