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An American reality programme called Counting Cars airs on the History channel. The programme focuses on the daily activities of the members of the Count’s Kustom Garage, which revolve around automotive modification and restoration.

The garage is owned by Danny Koker. He is an American who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and like old cars. To learn how to count cars, read this.

The reality programme is a derivative of Pawn Stars, the original programme. Yes, I am aware that it sounds somewhat like the X-rated homophone that some of you are picturing, but trust me—just it’s a car show.

Join us as we ride along as we discover more about this show in the sentences that follow.

Counting cars: Overview


It follows the inventive car geniuses of the Count’s Kustom garage as they acquire, renovate, personalise, and market vintage automobiles and motorcycles.

On August 13th, 2012, the programme made its cable network debut on the History channel.

Produced by Leftfield Pictures. It’s interesting to note that the programme is the third offshoot of the Pawn Stars programme, where Danny was a cast member.

According to, the show had eight seasons and 156, twenty-two minute episodes as of right now.

The first episode of Season 8 aired on July 10, 2018, and the final new episode on July 19, 2019.

counting cars cancelled

Is Counting Cars Cancelled?

Keep your optimism alive if you’re one of the fans hoping the popular reality auto programme will return for a ninth season.

The show has amassed admirers all over the world, but there has been no official word that it will return. This would be a missed opportunity for the History Channel.

Counting Cars Casts

1. Danny “The Count” Koker.

We can’t take away Danny Koker’s moniker of “The Count” because he is unquestionably a gentleman of the car industry. But embarrassingly, years before Counting Cars, he appeared with his brides in a corny, almost comical horror production where he portrayed a vampire.

Self-taught car mechanic genius, the self-described car obsessive. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved from there to grow up in Detroit.

It appears that the young Danny’s fascination in vehicles was prompted by the fact that his uncle worked for Ford Motor Company.

Later, more than 20 years ago, he founded Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas. He would eventually be cast in the reality series Pawn Stars thanks to his refined mechanical abilities.

He contributed to the production of American Restoration. He eventually received his show, Counting Cars, as a result of his excitement and passion for automobile restoration.

2. Kevin Mack

The general manager of Count’s Kustoms is Kevin Mack. Scott Jones, the previous manager, left between the second and third seasons of the show, and he replaced him.

Kevin has the responsibility of updating Danny Koker on the development and regular operations of the company.

He can be seen in the episode driving shotgun behind Danny as they look for potential cars to fix.

Never have the words “wheeling and dealing” been more literal. He has also served as Danny’s closest buddy and right-hand guy for more than 20 years.

In a hilarious move, Danny uses Kevin as security when he borrows someone else’s automobile to test it out in case he decides to steal it.

3. Shannon Aikau.

Shannon Aikau is a part of the Counting Cars cast. Shannon Aikau would without a doubt swap her two legs for two bicycle wheels if she could.

The head bike builder and bike manager for Count’s Kustoms is this bike enthusiast. He has perfected his mechanic abilities to the point where you have the impression that he could construct a bike while closing his eyes.

There cannot be nobody else who makes assembling a bike seem simpler. He has acknowledged that he only repairs quick bikes. For him, it isn’t construction if it simply reaches the speed limit.

Danny and the characters of The Counting Cars first met in the Evil Twin store. Danny entered the bicycle-building business as a customer.

In 1999, he created Danny’s first bike, which they affectionately dubbed Tattoo. Shannon later became a member of Count’s Kustoms and was added to the cast of the auto reality show. Since 2012, Aikau has been a part of the series.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Counting Cars a fake TV show?

Even though the show airs on the History Channel, it is not a true narrative. The presentation contains a lot of material that is entirely false, wholly created, and frequently an absolute delusion.
Naturally, this is done for the benefit of “excellent television.” It’s still a real shop that restores actual automobiles for real people, so it’s not all awful.

Who got fired from Counting Cars?’

When Counting Cars’ third season came along, Scott was no longer present. Given that he played a significant role in the daily operations of Count’s Kustoms, this concerned the audience. It comes out that Danny’s close friend Kevin Mack took Scott’s place.

Why Danny Koker is called Count?

Koker, 45, earned his moniker while presenting a regional television programme called Saturday Fright. He showcased B-movie monster movies for a decade while wearing a cape. He explains, “My persona was a vampire who lived in Las Vegas and loved Elvis.” People eventually just referred to me as “The Count.

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