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Cari Farver surprisingly was missing from her boyfriend’s house at the age of 37. On 13th 2012, from Omaha, Nebraska, Then after some days, the mother of Cari Lea Farver reported her missing diary to the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office.

But it was her boyfriend and employees who never believed that she was missing because they received text messages from Cari Lea Farver’s number that she is going to start a new life in Kansas.

Cari Lea Farver’s family members knew very well that she could not disappear by her own choice because she was also a responsible mother and the investigators was not sure that Cari Lea Farver sent those text messages by herself and they were not able to find it out as well.

But this missing case opened the Iowa Cold Cases and her family members received text messages from the account of Shanna “Liz” Golyar who reported that Cari Lea Farver was harassing her.

But this incident took a lot of twists and turns when finally it is known to all on 22nd December 2016 that Cari Lea Farver was murdered by the girlfriend of her boyfriend, Goylar and her boyfriend was also involved in this incident which was a shocking news for her family members.

Detailed Information about Liz Golyar

Shane’s Liz Golyar is basically from Nebraska and she started to hook up with Dave Kroupa who is a single father at the age of 35.

And Dave wanted to engage with her only physically but was not interested to plan a long time goal with her but she wanted to continue her relationship with Dave Kroupa as a long time goal and Liz gave her best to stay with Dave until he met with the 37-year old Cari Lea Farver and get attracted to her.

cari farver

The Whole Secret Behind the Murder of Cari Farver

Liz became desperate and started planning to involve Cari Farver in a harassing campaign and also started to give her threat over the phone calls and her tolerance broke and after quitting her job in November 2012 began to send hateful messages to Dave but Liz claimed also that she received a threat message

from Cari but Liz gunshot her legs for giving all blame to Cari but investigators could not find any traces of a Shooter and could not figure out Cari also but Liz claimed here that Cari was killed by a phantom attacker and she might be the next target. But After investigating cops figured out that Liz sent those fake messages and on the 13th of November 2012 the real truth came out and Liz also confessed everything.

Currently Where is Shanna Liz Golyar?

According to the public records we came to know that at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women Golyar is serving life sentence which is a 275 maximum bed facility for female inmates and she also sentenced 18 to 20 year second degree arson in addition.

And one year after the incident, Anthony Kava, the digital forensic administrator for the Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office, asked Facebook to delete all the fictitious profiles Golyar had set up to spy on Cari’s friends and family.

Golyar’s Appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court

In 2018, Golyar’s attorney filed an appeal with the Nebraska Supreme Court asking for a fresh trial for the 45-year-old woman. However, the Nebraska Supreme Court unanimously denied Golyar’s attorney’s appeal and came to the conclusion that Golyar’s argument that the evidence was insufficient to support her conviction for first-degree murder had no chance in this instance.

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