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Here all information about the Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and much more.

After Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun made its final episode Hanako Kun, fans started to question the next season’s status and release date for season 2 of the anime series.

After releasing the last episode for its season 1 Hanako Kun, fans were wondering about a potential second season for the anime series. So far, the first season has received many favorable reviews from the majority of viewers, with many fans already hoping for Season 2. 

In this article, we’re going to tell you more about Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2 and its related aspects.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun: Overview


Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Season 2 is an upcoming 2nd part of the Lecher Studios anime series, which is based on a well-known Japanese urban legend called “Tanko Hanako” from the creators of Lecher Studios.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun is uncanny in terms of names, the Japanese series became quite popular after the initial release of season one way back in 2022.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2 is a supernatural romantic drama written by Aida Iro, followed and produced by Lerche Studios, following high school girl, Nene Yashiro, and her quest for finding her boyfriend.

A first-year high schooler, Yashiro Nene, is involved in occultism and associated activities, wanting a boyfriend, she conjures up Hanako.

In the first season, the schoolgirl, Nene Yashiro, summons Hanako, who is also flirting with her. At the end of season one of Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, we saw her at that moment, found through a garden club tape, Nene discovering there are paranormal creatures lurking around the photos of her.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2

When is Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Season 2 releasing online?

As of right now, no official statement has been made by either studio Lerche Be or the creators of the story regarding a Toilet Bound Hanako-kun season 2.

It is also one of the best anime shows this season, according to many anime viewers. According to our thoughts, Toilet-Binding Hanako Kun is most likely going to receive a second season, as it is the first season adapted just seven volumes from its original manga.

The original manga has over 60 volumes published so far, with plenty of others coming. The next season of the series is probable to release in either 2022 or 2023. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun season 2 is now one of the most popular series which is waiting currently, and the episodes will be released one by one.

Who is in the cast of Season 2 of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun?

Shoya Chiba will play Kou Minamoto in Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun Season 2, and Kyle Igneczi will play Mitsuba. Justin Briner will play Hanako, and Megumi Ogata will play Hanako-kun.

Alexis Tipton plays Teru Minamoto, Austin Tindle plays Tsukasa, Emily Neves plays Aoi, Minako Sato plays Aoi Akane, Aaron Dismuke plays Natsuhiko, David Matranga plays Teru, Yuma Uchida plays Sakura Nanamine, Dani Chambers plays Mokke C, Tyson Rinehart plays Kou, and Kara Edwards plays Sakura.

Nene is portrayed by Tia Lynn Ballard, Nene Yashiro by Akari Kito, Mokke B by Madeleine Morris, Mokke by Lindsay Seidel, and Natsuhiko Hyuga by Takahiro Mizushima.

What are the updates on the trailer of Season 2 of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun?

As of now, we don’t have any trailers for Season 2, but you can always watch season 1. In that season, the story follows a high school student, Yashiro Nene, who visits the scary girl’s toilet, where Hanako-san lives as a toilet spirit, Hanako-san.

The story continues with the idea that a romantic, hopeful young woman, Yashiro Nene, enters a scary bathroom inhabited by Hanako-san. Wanting a boyfriend, Nene Yashiro visits Hanako-san’s 7th mysterious Toilet but ends up becoming her aide in a series of hilarious adventures.

Fans feel that is probably where Hanako-Kun Season 2 is going, given the way that Akane Aoi is developing, a central character of The Three Clockmakers stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does toilet-bound Hanako Kun have a season 2?

Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun Season 2 is currently not scheduled for release, and neither the studio nor the manga’s author has made an official announcement. Since the premiere of this program is in 2020, the fan base anticipates having to wait a little longer. Therefore, building a new season will take some time.

What is the plot of toilet-bound Hanako Kun?

The Seventh and most well-known Wonder, “Hanako-san of the Toilet,” is the ghost of a young woman who purportedly haunts the bathroom and can fulfill wishes in exchange for money, according to Nene Yashiro, a first-year high school student who loves the occult and wishes for a lover.

Did Hanako Kun end?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple explanation for how Hanako passed away or how he ended up as a ghost haunting the third restroom stall at Kamome Academy. It’s one of the intriguing series’ unsolved mysteries up to this point.

Who is Tsukasa crush?

Even if Tsukasa’s execution of Company directives results in the crushing of Hayashi, his Peak provider, Tsukasa has no desire to even allow them to change Hiroki’s memories, and his protection is the main concern of his intentions.

Do Hanako and Nene kiss?

Anyway, to cut a long tale short, Nene decides to kiss Hanako after finding him. To learn why, simply read the book. The important thing is that she truly did kiss him, and when Hanako started acting suggestively as if he were going to kiss her on the lips, Kou interrupted them.

Who does Mitsuba have a crush on?

Mitsuba frequently believes Kou is a pervert drawn to him because he’s so cute, which is a running joke in the series. When Mitsuba was living, Kou inquired of him in a scene in the manga where the two were seated under a tree.

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