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The protagonist in Sailor Moon is now tasked with protecting the Earth from various monsters sent by the evil Queen Beryl. Sailor Keeper and Luna must thwart the plans of her childhood friend Takekiko Nayo to realize Kaklu and Himeko’s dream of flying to the moon.

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Sailor Moon: Introduction


In 2017, it was revealed that Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Season 4 would continue as a two-part animated film project with an adaptation of the manga’s Dream arc (subtitled Dead Moon).

On July 6, 2012, Toei Animation announced that they would begin production on Sailor Moon’s new anime adaptation, Sailor Moon Crystal, as part of their 20th-anniversary celebrations, released in 2013.

They said it would be a closer manga adaptation than the first anime. Sailor Moon’s popularity soared again last year with the release of the new Sailor Moon movie Sailor Moon Eternal Movie 1.

The anime library available on Hulu is smaller than on other platforms. Amazon even lets you watch most of the movies, and almost all of the content is available in Japanese and English. Most streaming movies are paid, but YouTube Movies has a solid free section with ads.

In mid-1993, Renaissance-Atlantic Entertainment, Bandai, and Toon Makers, Inc. developed their version of Sailor Moon, half live, half Western.

The series follows the adventures of a student named Moon Hare, who transforms into Sailor Moon in search of the magical artefact “the legendary silver crystal” ([Han no Yin Shui Jing], Maboroshi no Ginsuisho, lit.

“All” Begins in the second story arc Sailor Keeper meets a student named Tsukihato and the daughter of Little Rabbit Miku. He comes from a 30th-century version of Tokyo known as “Crystal Tokyo”, who is killed by a group of people. The villain known as the Black Moon attacks the clan.

where can i watch sailor moon

How to Watch Sailor Moon?

You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal’s sub-dubbed and English dub on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and US Netflix.

Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are the best platforms to watch the Sailor Moon animated series. That means Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are currently the best services to watch the Sailor Moon series.

While Netflix (US) is the best service to watch the latest Sailor Moon movies. If VIZ Media doesn’t give us the original Sailor Moon series for free, we’ll be stuck on Hulu watching it with voiceovers or subtitles. By showing the first three seasons of Sailor Moon for free.

Toei Animation can raise the buzz around their new Sailor Moon movie, attract new fans, and give old fans a quick update. The first three seasons of the popular Sailor Moon anime, the popular Sailor Moon anime, are now available for free on the official YouTube channel.

As previously reported, Canadians can now watch the original Sailor Moon anime in Japanese with English subtitles for free on TubiTV. List of 10 websites to watch sailor moon: During all this downtime, you might need to watch something at home, and anime fans can watch many free movies on YouTube Movies

If they can stomach a little extra. If you don’t mind ads, you can watch most episodes for free.

  • 1. Hulu TV
  • 2. Amazon Prime Video
  • 3. Netflix
  • 4. VIZ Media
  • 5. YouTube channel
  • 6. TubiTV
  • 7. Crunchyroll
  • 8. AnimeLab
  • 9. Just watch
  • 10. AnimeHeaven

The 38 episodes are available on Hulu, Netflix (US), and Prime Video (US), so you can watch 38 episodes on any platform, depending on your location. New anime series and episodes from VIZ Media will be added regularly.

How to watch Sailor moon on Crunchyroll?

As with most anime available on Crunchyroll, you can only watch Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles. Crunchyroll is the first name that comes to mind when we think of anime, and Sailor Moon is worth watching on this platform.

You can purchase the Crunchyroll Fan Pack for only $7.99 per month and watch all the anime and dramas available on the platform without ads. Numerous other anime and drama series are also available on Netflix.

How to watch Sailor moon on Netflix?

Use NordVPN. I had no issues using this method and still use NordVPN to watch anime from various countries’ Netflix libraries every day. While this is exciting news for quarantined anime fans, animation studio Toei doesn’t want you to swallow the entire series.

We will most likely have a fifth and final story arc: Sailor Stars, which has yet to be officially announced.

How VIZ media & TubiTv partnership will help you in anime streaming?

San Francisco, CA, July 21, 2016 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), a leader in animation publishing, distribution, and global entertainment licensing, announced a partnership with Tubi TV, a leading provider of free movies and TV shows.

The service streams some of VIZ Media’s most popular anime to audiences in North America, including large Canadian audiences.

Tubi TV also unleashes TV by finding premium movies and TV shows that you would typically have to pay to watch on other services and makes premium movies and TV shows available for free without any hidden issues.

We’ve compiled some of the best anime streaming services, whether it’s titled with English subtitles (or “subs”) or dub titles with English vocals (called “dubs”). On streaming services like Netflix, households watching at least one anime in 2020 increased by 50%.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to where to watch Sailor Moon with complete information.

Is Sailor Moon a boy or girl?

She is the first non-binary character in the Sailor Moon franchise to be referenced in this way. While male pop singers were transformed into female Sailor Senshi in the Sailor Moon Stars arc of the 1990s anime, they were not specifically referred to as non-binary.

Is there LGBT in Sailor Moon?

The homosexual, lesbian, and non-binary stories of Sailor Moon, which were banned when the anime initially broadcast in North America, will be uncensored in Hulu’s release. The romantic bond between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, an out lesbian couple whose romantic relationship was completely eliminated in the English-language adaptation, will be preserved.

Is Sailor Moon available on Netflix?

No, Currently Sailor Moon is not available to stream on Netflix. But according to the rumours that anime will soon be available to stream on Netflix in certain countries.

Who is Fiore in Sailor Moon?

Fiore was a character who only appeared in the Sailor Moon R movie for the first time. He explored the universe alone as a child until he was fatigued and came to Earth. Mamoru Chiba discovered him laying on the ground outside the hospital where Mamoru was being treated after his parents were murdered in a car accident.

This is the end of this short guide.

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