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Here we have covered all information about the Single Parents Season 3 including the Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more.

Single Parents is family comedy television programme premiered on September 26, 2018, on the American ABC Network. A two-season television show with 45 episodes airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. It was invented by Elizabeth Meriwether and Elizabeth Meriwether (Executive Producer).

New 30-minute episodes are released every Wednesday. The typical rating for a series given by viewers is 6.8. The programme was quite successful. The likelihood of season 3 is low because season 2 concluded the plot.

The main characters of the show are a group of single parents who work together to raise their 7-year-old kids while yet managing to have some degree of privacy outside of motherhood. Will, a man in his forties, has become so consumed with raising the small daughter that he has forgotten who he is as a man.

Single parents season 3 release date


On September 2018 Single Parents’ opening season premiered. The audience gave it a positive reaction. Large numbers of people watched the first two episodes. 4.91 million people watched the pilot episode. Additionally, 4+ million people watched the second episode. Each episode of the first season averaged about 3.2 million viewers.

The second season of the sitcom, however, saw a decline in viewership. In spite of this, it consistently attracted 3 to 4 million viewers for each of its consecutive episodes. The average number of viewers each episode for the second season dropped to roughly 2.5 million.

Despite these figures, after two seasons, ABC formally cancelled Single Parents. The news was released on May 21, 2020. There is minimal likelihood that Single Parents will return for a third season since the network officially cancelled the show.

The fans of the single parents are still holding out hope that ABC would reconsider or that alternative network will pick up the show. We have numerous examples of how successful series get brought back after being cancelled. Everything is subject to popular demand.

Single Parents is cancelled as of right now (July 11, 2022). But rumours say the likely release date for the third season is 2023. Single Parents Season 3 Cast If the programme is renewed or picked up by Disney Plus or Hulu the following year.

Single parents season 3

Single Parents Season 3 Cast

As suggested by the title, the programme focuses on the lives of single parents and their kids. The main protagonists in the episode are shown attempting to balance their social lives and parenthood.

For a third season, the main cast would almost probably return. The actors and actresses who portray each of the main characters are briefly introduced here. Will Copper (Taran Killam), Sophie Copper’s father, is over 30 years old (Marlow Barkley). Graham D’Amato’s mother, Angie, is a single parent, played by Leighton Meester (Tyler Wladis).

Douglas Fogerty (Brad Garrett), the father of Amy and Emma, is a single parent (Ella and Mia Allan). Rory Banks’ single mother is Poppy Banks (Kimrie Lewis) (Devin Campbell). Finally, Jack’s sole father is Miggy Park (Jake Choi).

Single Parents Season 3 Plot

The growth of Will and Angie’s affection for one another was the most memorable aspect of “Single Parents” Season 2. It had been simmering since the first film in the series, and in the second it had finally materialised. The two ended up sleeping together in the season finale after becoming wasted. However, none of them can recall what happened the previous night when they awoke in the morning.

Angie explains what happened to Poppy and how she was unable to remember anything. She remembers using scented candles because the power went out while she was at Will’s house. Poppy got an idea from what Poppy said. When one of the perfumed candles brought back Angie’s recollection, she considered lighting others.

Angie was able to remember some of what happened last night, thus Poppy’s strategy worked out well. She is able to recall the occasion when she willingly entered Will’s bed. Unfortunately, this information worsened Angie’s situation. She intended to rejoin Derek, Graham’s father. Will and Angie have been deeply in love with one another for some time. After Poppy admitted that they both had feelings for Angie, Will thought of a way to express his love for her.

Single Parents Season 3 Trailer

You can’t yet access the trailer. The trailer will be made available once the third season episode is assured.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where are Single Parents filmed?

The ABC and Twentieth Century Fox television show is now filming its second season in Rancho Park at the Rancho Park Golf Course till early Saturday morning.

Is Single Parents a good show?

They contribute to what makes it the classic easy-watch. You don’t watch Single Parents when you’re in the mood for intense drama, strong feelings, or demanding plotlines. You watch because it offers a welcome respite from all of those things and a fun, romantic getaway from reality.

How old are the kids with single parents?

Synopsis. In this group comedy, a number of single parents rely on one another to raise their 7-year-old children and keep up some semblance of separate personal lives from motherhood.

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