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Based on Lauren Oliver’s book of the same name, Panic is an American teen drama that may be watched online. Lauren Oliver is also the creator of this streaming programme.

This young adult drama’s first season premiered in May 2021, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Panic Season 2.

Teen drama is the genre under which Panic belongs. It told the tale of 23 young adults who, following graduation, took part in a yearly panic competition.

If they triumphed in the task, they would be able to send $50,000 back to their Texas hometown of Carp. However, there were dangers in their escape.

Panic Season 2 Release Date


We regret to inform Panic Season 2 fans that they will not be coming back. The programme was discontinued by its streaming service Amazon Prime Video in August 2021.

The creators of the show argued, however, that the drama’s deserved ending came at the end of the first season. Without requiring a second season, Panic told the tale as it had been adapted from the book.

Fans of the show may be disappointed by this news, but we shouldn’t give up. Yes, there is still a potential that Panic will return for a second season if any other streaming service agrees to do so.

If this occurs, Panic Season 2 should come out either later this year or in the summer of 2023. Watch this space for further developments!

Panic season 2

Panic Season 2 cast

It’s difficult to predict who will appear in the series. Many of the characters left the little community and attended institutions all around the country.

The fact that certain characters are still around gives them the opportunity to participate in the next Panic in the Town game.

The first season’s main cast involved:

Olivia Welch as Heather Nill

Mike Faist as Dodge Mason

Jessica Sula as Natalie Williams

Ray Nicholson as Ray Hall

Camron Jones as Bishop Moore

Enrique Murciano as Sheriff James Cortez

Since Cortez was eliminated at the end of the season, Murciano is the only member of the group who won’t be coming back.

He might appear in flashbacks, of course, but he won’t play a significant role in the second season.

Panic Season 2 storyline

We were accustomed to Panic’s characters over the first season. Panic, a risky game, served as the focal point of the narrative. It provided examples of the features of panic and the risks associated with winning financial awards.

It took place in the sleepy community of Carp. Initially, a few episodes were devoted to introducing us to the Panic participants and their lives. But Panic also had its dark secrets, which were revealed as the performance went on.

There is currently no official narrative or plot summary for Panic Season 2. Without a narrative, it would be unreasonable to forecast the exact plot of Panic Season 2. Based on the first season, we can continue to make assumptions.

We might see new players in the Panic game in Season 2 of the show. It might also show the police investigating this game’s riddles. The contestants from the previous season’s personal lives could potentially be investigated.

Panic Season 2 trailer

A trailer cannot be released before a show has been renewed. Unfortunately, Panic’s first season was cancelled in August 2021. As a result, the second season’s official trailer is currently unavailable.

You may, however, view the official season one trailer, which is accessible via YouTube and Amazon Prime. In the unlikely event that the show returns, we will inform you accordingly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How does Panic end?

In the woods, Heather meets up with the still-missing tiger after narrowly avoiding the explosion. She, Dodge, and Nat split the winnings, and later she starts seeing Bishop again. Watch Panic right now on Prime Video.

Why is Panic Cancelled?

The state of panic has ended. The teen drama will be discontinued by Amazon Prime Video after just one season.
Panic, a teen drama that debuted at the end of May, was not renewed because it underperformed other teen dramas on the streaming service, such as The Wilds.

Who are the 2 judges in Panic?

Two judges are assigned to oversee the Panic game each year. The prize money collector, the bagman who keeps the money safe, and the event emcee are all picked from the judges from the previous year.

What is Bishop hiding in Panic?

She overheard conversations about Panic and their suspicions that Bishop was involved; she then conducted her own investigation.
She discovered evidence that he was a judge hidden in his chamber and advised him to move it. Later, she followed him to the location of the money and took it.

Does Heather lose Panic?

It’s not like anyone else survived that one in the end since she jumped off that high cliff, entered the home of the neighbourhood pot farmer, and won the last face-off on the dirt road.
She was also given some money by an unnamed donor who believed it was important to state unequivocally that she had indeed won Panic.

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