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I was wondering about, P Valley Season 2 release date. The P valley season one was released in June 2021 and after two weeks of the premier, the creators decided to go with the season of the p valley.

The P valley is an American drama show which was inspired by many of the stories such as Hall’s play, Pussy Valley and other stories from the strip club of the Mississippi Delta.

The p valley was created by the Katori Hall and premiered on Starz, the amazon prime video and other streaming platforms.

Season one of the p valley has a total of eight episodes. As per the developers of the p valley, the p valley season two will have a  total of ten episodes. . The p valley season one has an IMDB rating of 7.1/10.

P-Valley: Overview


The p valley season one has the most beautiful nights in the strip clubs of the town of Mississippi. One in the town the one girl walks in with just a bag and with hope. In the town, the girls have one uncle and the uncle owns the bar which is more like a strip club.

So after the period, the girl joined the strip club and after the other two girls joined the strip and then the drama began in season one. The stories are not true in the p valley. The p valley is inspired by the other shows and it is a completely fictional story.

Nevertheless, the story revolves around the strip club and town, at the end, one of them is shot by some mysterious person, the p valley season two will begin with the mysterious man.

p valley season 2 release date

Is the trailer out of p valley season 2 yet?

There are no trailers released yet. But on the internet, there are many short clips and bts of the shooting and team that you can watch. The team has tweeted and posted on other social media accounts related to the show but there is no mention of the day like when the trailer of the p valley season two will release.

When will p valley season 2 be released?

 The p valley is set to release in June 2022 but there is no date like when season two will stream on the platforms. There is no official date of the show so the month might be varied but it will premier in 2022. Season two will have ten episodes.

Where will p valley season two will stream?

Season one of the p valley was released on Starz and amazon prime video. When the p valley season was released the first episode got 300 million and at the last episode, the number just doubled.

Not only in the viewing but the platforms also noticed an incremental number after the release of the show, so this time the show can be released to several other platforms also or can stick to the last platforms.

The cast of season one and season two:

  • Brandee Evans portrays the character of Mercedes Woodbine and she is a tough veteran stripper planning to leave The Pynk to open a dance gym
  • Nicco Annan portrays the character of Uncle Clifford, the non-binary owner and proprietor of The Pynk experiencing financial issues that threaten the club’s survival
  • Shannon Thornton portrays the character of  Keyshawn / Miss Mississippi she is a dancer experiencing abuse by her boyfriend, Derrick
  • Elarica Johnson portrays the character of Hailey Colton / Autumn Night and she is a new dancer who moves to Chucalissa after surviving a hurricane
  • Skyler Joy portrays the character of Gidget, a dancer at The Pynk
  • J. Alphonse Nicholson portrays the character of Lil Murda and he is an aspiring rapper and Uncle Clifford’s love interest
  • Parker Sawyers portrays the character of Andre Watkins and he is an associate at a commercial investment company trying to secure land for The Promised Land Casino and Resort
  • Harriett D. Foy portrays the character of Patrice Woodbine and who is a devout Christian and Mercedes’ mother
  • Dan J. Johnson portrays the character of Corbin Kyle and he is the co-owner of a valuable piece of land sought for purchase and the biracial half-brother of Wayne and Wyatt
  • Tyler Lepley portrays the character of Diamond and he is The Pynk’s bouncer and an Iraq war veteran
  • Morocco Omari portrays the character of  Big L, an employee at The Pynk and he is Uncle Clifford’s trusted advisor and right-hand man (season 2; recurring season 1
  • Dominic DeVore portrays the character of Duffy, Gidget’s love interest (season 2; recurring season 1)
  • Jordan M. Cox portrays the character of  Derrick, Keyshawn’s abusive boyfriend (season 2; recurring season 1)

When can we expect the complete episode of the p valley season 2?

There is no official date for the release but the creators of the show are planning to release it in JUNE 2022. As in season one, there is a one-week gap between the episodes.

The season will have a total of 10 episodes so if there is a gap of one week then it will take two months to complete season two. If the first episode is ready to go in the first week of June then it will probably be complete after JULY. Also after the first episode of the all episode at once.

At last, there is an announcement related to the show being released on the JUNE of 2022 but there is not an official date given by the p valley team. So if we think this through the season might delay or might not.

There are still three months left until June and if the trailers are not released in between this time then the show possibly may delay then the JUNE. Also, there will be some new faces you will see in season 2.

The question which comes to your mind while watching season one of the p valley might be solved after the p valley season 2. Season two will pick from where it left all the stories of different characters.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to P Valley Season 2 Release Date with complete information.

How many seasons are there in P-Valley?

Total there is 1 season of the P-Valley currently released worldwide.

Is P-Valley based on a true story?

No, the plot of P-Valley is not based on a factual storey. However, Hall told The New York Times that her 2015 play P*ssy Valley, which inspired the series, was inspired by her experiences at strip clubs. “I was always fascinated by what I witnessed since it goes beyond women taking their clothes off.”

What year is P-Valley based in?

A Mississippi River storm decimated the vibrant and diverse Greenlaw area in downtown Memphis in 1912. Prominent businesses and families deserted the neighbourhood, ultimately depriving it of its sociopolitical power in the city.

This is the end of this short guide.

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