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Departure season 3 is a suspense drama series in Canada and the United Kingdom it was created and written by Vince Shiao the series was well received by the audience it got an IMDb rating of 7.2. Departure has everything a viewer wants drama, suspense thrill, and mystery.

The story of departure deals in a different way in a story runs for a season means different seasons and different stories so far, the series has two seasons each with 6 episodes.

The story of the first season was about the mystery of the disappearance of flight BGA 716 and in the second season, the story was about the crash of an automated super-fast train Apollo on its route from Toronto to Chicago.  

The series was firstly aired with its season 1 on July 10, 2019, the first received a good response from the viewers hence it was renewed for the 2nd season. On August 5, 2021, the 2nd season was released it hit well again.

The first season was premiered on universal tv or global tv then they dropped but after some time 2nd season of departure was the exclusive premiere of peacock tv.

Departure season 3 release date


The departure has been aired in 2 seasons the first season was aired July 10, 2019, followed by the second season august 5, 2021 both the seasons got very high praises from the audience.

There has been no official announcement regarding the third season, but given the fan following and audience, praises increase the possibility of releasing the 3rd season. if the makers of the series announce season 3 then probably it might come off in late 2022.

The first season was aired by the Universal tv network and the second season was aired by the peacock network so rooms are that the third season will also be going to premiere on the peacock network soon the network will announce it.

Departure season 3

Departure season 3 cast

The cast of the series is very well famous and the same is supposed to return the main character will remain the same but the other cast will be changed because the story of departure change with every season.

So in this season also the story will change with the character but the main characters like Archie Panjabi (Kendra Malley ), Christopher Plummer (Howard Lawson ), kris holden-Ried (Dominic Hayes), Peter Mensah (Levi hall ), Claire Forlani (Janet Friel ), mark Rendall (Theo), Kelly McCormack (charlotte), Karen Leblanc (Ellen Hunter) these are main and fix character who will return in season 3 of the departure.   

Departure season 3 plot

The format of the show is quite different from other shows in this series a story runs for a season the story is about the disappearance of the flight BGA 716 from the Atlantic Ocean.

Then in the second the story was about the crash of a high-speed automated train from its route which was going from Toronto to Chicago while being on the route it gets crashed the story revels the cover from political cover-ups and all.

by seeing this format this can highly be assumed that season 3 will also go to a story of a similar type.

Departure season 3 trailer

The trailer of the departure season 3 has not been released yet. Firstly there were some regarding the renewing of the show but because of audience support and incredible performance of the last two seasons raises high chances of renewing it but there has been no official announcement from the makers of the series.

So it is well predicted that if the announcement comes in these few days then the trailer might drop in late 2022.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is departure season 3 cancelled?

Well, there has been no announcement regarding the renewing of the series but there has been no news regarding the cancelling of the season either looking at the past performance of the series it is very well considered that it will be released. The series had received a rating of 7.2 from IMDb. The show steams in Canada and the UK and it is also dubbed in many languages so it got an average of 1.2 million views per episode. After being so successful the show cannot get cancelled. 

Who airs the show departure?

The series was first aired by the universal television network (global network) for the first season but then it was dropped by them after peacock tv picked up the series and they aired the next season, season 2.

Both seasons were released with 6 episodes each. There has been no news about season 3 of the show or who is going to air it but given the people’s demand for season 3, there is no chance that the peacock network is going to drop it.

What is Departure?

The departure is suspense, mystery, and thrilling Canadian drama which airs in Canada and the UK the series is aired by the universal television network then after by the peacock network the series has aired for 2 seasons the first season was aired in 2109 and the second season was aired in 2021 each with 6 episodes.

The show is about two different stories in two different seasons hence the third season is also going to be a different story. All two seasons have got a very supportive experience from the viewers which motivates the makers to renew the series for the 3rd season.

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