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Wondering, What the Wilds Season 2 Release Date is and on which platform it’s going to stream.

Why are we discussing the season two release date? The first point is the wild first was released on Amazon and it went viral after that with their unique storylines.

So the creators of the wild decided to come up with season two. The wilds is created by Sarah Streicher and released on amazon prime video in December 2020.

So basically the story in the wild season was, there is a group of girls who are going to attend a show about women empowerment and all, the group are going to Hawaii via plane and on the way, the plane crashes.

The plane crashes on some islands and some of them survive the plane crash but it does not end there. In the crash, the eight teenage girls survive the crash and have to sustain their life on the island till they get rescued from the island.

The problem is they survive the crash and after they were rescued from the island they were interrogated by the FBI agents.

When will the wilds season 2 released on amazon prime video?


The wild season two is set to release on the 6th of May 2022. The show was released in 2021 due to global health problems. But now it is set to be on screen this year. Season two will continue from where it left off.

The wild season one had some big plots at the end. At last two guys were interviewing the girl about their survival on the deserted islands and other things. So now the story begins with a new plot and twist with season two.

The cast and other team members of the wilds posted the small clips of the wilds season two on their respective Instagram handle and announced the date of season two. The video was not part of the trailer but it was just about the premiere date of season 2.

season 2 of the wilds

When will the wild season two trailer be released?

The release of the movie was announced back in December 2021 but there was no mention of the trailers on it. We are guessing that the wild season two trailers will be online in march end or in mid-April.

The video you are seeing on the internet, most of the clips are from season one and other videos are just there. The trailer is not out there but some of the team members posted the bts of the shooting and announced the other details regarding the show. As of

Now there is no trailer for season two in the wild season two.

Nonetheless, the cast and others posted some photos on the social media handle related to the show with the other cast, shooting, photos from the movie and other small videos.

The cast of season 2

  • Sophia Ali portray the character of Fatin Jadmani, she is one of the plane crash survivor and she is a rich and promiscuous cellist from Berkeley, California
  • Shannon Berry portray the character of  Dot Campbell, she is one of the plane crash survivor also she is a tough Texan girl with wilderness survival skills who cared for her dying father
  • Jenna Clause portray the character of  Martha Blackburn, she is one of the plane crash survivors also she is a kind and optimistic animal lover from an Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota
  • Reign Edwards portrays the characters Rachel Reid she is one of the plane crash survivors and also a competitive diver from New York
  • Mia Healey portray the character  Shelby Goodkind she is one of the plane  crash survivors and also she is a closeted beauty pageant queen from a conservative Christian family in Texas
  • Helena Howard portrays the character Nora Reid she is one of the plane crash survivors and also Rachel’s fraternal twin sister, a quiet and intelligent girl from New York
  • Erana James portrays the character of Toni Shalifoe she is one of the plane crash survivors also  Martha’s hot-headed and openly lesbian best friend from Minnesota
  • Sarah Pidgeon portrays the character Leah Rilke, she is one of the plane crash survivors, and also a romantic and obsessive loner from Berkeley, California
  • David Sullivan portrays the character Daniel Faber, he also is a  trauma psychologist who interviews the survivors after they are rescued from the island
  • Troy Winbush portrays the character of Dean Young, ostensibly an FBI agent, also interviewing the survivors after they are rescued
  • Rachel Griffiths portrays the character of Gretchen Klein, the head of the Dawn of Eve program

The Wilds Season 2

If you haven’t watched the first season then skip this part cause it has some spoilers in it. Season one of the wilds finds out that the crash and all are planned. The crash and the survival of the teenage girls are just experiments. In season one there was only a girl plane.

But in actuality, there were two plane crashes that happened just for the sake of the experiment. The other plane had a group of guys. The boys also need to survive in the deserted islands for the experiments.

In season two the story continues from the interrogation and will have a group of boys on islands this time and another is a girl group and why all these experiments are done on them.

The Wilds Season 2 will be more interesting, you can see some of the chemistry between the girl’s group and the guys’ group. As the trailer will be released you will be able to guess what adventure will happen in season two.

At last, if you are following any of the cast members from the cast then you will see the photos of them with the others, bts, bloopers and another season two related videos. Nevertheless, you can watch the show only on the amazon prime video. Season one of the wilds has the IMDB rationing 7.4/10.

If you don’t have an Amazon prime video subscription then you get the monthly or yearly subscription the effective price is, a monthly subscription of the amazon prime video will cost you around $14.99 and a yearly subscription will cost you around $139. There is one other plan but it is only available for the students.

The prices are way low for the student version. With the student version, the prime video will cost you around $7.49 and with a yearly subscription, the prime video will cost you around $69.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Wild Season 2 with complete information.

Is the wilds Season 2 coming?

Yes, The Wilds Season 2 is going to release on May 22 2022 on Amazon Prime Videos. You can easily watch it after the release using your prime account.

Is The Wilds based on a book?

The apparent inspiration for the series is William Golding's 1954 novel Lord of the Flies, but the show also owes a homage to the 2004 television drama Lost. There's more at stake than just survival; among the girls, there's a growing suspicion that the island and its conditions are not what they appear to be.

How many seasons of The Wilds are there?

Total there are 1 season of The Wilds released until now. The The Wilds Season 2 will soon release in middle of the 2022.

This is the end of this short guide.

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