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Hope Street season 2: Paul Marquess and Donna Wiffen of Long Story TV’s most recent project is Hope Street, a criminal thriller that is now airing on BBC1 and BritBox.

The story is set in the made-up coastal town of Port Devine in Northern Ireland, with a focus on the police force.

Paul Marquess said of the show, “I am pleased to be producing Hope Street after over 30 years of making theatre in England.

Hope Street is a cheerful, engaging, and humorous television series that offers the rest of the world a new viewpoint on Northern Ireland. It is set on the gorgeous seashore of Northern Ireland.

Hope Street season 2 Release Date


Has Hope Street’s second season been revealed? Unofficially, but considering the praise the programme earned when it first for reviving the serial drama format of television, it’s safe to say that the majority of viewers are anticipating a renewal announcement any second. In fact, rumours have it that the second season will be ready by the end of 2023 or at the at least, early in 2024.

The programme will run every weekday at that time starting on Monday, January 31, at 2:15 p.m. on BBC1. Hope Street is available on BBC iPlayer if you’d like to see it all at once.

On Monday, January 31, 2022, the programme will make its US premiere exclusively on BritBox. To find out what else is available on the streaming service, look through our extensive list of BritBox programmes.

Hope Street “gives the mystery series, which is popular with BritBox fans, a modern twist and a fresh setting,” claims Emily Powers, Head of BritBox North America. It presents a unique version of a well-known genre in a location that is fitting for the time period.

Hope Street season 2

Hope Street season 2 cast

Acclaimed actors like Amara Karan, who plays Lila Hussein in the series, are included. The main character of the show is Leila, the first Muslim investigator to ever live in the community, a fact that shocks everyone there. The Night Of, an HBO production, is one of the actress’ greatest works. She has been in various programmes.

She is paired up with Rachel Tucker and will play Siobhan O’Hare, Aaron McCusker (Marcella), Ciaran McMenamin, and Niamh McGrady. We anticipate that the whole cast—as well as perhaps a few new ones—will return for the second episode of the series.

Hope Street season 2 plot

The title of a British crime and drama television programme is Hope Street. The audience has provided supportive input.

Not to be missed is the police drama Hope Street. Nearly all of the cast members are residents of Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, where it was filmed. The small-town community featured in the play is intrigued by the entrance of DC Laila Hussein, a new police officer.

Only Inspector Finn O’Hare seems to be aware of what she’s hiding, and he is hesitant to divulge it. Even while the main narrative involves the mystery behind DC Hussein’s presence is constantly there as an undertone, each episode has its own mystery, with the police solving a different crime each time.

Hope Street season 2 trailer

BritBox created a promotional video for the show just before it debuted in the US.

Alimah is shown arriving at her job on Hope Street right away. Despite the fact that Port Devine seems to be a beautiful location, this video previews some of the numerous cases the officers will see in the first season.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where is Hope Street located?

The television series produced with funding from Northern Ireland Screen has gained popularity among viewers throughout the UK and beyond. The story is set in the made-up seaside community of Port Devine in Northern Ireland. Hope Street highlights Northern Ireland’s gorgeous coasts as well as its people’s kindness and sense of humour.

Is there going to be a series 2 of Hope Street?

I’m overjoyed that fans of BBC One Daytime will once again enjoy the stunning scenery of Northern Ireland. Our audiences will be thrilled to return to Hope Street and continue where they left off since we have been asked often to produce a season two.

What happens in Episode 10 of Hope Street?

Callum finds out that his girlfriend has been deceiving him nonstop. Finn is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life in the interim. A nude “flasher” who claims his lover took his clothing is captured by Marlene and Callum.

Is Port Devine a real place?

The imaginary town of Port Devine is where the narrative takes place. Many members of the cast of the film, which received funding from Northern Ireland Screen, have gushed over their time spent filming in Donaghadee, with Inspector Finn O’Hare actor Ciarán McMenamin calling it “wonderful.”

Is Hope Street filmed in Donaghadee?

In Donaghadee, County Down, cast members of the BBC police drama Hope Street have been sighted filming for the second season. Today’s filming was seen while Ciaran McMenamin, who portrays Inspector Finn O’Hare, and Aaron McCusker, whose character Clint Dunwoody manages a neighbourhood bar, were getting ready.

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