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Better Call Saul Season 6 Release Date information, update and news is covered in this short article.

Better Call Saul will end with an episode ahead of the parent series Breaking Bad, which ran for five seasons and consisted of 62 episodes.

The Breaking Bad prequel will end with a 13- episode season divided into two parts: seven episodes in the first and six in the second.

So, if you’re thinking and wondering about Better Call Saul season 6 about its release date and streaming place, we’re here for you to help you out with this. Let’s get started.

Better Call Saul S6 – Overview


Like “Breaking Bad,” Season 6 of “Better Call Saul” will be split into two parts, with seven episodes in the first half and six episodes in the second half, with a short break in between.

Better Call Saul will conclude with an episode before the parent series Breaking Bad, which ran for five seasons and 62 episodes.

Before the sixth season of the AMC prequel series goes down, let’s break down everything we know so far. The upcoming sixth and final season of AMC’s Better Call Saul, which premieres in the U.S. on April 18, 2022, will consist of 13 two-part episodes.

AMC’s sixth and final season was critically acclaimed with the spin-off prequel Breaking
Bad, starring Bob Odenkirk as slick lawyer Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman.

Odenkirk as Slippery Attorney Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman will premiere on Monday, April 18 at 9:00 pm.

ET/PT, almost two years after the show’s fifth season finale aired. It’s the real beginning of the end for Jimmy’s (Bob Odenkirk) story as the final season of Better Call Saul is split in two, starting with seven brand new episodes now and then the last six episodes in July, for a total of 13.

The sixth and final The Walking Dead season is over, and we’re excited to see if the cast and crew make it to the finish line.

Release Date Better Call Saul Season 6

When Better Call Saul: Season 6 is released online?

Better Call Saul’s sixth season premiere is set for April 18, with the first two episodes airing on AMC starting at 9:00 pm EDT. All previous seasons were added just before the new season’s release, but since season 6 is the last.

We can assume that the show will be added about a year after the first or the end of the season six initial wave. Better Call Saul will return with all fresh new episodes nearly two years after its fifth season, the sixth and final season premiere consisting of the first two episodes, will begin airing Monday, April 18 at 9:00 pm ET time.

Unfortunately, Season 5 will not air on the platform until the AMC previews of Season 6 that we have already shared before 2022. Thankfully, an update is needed, and thankfully there are multiple options to watch Season 5.

It’s yet to be confirmed when Better Call Saul will be available on Netflix, but it should take at least a year, so the final episodes aren’t likely to air until April 2023.

Where to stream Better Call Saul S6?

This final season’s first and second episodes will premiere on Netflix on April 19, with new episodes launching on the streaming service next Tuesday for U.K. viewers.

Season 6 of Better Call Saul will air outside the U.S. and Canada the day after it airs on AMC, so two preview episodes will air on Tuesday, April 19, and then weekly. The two-hour episode will premiere on Monday.

The prequel to Incredible in Breaking Bad and Incredible in Breaking Bad will wrap up with season 6 when we finally get to know what’s going on with Jimmy McGill, aka Saul
Goodman, in a modern-day Jimmy McGill in fugitive form.

This season of Better Call Saul will be the last season of Better Call Saul. It will show the final transformation of charming aspiring lawyer Jimmy McGill into evil criminal defense lawyer (emphasis on the criminal) Saul Goodman.

Considering Better Call Saul is in its final season, the remaining six episodes will likely be available on Netflix once the entire season airs on AMC.

In select international markets, such as previous seasons, the sixth season will be released on Netflix, with episodes available the day after the episodes air on AMC. As with previous seasons, the premiere means the season before the new one will finally hit Netflix in the U.S.

Will Better Call Saul S6 be available on Netflix?

Season 6 of Better Call Saul will release outside of the U.S. and Canada the day after it airs on AMC, so two preview episodes will air on Tuesday, April 19, and then air weekly. Like previous seasons of Better Call Saul and many AMC shows, Season 6 will hit Netflix, but not immediately.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Better Call Saul Season 6 release date with complete information.

Is there going to be a better call Saul season 6?

After previously sharing the screen in the 2019 Netflix film “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” series co-creator and showrunner Peter Gould has announced that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Season 6 of “Better Call Saul.”

Will there be a Better Call Saul Season 7?

Yes, there will be Better Call Saul Season 7 Brings Back Walter White but the release of Season 7 is not confirmed yet.

Where to watch Season 6 of Better Call Saul?

There are lots of streaming services that listed Better Call Saul Season 6 such as AMC and AMC+ streams Season 6 on Monday, April 18.

This is the end of this short guide.

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