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From 2016 to 2018, the science fiction drama series The colony on USA Network enjoyed popularity. However, the USA network revealed the most shocking news in July 2018: the show would be cancelled after its third season.

This piece of news infuriated people all across the world, and the hashtag ‘SaveColony’ quickly gained traction on social media. However, USA Network has no intention of changing its mind.

What is the present renewal situation of Colony Season 4 now that three years have passed since then? Has the USA Network renewed it for a season 4, or has it been taken up by some other streaming service? Follow us until the finish to learn the answers.

Colony season 4 release date


Its future is uncertain because USA Network has not granted the series’ creators the go-ahead. Colony’s third season reportedly failed to draw large viewership numbers, which cost the producers money.

USA Network has not yet provided any additional information regarding why it was cancelled. Thus, we are forced to assume that the network has ignored the series due to the declining audience.

Colony might make a comeback if Netflix or another streaming service buys the rights to the show. That being said, it is doubtful that Colony Season 4 will ever be released.

colony season 4

Colony season 4 cast

Expect the Colony actors to reprise their roles if a fourth season of the show is announced. Will Bowman’s part will be played again by Josh Holloway. He will be joined by Katie Bowman, played by Sarah Wayne Callies.

However, after their separation, their connection in the fourth part will no longer be the same. Without the children, Bowman’s family is lacking. Be prepared to welcome Charlie, Grace, and Bram Bowman.

It is unknown whether the cast will grow in any way. Follow us for more. For Colony season 4, Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal may collaborate on the script.

Colony season 4 plot

Colony takes place in a futuristic Los Angeles where the Transition Authorities has established a military rule on the locals.

In this dystopia, the extraterrestrial species known as Hosts are served by the Authority. Other than the fact that they took over on a single day known as the “Arrival,” little is known about with this foreign life form.

The working forces of the Hosts are portrayed as stylized raptors or birds of prey. As a result, they are referred to as “Raps,” and the Govt’s anti-Hosts approach is implemented by military police known as “Redhats,” who are classified as National Security.

Huge rectangular bricks that were dropped from the sky by the Hosts when they arrived and were connected to the city’s fortifications.

In the episode, one of these walls, which is between 20 and 30 floors high, several metres thick, and extends for kilometres, is successful in enclosing Los Angeles’ central business district.

Similar walls, known as “blocs,” encircle nearby metropolitan centres, and the entire arrangement is referred to as a “colony.

Although the scale of the assault is never specified, it is global in nature. High-security gates are constructed and used to direct traffic once the occupation is over.

The Authority also maintains strict supervision over the movement of individuals as well as the allocation of commodities like gasoline and food limitations.

The Hosts rely on the assistance of the local elites because they are unable to police all rules. The Hosts also impose medical standards, such as dispensing with treatment for diabetes to lower the population.

All people naturally dislike this tinkering, hence there is a movement of opposition called the “Insurgency” or “Resistance.” The child is separated from his family as the aliens construct the blocs when the Bowmans come.

Colony season 4 trailer

Colony Season 4’s official trailer hasn’t been released yet. Watch the third season’s trailer for the television show Colony.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why did the colony get cancelled?

Colony was not an exception; new competition plus a longer gap between episodes would be enough to lower any show’s ratings. There was a decrease in total numbers, even though it wasn’t very significant. Colony lost enough viewers to rank as USA Network’s least-watched programme in its target audience (adults 18-49).

What happens at the end of the colony?

To show he can, Gibson kills Neil’s mother. But after that, Blake throws Gibson into the river and drags him down until he drowns. Blake is pulled out of the water by Narvik, who also revives her. After being united with her father, Blake gives Neil the match he gave her as a memento of him.

What does RAPs stand for in Colony?

The term “Red Hats” or, more properly, “Homeland Security” and “Transitional Authority” is used to describe the security forces. Because of the bird of prey emblem on their badges and flags, they are often referred to as the RAPs, which is short for Raptors.

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