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Little einsteins is an American animated show created for the educational series with 2 seasons. The Little Einsteins are directed by Douglas Wood and written by Eric Weiner. The show has around 24 minutes of episodes and has 67 episodes from seasons.

The series was first released in October 2005 and aired in December 2009. The show has four main characters as animated kids. The show revolves around them with lots of adventure, music and education behind that.

The series of the little einsteins was streamed in June 2010 and as per the creator, it was the last episode of it. The first was released on platforms playhouse Disney in 2005 with all episodes then aired in 2009. The movie has an IMDB rating of 6.3/10. The series is available on many platforms and also canaville with rent and purchase options.

Little einsteins cast and their voice-over artists?


These were the artists who did the voice part in the animated show. There were four main characters in the little einsteins. The characters are names Leo, Annie, June and Quincy. All the characters have different voices over artists.

Leo has the voice of Jesse Schwartz, Annie has the voice of Natalia Wojcik, June has two voice-over artists, Erica Huang and Poppy Lee Friar, Quincy has the voice-over artist Aiden Pompey. The voice-over artist just makes the series more interesting with the adventurous and colourful animated show.

Is little einsteins available on the HULU?

Yes, the little einsteins are on the HULU Networks. The thing is in HULU there are two major groups in the subscription.

One is the Base plan and the other is the Bundle/save the plan. In the base plan, you will have only access to the HULU shows and other channels. The plan includes.

  • $6.99/month this will have the ads in it and only access to the HULU shows
  • $12.99/month this plan has no ads in it and only has access to the HULU shows.
  • $69.99/ month this plan has no ads and with this you can explore the Disney+, ESPN+, channels and also HULU shows.

So if you purchase the base plan then you can watch the little einstein, the other plans don’t include the Disney shows. To watch you can purchase the $69.99 plans or have the bundle/save plans in Hulu.

Little Einsteins on Hulu

If you want to watch the eintinstie then you can go with any of these plans. The plans may include ads in them so read carefully before purchasing the subscription.

  • $13.99/month, with this plan you can have access to the little intestine and other Disney, ESPN and HULU shows also. The problem is that with this plan, have to face the ads while watching.
  • $19.99/month with this plan you can watch the little einstein and and other Disney, ESPN and HULU shows without any disturbance of the ads in it.
  • $75.99/month with this plan you can also watch the little einstein with 75+ channel access, sports, Disney, ESPN and HULU exclusive shows also.

You can choose any of the plans to watch the show and can make the subscription according to that.

Nonetheless, the show is for the kids so if you purchase the HULU it will benefit you if you got the bundle plan with other tv channels. So the subscription will have TV channels, HULU exclusive shows, ESPN shows and sports, Disney shows will also be able to stream from there so you will get all these with the pack.

Where can I stream Little Einstein other than HULU?

There are still other ways to watch the little einstein online. To stream the Little einstein you can also purchase a subscription to Disney+hotstar. There are three plans available to watch the show. The one plan has ads in it and the other two are ad-free and have more device connectivity options.

Purchase any of the plans and can stream the show online.

The problem in the Disney+hotstar is, in some countries the service is not available out there so not able to stream the show. You can try the VPN option if you have a list of shows to watch from Disney+hotstar.

Where can I purchase the Little Einstein?

If the HULU and Disney+hotstar do not suit you then you can go with the rent or purchase option. There are many platforms where you can watch the show.

You can make a purchase or rent the show from the amazon instant video. You can make purchases of the single video and also for the one season. Each episode is around $1.99 and the whole season is around $12.99. In amazon, the season is available in four different modules. From 101 to 105.

Also if you are not a member of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA then this will also vary along with that.

At last, some of the episodes and clips are also available on YouTube. You can watch some of the videos from that. The other thing is that the show is a Disney exclusive show. Little einstein won’t be available to any other place than the Disney+hotstar and with the bundled version of HULU.

Other than this Disney+hotstar is not available in many states so the option available is only the HULU bundler pack and amazon video instant. The show was airing till march 2019 on Disney Junior then the series ended. After a while, the show can again stream on the disney+hotstar. Till then I have to watch it with HULU.

The last option left is to purchase the hard copy from the retail sellers or on an e-commerce site. While making a purchase from either of the options choose correctly or will end up scammed online. Make sure the version is not damaged and has all the related data in it.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Little Einsteins with complete information.

Is Little Einstein on Disney Plus?

Yes, Little Einstein is available on Disney Plus you can easily stream Little Einstein on Disney Plus using the subscription plan.

How many episodes of Little Einsteins are there?

There are total of 67 episodes of Little Einsteins that you can be streaming using the streaming services such as Disney Plus using the subscription plan.

Will there be a Little Einsteins Season 3?

Little Einsteins Season 3: Final Adventures (2022 REBOOT) will be released in the middle of 2022 on the Disney Junior.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find it helpful.

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