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In many families throughout the world, Samsung TVs are now a standard. Recognized for its dependable and cutting-edge technologies.

Countries like Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, South Korea, Russia, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, and India are among the nations that produce Samsung TVs. One of the first nations where Samsung established TV assembly plants was China.

Samsung offers TVs made at its regional TV manufacturing facilities for sale in India and a few other Asian nations. While Samsung operates from South Korea, if your TV was made after 2018, chances are that it was made elsewhere.

If you bought your Samsung TV after 2018, chances are, it was not made in South Korea. Samsung has a huge user base for a reason: It offers a huge array of sets at all different price points, and the baseline quality is higher than the budget brands.

Samsung: Overview


Samsung has been the world’s best-selling TV maker globally since 2006. South Korean-based Samsung is the de facto market leader in the global TV market, leading competitors such as LG and Sony in total unit sales by a large margin.

It is one of the biggest producers of electrical components worldwide is Samsung. It is also a significant provider of electrical goods to businesses like Apple, Sony, Nokia, and others, including batteries, semiconductors, processors, flash memory, and hard drives.


Where Samsung TVs Made

Samsung TVs are manufactured in the following countries, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, South Korea, Russia, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, and India. China was one of the early countries in which Samsung built TV production facilities. Samsung sells TVs produced at its local TV production plants in India and a few other Asian countries

Samsung is constantly looking for new ways to enhance its goods, and this dedication to innovation has greatly benefited the company. Their TV sets are built from final components on an assembly line in other nations. These facilities manufacture the conveyor assembly. In the casing are speakers, an electric board, and a screen.

The TV is inspected before being boxed and delivered to shops. Assembly lines should be located as near to the client as feasible to save on logistical expenses and taxes. Amongst the most known brands in technology, Samsung accounts for around one-fifth of all South Korean exports. Samsung makes test pilot devices in a few additional nations in addition to South Korea. Here is the list of countries where Samsung TVs are made –

South Korea

Samsung is a well-known electronics brand and producer from South Korea. Samsung stopped mass-producing Samsung TVs in South Korea in June 2018. Additionally, they exploited the Suwon factory’s space to manufacture pilot test equipment.


Since 1993, China has been the primary producer of Samsung TVs. However, Samsung has just begun to think about the possibility of ceasing television manufacturing in China. Production is no longer profitable due to rising personnel pay.


Both for Americas, screens, and televisions are made in this plant. The factory has the potential to make around 18 million gadgets annually. Information concerning the potential move of the facility owing to a potential rise in taxes from the United States surfaced in 2017–2018.


India received televisions from Vietnam. This issue resulted from the Indian government’s decision to impose a tax on components starting in 2018. As a result, television manufacturing in India was fully stopped for the assembly of televisions.


One of Samsung’s biggest hubs is in Vietnam. Due to the Vietnamese government’s supportive policies and the low-cost labor, this scenario has developed. In Vietnam, Samsung has generated roughly 60,000 employments.


Russia is the source of some of the Samsung TVs marketed in Europe.

In Kaluga, Russia, the first Samsung TV manufacturing facility was established in 2006. Samsung overtook Sony as the most popular electronics brand among Russian consumers in 2008.

What is the lifespan of a Samsung TV?

You may anticipate Samsung TVs to survive longer than other cheap TV models since they employ higher-grade components. It usually depends on heavy usage and the maximum settings, about seven years. 

The longevity of your TV, whether it is a Samsung or another brand, may be significantly increased with proper TV care and maintenance. When properly cared for, even the most affordable TV may see a longer lifespan and improved performance.

Do Samsung TVs secure?

Released by Samsung is Samsung TVs with New Security Explanations In a larger document published two years ago, the tri-stage security strategy, which addresses apps, platforms, and hardware, is described.

After a few privacy breaches, bugs, and hackers, Samsung realizes that it is taking precautions to protect its Smart TVs.

No security issue has been discovered in Samsung’s smart TVs, but back in 2017, WikiLeaks disclosed that the CIA had created a software component known as the Weeping Angel that could transform Samsung’s smart TVs into listening devices.

At that time, Samsung published a blog post describing the security features of their TVs, including the capability to identify malicious code at both the platform and app levels.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):-

What company makes Samsung TVs?

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean multinational electronics firm with its headquarters in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, South Korea (Korean: Hanja: ; RR: Samseong Jeonja; lit. Tristar Electronics; occasionally abbreviated to SEC and styled as SAMSUNG).

 Which country uses Samsung the most?

In Germany, Samsung is the most used brand.

How do I know what country my Samsung is from?

From the presented click on the Samsung Warranty / SN / Carrier Check. At this moment, click the Make an order button to receive information about Samsung Country.

How long do Samsung TVs last?

Samsung TVs can last around 4 to 7 years with constant usage

Is Samsung being a Chinese company?

No, Samsung is a South Korean company but they make or import some parts from China for their products.

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