Resident alien season 3 release date, trailer, cast

resident alien season 3 all details

For its third season, Resident Alien will be back on SyFy. The creator of the American science fiction mystery comedy-drama series, Chris Sheridon, confirmed the information.

The Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse comic book of the same name served as the series’ primary source of inspiration.

The first season of the well-liked science fiction show premiered on January 27, 2021, and it earned positive reviews from viewers. The show has received ratings of 8.1/10 on IMDb and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Resident alien season 3 release date

First off, according to a number of rumours, Resident Alien Season 3 of the comic sci-fi drama is scheduled to air sometime in March 2023.

Second, the dates are tentative and there has been no official comment from the Resident Alien team regarding them.

In addition, the first two seasons of the show included 26 episodes, with season 2 being split into two parts.

Therefore, it seems likely that Resident Alien Season 3 will air in two parts, with the first portion airing in March.

resident alien season 3 release date

Resident alien season 3 cast

Harry, the titular alien who has slain Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle and taken over his body, is portrayed by Alan Tudyk as the main character.

Several of the most well-known and adored animated characters have been voiced by Tudyk, a delightful actor. Asta Twelvetrees, the town doctor’s helper, is portrayed by Sara Tomko.

Mike Thompson, the town’s sheriff, is played by Corey Reynolds, while D’Arcy Bloom, the proprietor of a nearby pub, is played by Alice Wetterlund. Ben Hawthorne, the mayor of the town, is portrayed by Levi Fiehler, while Max Hawthorne, the mayor’s son, is portrayed by Judah Prehn.

Last but not least, Elizabeth Bown plays Liv Baker, the deputy sheriff, who is a part of the lead.

Resident alien season 3 plot

The alien stayed on Earth to study human civilisation before destroying humans to make way for his type to colonise the world.

He found a man, killed him, took on his appearance, and continued to reside in his home in order to do this.

The victim was Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, who spent his final years in a peaceful, tranquil home on the river bank, alone with nature.

The body of the nearby doctor, who had passed away a few hours earlier, was soon brought to Harry by the local police, who asked to see it.

The police thought Harry could shed some light on what led to the man’s demise.

Indeed, the inquiry got going in the first episode of the first season, and information about the deceased’s final moments in life came to light.

Asta developed an interest in resolving the crime after speaking with the doctor’s assistant, who disagreed with the theory that her boss committed suicide.

The child desperately clung to the chance to hear about the doctor’s passing because she attempted to find the truth in life.

Asta ended her long-term relationship with a man four months ago. He was born to her when she was young, but because she had no means of support, she had to place the child with a foster family.

For all these years, Asta had the idea that if they ended their relationship, the child’s separation from her would no longer be meaningful.

But one day, as she watched a spacecraft circling over the planet, she made the decision to start over.

She only met Harry at the exact time that she needed to pick up items from the home of a former roommate.

Asta begs the newly graduated doctor for assistance because of fear of being thrashed once more.

Without pausing to consider, Vanderspeigle shatters the door, injures the adversary, and seizes Asta’s supplies. They became close friends as a result. Later, Harry takes over as her new boss.

Resident alien season 3 trailer

The Resident Alien Season 3 trailer has not yet received any updates. We anticipate a trailer to appear approximately a month before the third episode given that the third season is anticipated to debut in March of next year.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the lake in Resident Alien?

It is a portion of the Howe Sound, Brooker explains. So you might reasonably cheat there and make it appear to be a lake. Harry’s cabin may not always have the stunning view he enjoys every morning. However, fans can still stop by Howe Sound while touring the filming locations for Resident Alien.

Who killed the doctor in Resident Alien?

The first episode of Resident Alien season one opened with a shocking flashback that had significant ramifications for the show: it showed that the original Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle had murdered Sam Hodges, the local doctor.

Is Harry in love with Asta?

Harry is also in love. His affection for Asta Twelvetrees (Sara Tomko), his assistant, sparked a pivotal plot point in the finale. According to Tudyk, “Harry decided against wiping out the earth because he has come to comprehend love via his friendship with Asta.

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