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The politician season 3: Payton still controls the bulk of The Politician’s larger-than-life characters by the conclusion of season 2.

Ryan J. Haddad plays Andrew Cashman, Theo Germaine plays James Sullivan, Rahne Jones plays Skye Leighton, and Laura Dreyfuss plays McAfee Westbrook. We don’t anticipate it to return anytime soon because it’s practically in limbo.

The political comedy series is one of Ryan Murphy’s first Netflix originals and the second from his production company, 20th Television.

It’s crucial to remember that The Politician was never formally renewed by Netflix for a second season. Instead, because there was such a fierce competition for it, it was initially sold to Netflix with a sizable two-season order upfront.

The Politician Season 3 Release Date


Murphy intends for The Politician’s third season to be ending of the show, but viewers will have to wait. Less than a year after its season 1 premiere, The Politician returns for a second season on Netflix.

(Netflix verified to Refinery29 that everything of season 2 was shot before to the pandemic, with the exception of a FaceTime conversation sequence between Paltrow and Light that was taped “during the stay-at-home orders.”)

Sources say, The Politician Season 3 will be release in late 2022 or in the beginning months of 2023.

The difference between the second and third seasons, however, would have more to do with Platt’s age than a coronavirus delay.

Murphy responded to Collider’s question about what he would want to do by saying, “What I would love to do is taking a couple of years off and letting Ben Platt become a little older for his last race.”

Obviously, a presidential election would be taking place there. That’s what we’ve always wanted, and I think that still holds true now.

I’m going to wait. Ben is still young, so I want to wait a few years before considering how we may mature him up a bit. But that’s been my strategy all along.”

The politician season 3

The politician season 3 cast

Most of The Politician’s larger-than-life characters are still under Payton’s control by the end of season 2. Ryan J. Haddad plays Andrew Cashman, Theo Germaine plays James Sullivan, Rahne Jones plays Skye Leighton, and Laura Dreyfuss plays McAfee Westbrook on his campaign crew.

Along with their son Archie, he also has his new wife Julia Schlaepfer, who is finishing medical school, at his side.

Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler), who served as Georgina’s Chief of Staff, and Light, who played Dede Standish, will certainly reprise their roles. The likes of Paltrow, who plays Payton’s politically engaged mother, Deutch, and Lucy Boynton, who plays Infinity Jackson, might also return.

A few actors from the first season’s cast—including Jessica Lange, Dylan McDermott, Bob Balaban, and January Jones—were lost for season 2. This could apply to the characters played by Heather Burns, Teddy Sears, Joe Morton, and Sam Jaeger in Periphery season 2.

The late River, who acts as Payton’s inner voice, is played by Hollywood’s David Corenswet, so anything is conceivable.

The Politician Season 3 Plot

We anticipate seeing Platt in the largest and last political contest of his career after Murphy’s remarks.

Payton (Platt) received an opportunity to run for Vice President in the next election as the season 2 came to a close. The youthful politician, who successfully won a seat in the New York senate after an extensive campaign, appears to have a promising future.

The credits rolled before Payton could respond, leaving the audience in suspense.

Whatever the response, Payton will undoubtedly wind up in Washington for season 3.

The politician season 3 trailer

The third season of The Politician has not yet been ordered or filmed, hence no trailers have been released.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is The Politician a parody?

On September 27, 2019, Netflix launched the first season. Ben Platt, Zoey Deutch, Lucy Boynton, Bob Balaban, Laura Dreyfuss, Julia Schlaepfer, Theo Germaine, Rahne Jones, and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the actors who appear in the series.

Is The Politician worth watching?

First of all, the cast and performance in this series are outstanding. The majority of the characters, including Payton played by Ben Platt, have several layers. Second, the majority of the countryside looks gorgeous, which adds to how much fun it is to watch The Politician.

Is River dead The Politician?

The first episode ends with River, who appears lost, killing himself in front of Payton. The college laments his passing. Payton continues to see River in his dreams at different times during the season, offering guidance.

Is James on The Politician a girl?

Theo Germaine, an actor, is best known for his role as James Sullivan in Ryan Murphy’s popular Netflix series The Politician. Sullivan is a high school student turned cunning political campaign strategist. Despite having a trans male role, it is reassuring to see on television that the character’s gender is not central to the story.

Was River written for The Politician?

At River’s burial ceremony, Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) gave a heartbreakingly lovely solo performance. No, it isn’t an original composition. It’s a rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “River,” a folk ballad about Christmas that appeared on her 1971 album Blue.

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