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The Walking Dead series is one of the longest-running AMC series. The Walking Dead has been survived as a spinoff series, Fear The Walking Dead from AMC (which has run for seven seasons), as well as an AMC movie trilogy that is set to star the original Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead debuted in 2010, and is set to soon come to a close after 11 seasons. The 10th season, which premiered October 6, 2019, concluded on April 4, 2021, consisted of 22 episodes and the eleventh season has also been released.

So, if you want to watch its eleventh season on Netflix, then we’ll tell you the process for doing so in this article.

What are the ways to Watch Walking Dead Season 11?

You can watch The Walking Dead seasons one through eleven on Netflix (CA), while The Walking Dead’s last season is exclusively available on Netflix in France. 

You can watch The Walking Dead Season 11B on the Stars Service on Disney+, which has every episode from the 10 1/2 seasons before it. The Season 11 Part 2 premiere will be Monday, February 21, 2022, on Disney+ Star Service.

The third instalment of Season 11 will be on air later in 2022. In years past, the new seasons have been released prior to the beginning of the next season, but because its 11th and final season is its last, we likely will not get to watch its third part on Netflix until the summer of 2023.

Other regions will have different dates for its release, but all regions carrying The Walking Dead are going to eventually see it arrive sometime in the middle of 2022, or worst case, early 2023.

With the longer seasons, this may also change the timing of its arrival on Netflix. Considering that its 11th and final season is not done airing, you should not expect to see it on Netflix for some time.

In the US, you can watch The Walking Dead Season 11 on Disney+, 10 seasons are available on AMC, 4 seasons are accessible on Direct TV, and you can rent all 10 seasons from Amazon Video Vudu, Apple iTunes, and other retailers.

walking dead season 11

How to Watch Walking Dead Season 11 on Netflix from US?

AMC is going to delay the part 3 of 11th season, forcing viewers to wait for the airing of its eleventh and final season on AMC, before any episodes will be available to stream on Netflix.

If you are already signed up for AMC+, you can stream The Walking Dead Season 11 one week early, ahead of it airing on AMCs regular Sunday night, at 9pm Eastern.

The Walking Dead Season 11 will ultimately be available for streaming on Netflix in a number of regions worldwide, but not including the U.S.

Many nations, including Argentina, France, Belgium, Japan, Germany, Canada, Moldova, and Colombia, offer The Walking Dead for streaming on Netflix.

The eleventh season of The Walking Dead has no set release date on Netflix, as far as we know. Given that Disney Plus now has the worldwide digital rights to The Walking Dead, both streaming behemoths are competing for the same thing here: subscribers.

So, to watch The Walking Dead Season 11 on Netflix from anywhere in the world, just follow these easy steps:

  • For Netflix, get ExpressVPN (12+3 months for free, special offer).
  • Install the Vpn software on your preferred device.
  • Choose a French IP address from the list of nations.
  • Now, launch the Netflix app or website.
  • Look up Season 11 of The Walking Dead on Netflix.
  • Enjoy the movie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where can I watch series 11 of The Walking Dead?

Disney+ Star. The first and second halves of Season 11 are now accessible, along with all previous seasons (1–10). New episodes of Part 3 will debut in October and be released every Monday after that. You have the option of purchasing a monthly or somewhat less expensive annual subscription to Disney+.

Is The Walking Dead on Netflix 2022?

While many fans of The Walking Dead wait until the season is published on Netflix, most viewers watch the show when it airs on AMC or a week early on AMC+.

Is The Walking Dead Available on Netflix?

The Walking Dead seasons 1 through 10 are currently accessible on Netflix, along with numerous other films and television programmes that feature performers from The Walking Dead. The third spin-off series, Tales of the Walking Dead, will debut in the summer of 2022, just before the last episodes of The Walking Dead air.

Where can I watch The Walking Dead for free season 11?

It is available on FuboTV (free trial), a streaming platform where you can view your favourite TV series, live sporting events, and much more. When you register, a free trial is available. It is also available on Sling and Philo.

Why can’t Netflix download walking dead?

There may be a number of reasons why a title is not available for download, including: Currently, another company has the sole rights to the content. From the content supplier, the rights cannot be purchased.

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